India Sudar FCRA Certificate wont’ be Renewed from year 2017

Dear Friends,

India Sudar had FCRA certificate (Year 2012 to 2016 for 5 Years) to receive donation from foreign donors and institutions. Now we have decided not to renew our FCRA certificate because we are receiving the donation from three donors only. Even though we receiving the donation from three donors, its required to do separate FCRA tax filling and compliance with FCRA audit process which required more operational activity for our trust. so we decided to raise these required fund from domestic donors itself.

But still any Indian (Indian passport holder) very well donate any foreign money to India Sudar domestic account from any country. It’s not required FCRA approval for our organization. From year 2017, we won’t receive any donation from foreigner or foreign institutions through FCRA.

India Sudar
Udhaya Kumar V
Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education


Proj Report: Republic day celebrations – encouragement to students -GHSS R.Pettai

Dear All,

Indiasudar has provided certificates and prizes (folders, pouch, books , knee cap, pens) to encourage best performers, volunteers, award winners, achievement in sports from our onsite Govt Hr Sec School Renganathampettai, Karur Dt during republic day celebrations 2017.

Project cost: Rs. 7450
No of beneficiaries: 57 students

Please find the attached project report.

Only few photos available @

Thanks to our members for continuous support.

Our special appreciations to school teachers for the team work!

project_report_TN_ 2.325_2016_17.pdf

Progress Update and support required: Spoken English- PUMS Periyailliam Tirupur Dt -Success Story

Dear All

Indiasudar has been supporting Panchayath Union Middle School, Periyailliam, Tirupur Dt since 2015.

Spoken English classes are being conducted by the school with the help of Indiasudar’s Teacher deployment project. Indiasudar teacher Mr Abdul Rahman is visiting this school weekly once and improving students communication skills by many ways like spell check, meaning, conversation, grammar , dictionary usage , phonetics etc.

Remarkable achievement: Two students studying 8th std never ever interact with anyone in the school. they feel shy to interact. Now, they have performed a conversation program in English (intra school event) and won the prizes.

Recently they conducted special QUIZ program to test English Knowledge of the students. Very good improvement.

Indiasudar thanks everyone ( members, teachers and students) behind this project.

One year effort of this project added another milestone in Indiasudar.


Also, school has arranged a field trip (nearby place) to students to get them exposure on Plastic Recycling , soap manufacturing process.


Now school is celebrating annual day function on 17th March 2017. Headmaster invited Indiasudar members for the function. Since the school does not have special fund to conduct annual day, they are raising fund from various sources to meet the expenses.

Indiasudar would like to arrange prizes for best performers in academic, sports, English, Discipline etc.

Total No of prizes: 80 ( 44 First prizes, 36 second prizes).

Financial requirement: 80 x 100 Rs = 8000 Rs

We request members to come forward and motivate and encourage the village students for their talents and performance. Let us register our footprint in the roadmap of a school development.

Reg : India Sudar Account for July and August 2016

Dear Friends,

We have attached India Sudar Monthly Account Sheet for the month of July and August 2016.

India Sudar sincerely appreciates and thank all the donors for the great continuous support.

We look forward your support to execute all our projects smoothly and help poor children to get educated.

Karthikeyan Mani
India Sudar Finance Team |

Our Vision “Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education”
Our Mission “Educate 15 lac needy students from 15 Indian states in 20 years”
Our Slogan “Educate Elevate”




IS prize distribution- MM school KPM- Annual day 2017

Dear All

Our onsite school -Municipal Middle school,West Colony, B.Komarapalayam, Namakkal Dt celebrated annual day on 17th Feb 2017.

Indiasudar printed certificates for sports events, rank holders and 100% attendance. We provided prizes for Best Outgoing students and rank holders.

On behalf of Indiasudar I participated and encouraged the students. Headmistress explained about Indiasudar and our activities to improve the quality of education. Approx. 600 Nos were present (parents and students).

After the event got over (By 10.30 pm), one parent approached me and appreciated INDIASUDAR and conveyed THANKS on behalf of the entire parents community.

Photos @​​

Please find the attached project reports for more detail.

project_report_TN_ 2.326_2016_17.pdf

13 years completed- Happy Birthday to Indiasudar !

Dear All,

Today 15th February 2017, we are completing 13 years of Meaningful Journey. Indiasudar thanks everyone of you for your contribution !

Special Thanks to our member Mr Jayakumar for designing this thanks giving image.


Dear All,

Indiasudar introduces BEST OUTGOING STUDENT AWARD (Male and Female) for each onsite by collecting nominations from school teachers.

The award will be provided based on the following parameters:

Punctuality , Respect, Cleanliness, Simplicity, Good words , Attendance, Honesty, Social care, Long term plan and objective of the student, GK, Library usage, Leadership quality, Academic marks, sports, arts and literature,guidance and contribution of the student to his/her family.

Please find the attached file (in Tamil).

Award comprises of certificate , framed certificate , medal and one school bag (Approx. Rs. 1500 per award).

If anyone is interested to sponsor for best outgoing student award to motivate students studying in Govt schools, plz come forward.

Thank You

IS Best student Award_V1.pdf

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