To setup Activity Base Learning Center for Govt Children Home for Boys, Chennai.

Dear Friends,
On 02-Aug-2008, I have visited to Govt Children Home for Boys(Home for Destitute Children), Royapuram, Chennai and had the discussion with Mr.Thanasekara Pandian(Superdent) in education perspective.

Please refer our old report to understand this home functionality:
About this Gov Home: This home managing two type of the student unit 1.Reception 2.Normal Students.
Reception receiving children’s like Runaway children, Missing children, Begging children, Child Labour, Surrendered by parents, Surrendered by police department, NGO handover children, etc. first they will try to find the parents and complete handover process, if this is not success they will send the children’s to corresponding state Gov home, Still they are not able to fine the native state of the children, in this case they will put it in normal school inside the home itself(they cant go out upto completion of there study).
Normal School: Last year we deployed one teacher for this school, we will renew this project for current academic year also.
Current Situation in Reception Unit: They have 2 big rooms(completely closed) and children’s will be distributed based on age. They have food, water, toilet facility within the room itself. They needs to spend full day and night in this room without doing any activity. Previously they had TV for full day time pass, but currently it was broken.
I had long discussion with Mr.Thanasekara Pandian for home requirement and reception children’s education system.
We have to setup following Four Activity Centers in four different rooms for this home. We will make 4 team of students based on Age/Language factor. Every group will spend TWO hours in each Activity Centers in a day. For example first team will go to first Sports Center and they will spend two hours after they will move to Learning Center, etc
1.Learning Center: We will deploy one teacher for this center to educate(read & write) Hindi, Telugu, Tamil using some of the basic materials.
One permanent Teacher for this Center.
Books (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil)
Note books, Pen, Pencil
Daily News Paper
Paper, Board
2.Sport Center: provide indoor sports facility in this center. We are planning to provide some of the Gym things also.
Requirement: Indoor sports and Gym material
3.Drawing Center: Facility to learn drawing from this center from permanent teacher.
Requirement: Drawing materials & One teacher(Already exist)
4.Computer Centers: Provide basic computer training, games, CD  base learning
Already Satyam Foundation provided 15 computers for this home.
We need one more computer teacher for this center. We need to find the funding to deploy this permanent teacher.
5.Gardening Time: Gardening
Requirement: We need to buy Gardening instruments.
In Future, we can add Dance/Song Center based on teacher availability. I believe Mr.Thanasekara Pandian can find one more teacher for this center.
Our Other Initiative:
1. Mr.Thanasekara Pandian requested for some extra health food for this students. I had discussion with our partner organization V.Vamsi, PARVAI FOUNDATION they are planning to provide this.
2. Mr.Thanasekara Pandian requested for wall painting for reception and other centers, I have requested one of my friend BalaSubramanian(Artist), he ready to visit to this place and provide this facility, but we need to provide the material.
3. Other Requirement, we need to find our partner organization to support.
Emergency Light
Soap, Soap box
Dust Bin
Lets work together to complete this activity soon to elevate this children’s.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607


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