Visited report Govt Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai, TN

Govt Children Home for Boys,
Royapuram, Chennai, TN
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On 11-Aug-2007, We(Hari.T, Suresh.R, C.Senthil Kumar, Udhaya Kumar,V) visited to Home for Destitute Children(Govt Children Home for Boys), Royapuram, Chennai.
Who maintaining this Home ?

State government maintaining this home, In Tamil nadu we have 8 homes in different district. Every state in India having this type of home for Destitute Children and its based on the state government interest/influence.

How or Which Children coming to this Home ?

In city police, separate department works to catch any children rooming in bus stands, railway station and signals without parents. Same as any begging children and child labours, etc. First this police man try to get the information about there parents and try to handover to parents itself, if they are not able to find out, they will send this children to this Home. These kids not involved in any criminal activities.

  • Runaway and Missing children
  • Begging children
  • Child labour
  • Surrendered by parents
  • NGO handover children

How this Home Works ?

Reception: its hall and completely closed, children can’t come out from this place, this hall having one TV, some sports item, toilet, etc. They need to take the food inside itself. We can see one security in side they will monitory. They have two receptions, one for below age of 13, second one for above age of 13.

dsc00107.jpg dsc00108.jpgdsc00105.jpg

If police man catch any children, first they will put it in this Reception only. After that they will try to find out there parents or native place or native state, etc. If they can able to find out the native state, they they will send this kids to the corresponding state Children Home, it’s woks based on mother language. We met the children’s from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bombay, Orisa, Behar and more north India(unknown state)

Why this home is having School ?

If they are not able to identify there parents or native place, they will put that children in this school for regular education.

Total number of students in School and Reception (Always change)
School – 95
Reception – 141 (TN – 47, Other state – 82)

How we can help ? What is there need ?

1. In school, they have only 4 teachers. One of the teachers was retired. Government not deployed any teacher for this posting. So we can file.

2. This school students asking several education materials, we can provide.

3. In Reception, we can deploy teacher to provide non-formal education, it may be anything, because this children in this room for more the 3 months. Just they will watch TV and sleep. Some time they will play inside games.

4. We can provide some indoor games material for this students.

5. Any way already we are planning to contact cultural program only for School students.
Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

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  1. sivaraman
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 06:48:56

    I have also visited the Children’s HOme, Royapuram, to trace a missing child, I met Mr.Dhanasekara Pandian, Superintendent He is very cooperative and helpful in my search and also guided me.

    with regards


    Aug 27, 2009 @ 12:33:13

    Dear Sir,

    I have been visiting some children’s home kaakum karangal in Parrys and Tiruvanmiyur. I want to see these boys. Spend time with them during week ends and make them feel that they have a visiting parent…

    I am willing to teahch english during holidays and entertain them with some indoor fun during the day..

    How should i proceed .. please advise..

    I am an engineer working private.. Mobile no. 9791010050


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  4. adyar cancer institute,psycho-oncology department.
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 07:22:36

    dear sir, we are from adyar cancer institute.your organization has sent children list for competitions.we would like to inform that students should report at 8.30 for each for the respective competitions.please read all the competition guidelines carefully.white charts will be given for the painting all other materials should be brought by the students.the topic for mime : obesity – a minute in the lip;life long in hip.topic for streetplay: tobacco a serial killer.prizes for essay will be on 22-2-12,for poetry-23-2-12,forphotography-24-2-12.we request you to bring all the students to visit all the stalls so that they will be benefitted a lot.thank u.see the website : http://www.youth health our phone number: 22351615


  5. sathiya priya /9790893513
    May 02, 2019 @ 06:31:18

    Dear sir

    Im a counseling psychologist, as well as i finished teacher training course, now im working as a student counsellor for one private consultancy and also i had experience in teaching, im willing to teach for them.

    Thank you


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