urgent: your hands to manage ! Kind Request

Dear All,

India Sudar needs your hands to manage the teachers’ salary.

All of you know well that because of our teacher deployment project , 100% results are being met by our onsite schools, Library utilisation is well, Computer literacy is good and above all our science teachers are ensuring HANDS-ON SCIENCE to every kid studying in govt. and panchayat union schools selected by India Sudar.

The entire credit goes to our members and well wishers who are behind india sudar to fulfill the needs since 2004.

No of beneficiary under our Teacher deployment project is 8000 students approximately..

Our request to everyone of you to help us in meeting the shortage of Rs..75,000 to do salary transfer in time. Already we are in middle of a month.

Kind request ! Contribute as much as possible.



TN: Project report- MUST SEE PHOTOS- Annual Day @ Municipal Middle school, West Colony,Komarapalayam

Dear All,

India Sudar has supported the following activity to motivate students and teachers during annual day celebrations at

(OTN93) Municipal Middle School, West Colony, B.Komarapalayam, Namakkal Dt, TN. After seeing the photos, you may realise the team work and efforts behind this program. No words to say.

please see


Project Description:

Purchase of prize materials (files, exam pads , lunch bags, school bags) to motivate the students -best students, library utilization, academic excellence and 100% attendance during Annual day celebrations 2018 which was held on 16th Feb 2018 and also printed certificates for other upcoming events.

Project expense:

12,665 Rs.
No of beneficiaries:

158 students

Please find the attached project report.

Choreography by school teachers. Excellent !

Students performed well and to appreciate their talents audience of 1000 people (parents and people who stay nearby to the school) were present. I attended this event and enjoyed thoroughly (5.30 pm to 10.30 pm). Students performed Folk dances, villu pattu, child labour drama in English, Bharatanatyam, Dandiya, western, rock, instrumental round etc etc…….

About the school:

Classes: 1st std to 8th std , Tamil and English Medium, Student strength: 550 approx. School is located in a town, having talented and dedicated teachers. Power loom weaving is the primary job in this location. Students are from financially downtrodden families. India sudar has been supporting this school since 2016: Library, librarian deployment, teacher deployment, spoken English, SEBLA camp, motivational sessions etc. School has received District Level Best School Award from Govt.

Let us keep supporting every move !

project_report_TN_ 2.344_2017_18.pdf

SUCCESS STORIES: Science Projects – District level award and state level award -GHSS Renganathampettai, Karur Dt, TN

Dear All,

It is our pleasure to share the following update from our onsite Govt Hr Sec School, Renganathampettai, Karur Dt, TN.

1. INDIA SUDAR provided financial assistance to students and teacher of Govt Hr Sec School, Renganathampettai, Karur Dt to travel and present the science project titled “Sugarcane farming on the brink of extinction and disappeared jaggery mandis “. This project was selected from District level and the team went to Chennai to participate in state level presentation. School children from 33 districts across Tamil Nadu were selected for the state level event-National Children’s Science Congress at Chennai. The three-day programme is an initiative of the National Council for Science and Technology.

Project expense: Rs. 5000 ( 3000 Rs for Travel charges to the whole team – 6 members- to and fro –Kaur and Chennai and Rs.2000 to the teacher

for the initiative , as a token of appreciation)

We wish to mention that the team was lead by Ms Mahalakshmi, who is India sudar staff.

Photos at


Project report is attached herewith.

2. In addition to the above progress, Ms Shanmukavadivu , Teacher of this school guided a student team and done a project on " Solid waste management and Planned energy usage" in the year 2016 and submitted to the Science City ,Chennai,Govt of TN.

The project got selected and won the FIRST PRIZE and "Science academy Award" in the state level. Students were honoured by Thiru U. Sagayam, IAS, Vice Chairman, Science City at Chennai on 28th Feb 2018.

Photos are at


Our wishes to the students and Teachers for more and more success stones in the future endeavors. 👍👍👍👍

Best Regards,


TN Project report – Annual Day prizes and site visit report -PUMS Periyailliam, Tirupur Dt

Dear All,

Our onsite school – Panchayath Union Middle School, Periyailliam,Kangeyam Block, Tirupur Dt celebrated school annual day 2018 on 16th Feb 2018 at school premises.

Audio systems , stage arrangement , Pandal (stall) arrangement were taken care by parents. India Sudar provided Prizes to motivate best performers (in sports, academic, arts etc) studying 1st std – 8th std in this school. I attended this program and also inspected the school to understand the needs. students performed well and the talents need to be appreciated.

Prizes: Writing Pad, Lunch bags and certificate folders

No of beneficiary: 54 students

Project cost: Rs. 7690

For more details, please refer the attached project report. We thank our members for the continuous support. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of school teachers and parents community in improving the school.

Site Visit Report:

Photos at


1. Library is properly utilised. I collected the feedback about the magazines

2. Computers are in working condition. Our India Sudar teacher takes care of computer lab and doing well.

3. Spoken English project is going well,. But needs improvement. It will be taken care in next year.

4. Water sump was constructed by our partner organisation " Helping Minds" . It helps the school a lot. Now no water shortage.

5. Toilets are Ok. Regular cleaning is happening.

India sudar will keep supporting the Teacher deployment, Library and spoken English project.

project_report_TN_ 2.345_2017_18.pdf

Site Visit: PUMS Kenganaickenpalayam, Tirupur Dt,TN- progress and requirement

Dear All,

Date of visit: 16th Feb 2018

Place of visit: Panchayath Union Middle School, Kenganaickenpalayam, Tirupur Dt,TN

This school has been supported by India Sudar since 2010. We have deployed a teacher to handle computer subject, Library set up and magazine subscription, Financial support to the alumni of this school for their higher studies, Toilet cleaning etc. Also, infrastructure support ( blackboard painting, toilet construction, computers etc ) by our partner organisations based on our request.

I visited this school and interacted with students and teachers to understand the needs and progress.

Photos at: https://photos.app.goo.gl/cppqCG1sgQPDFnPH2

1. Teacher deployment:

Good progress. All the classes get benefited by our teacher. Students have shown the work done by them in Computers. Computers are in good working condition with individual UPSs provided by Indiasudar and Our Partner organization-Helping Minds Trust.

This project will be supported in next year too.

2. Library utilisation:

Good. Magazines are utilised well. I enjoyed the creativity of students which are the outcome of the ideas given in the magazines. Magic Pot English magazines are very helpful to students. English Teacher teaches English with Magic Pot activities.

This project will be supported in next year too.

3. Toilet cleaning : Now it is taken care by Govt.. No support is required now.

4. Computers and UPS:

All are in good condition. Better utilised. No support is required now.

5. Tree Plantation:

Tree plantation and with tree guard was provided by India Sudar 2 years ago.
Excellent Progress. Happy to say that we are able to contribute for the good health of our earth.

Major Requirements:

a. Requirement of projector -School does not have projector- required for audio visual class room. ALL the teachers requested us to support.

b. Toilet to be repaired

c. One class room to be constructed

d. Flooring to be corrected in 2 class rooms. Class room floor has lot of pits. Not in proper condition.

e. Iron made shutter is required to bifurcate two class rooms..

Above requirements will be forwarded to our partner organization to consider and fulfill the needs.

Our sincere thanks to everyone of you for your regular support. The school conveyed their thanks to all our members.

Let us do Good !!!

Balamanikandan K

SEBLA book: 500 Nos printed and reaching 55 schools

Dear All,

All of us know well that India Sudar has prepared a wonderful book on hands on experiments to explain the fundamentals of Science. All the experiments are low cost models and suitable for 6th, 7th and 8th std students.

No of pages : 110
Language: Tamil.

Our partner organisation HELPING MINDS TRUST,CHENNAI has accepted our request and printed 500 copies of the book.

Now the books are being distributed to approximately 55 schools located in Karur and Thirupur Dt of Tamilnadu.

Our sincere thanks to our partner organisation for the great support in successfully taking the knowledge and efforts of India Sudar team to the needy.

Photos at


Url to download the book:


Reg : India Sudar Account report for February 2018 1 Attachment

Dear Friends,

We have attached India Sudar Monthly Account Sheet for the month of February 2018.

India Sudar sincerely appreciates and thank all the donors for the great continuous support.

We look forward your support to execute all our projects smoothly and help poor children to get educated.

Note : We will yet to upload account statement in IndiaSudar website.

Karthikeyan Mani
India Sudar Finance Team | www..indiasudar.org


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