SPOKEN ENGLISH at Govt Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai

Dear Sir,

I Wish to thankyou and India Sudar for allowing me to visit the children and to be with them during the weekend..

I was there at Royapuram on Saturday 29.08.09 afternoon, when Glory madam introduced me to the children – assembled in the auditorium..

Sunday 30.08.09 , We have done the following acitivies:


1. We divided the children into two batches, one for senior boys, in 9th and 10th standard , and the second batch for others.

2. Even though the enrollment for spoken english was about 35, there were about 10 children in the senior category who sat through the class..(list attached)

3. Afternoon session, 12 children from the juior section attended the class with complete and devoted attention.(forgot to collect names list)

The children who showed interested and learnt were defenitely above average and have very good grasping power. I am sure they can speak simple and correct english within a couple of months.

Seeing their enthusiasm, I have announced, that those who learn spoken english with interest will be taught computers, and also will get, 1st , 2nd and 3rd prizes if they develop ability to speak in english with 8 sundays. I will sponsor the prizes, and would like to invite India sudar and also on that day when the prizes are given away ..

1. 1st prize: Cargo Jeans , and Full sleeve T shirt – Branded

2. 2nd Prize: Sports apparel ( Reebok shorts and T shirt)

3. 3rd Prize: School Bag and coolers(sunglasses)


I have formed a choir with Thomas and madan,(KANNAN AND MANI JOINING IN BETWEEN) to sing a song… We have practiced one film song and mastered it within couple of hours.. We want to practice every week..

I will try to rope in some one to play guitar or key board in the due course. I do not have anyone right now whom I know of..If some one reading this mail do know about a instrumentalist, please help us..


I have only knowledge of MS Office and internet.
They were provided with my laptop to basically explore on their own to open, shut, create files and do small things …

Next week-end Programme:

1. Spoken English

2. Music (film song )

3. Computer basics– Request you to provide us access to Computer lab if possible…

4. Cricket- planned to play with them.

5. Internet access. I have internet R card installed in laptop , which I intend to carry and provide them some knowledge about browsing in the internet…

I enjoyed every moment of being with them, and would like to visit them any time, when the Children’s Home permits or during the week ends..The boys are very affectionate and well mannered .. I will find it difficult to miss them for a week. I once again thank all those concerned for the opportunity…

With Best Regards


Sr.Manager-Customer Support

Plot No.2 B ,South Phase,

Guindy Industrial Estate, Chennai 600 032

(s7 : +91 44 3068 6380

(Direct : +91 44 3068 6381

( Mobile: +91 97 9101 0050

Provided materials to Govt children home for Boys, Royapuram Chennai

Hi All,
We (me and sargunan) purchased education materials for Govt children home at Parrys friday (31-Jul-2009). We have purchased the following materials for their education purpose. We have donated the materils to govt children school on 1-Aug-2009. I will upload the photos with you later.
Please find the attached project report for the same.
Total cost of education materials – Rs.1740.
Handwriting Notebook             – 50
Drawing book                          – 30
Slate                                       – 42
Chalkpiece                              – 5 box
Crayon                                    – 10 box
Poster color                             – 6
Chart                                       – 25
Hi All,
We (me and sargunan) purchased education materials for Govt children home at Parrys friday (31-Jul-2009). We have purchased the following materials for their education purpose. We have donated the materils to govt children school on 1-Aug-2009. I will upload the photos with you later.
Please find the attached project report for the same.
Total cost of education materials – Rs.1740.
Handwriting Notebook             – 50
Drawing book                          – 30
Slate                                       – 42
Chalkpiece                              – 5 box
Crayon                                    – 10 box
Poster color                             – 6
Chart                                       – 25
Karthikeyan Mani
Tamil Nadu.

TN/Project Completed Report: Setup “India Sudar Creativity Center” for reception students.

06-Dec-2008, Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

We have started(on 06-Dec-2008) our India Sudar Creativity Center(already we planned for “Drawing Center”) at Govt Children Home for Boys(Home for Destitute Children), Royapuram, Chennai for Reception students. This will be our 10months project & monthly expense will be Rs.2,000(approximate). We decided to use existing teacher (already Gov deployed drawing teacher for this school) for our project & every month we will provide material for this center.

I have purchased following material on 06-dec-08 and delivered to this center.

1. Crape paper 75pc * 4 = 300
2. Crape paper 25pc * 22 = 550
3. Strings – 50pc * 1 = 50
4. Fabric glue 6 colors – 5sets * 15 = 75
5. Thermocoal balls – 3 packets * 5 = 15
6. Thermocoal balls – 2 packets * 10 = 20
7. Chart papers – 50 nos * 5 = 250
8. Crayons – 20 pkts * 9 = 180
9. Poster colors – 6 sets * 55 = 330
10. Pencil 30 * 3 = 90
11. Rubber 10nos * 2.50 = 25
12. Sharpner 10 * 4 = 40
13. Black chart 15 * 12 = 180
14. Cellow tape 3pcs * 8 = 24
15. Cellow tape 2pcs * 15 = 30
16. CD covers 10pcs * 2 = 20
17. Tissue papers 1pc*42 = 42
Total Rs.2,221 – 111 = Rs.2,110

Funding for this Project: Approximately we need Rs. 21000 to complete this project. Out of this our following members donated Rs.12,000 for this project.

Lavanya.A, Member code – 19, Rs.10,000
Prakash Babu V, Member code – 215, Rs.2,000

Project report attached for your reference.

Udhaya Kumar.V
http://www.indiasudar.org – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education
https://indiasudar.wordpress.com – India Sudar Visit report

Anybody interested in doing a stationary project @ Govt boys home


Hi folks,

Last week-end(22nd Nov) I visited Govt Boys Home, Royapuram. Udhay had already visited there, when Mr. Pandian was the secretary. Now, he had been transferred and Mrs. Glory is in chair. She is also interested in doing some activities for the home children. I explained her 4 proposed activities, Udhay explained to Pandian.

Learning centre. (a libray like setup having some mag, books & staff too to teach both academic & normal things)
Computer Centre staff (Already Sathyam provided computers & worldvision provided the table & chairs)
Sports centre Drawing Materials project.

Among these,

#1. Learning centre may be taken care of World-Vision. They are yet to confirm their acceptance. So, doing that will be redundant.

#2. They have already one staff and Glory is giving him opportunity to learn computer on his own to teach the students.

#3. She didn’t show must interest.

And, coming to #4, she is very much interested in arranging drawing classes. A teacher is already available. He has good creativity too. I myself saw few of his works on Global warming. Simple & good. So, we can buy drawing materials. She has provided the list. I am listing out all things. Verified with a store @ Purasaiwalk, which they recommended & collected the price details too. The below is the “per” material cost. The owner is ready is ready to give discount too, if we buy in bulk.

    Crape paper different colors – 100 sheets – Two varieties: Rs. 4(thin), Rs. 22(Thick)
    Tissue papers – 10 roses
    Strings – 50 nos – Rs. 1
    CD Covers – 25 nos – must not exceed Rs. 5
    Fabric glue 6 colors – 5 sets – Rs. 15
    Thermocoal balls – 5 packets – Two varieties — Rs. 5 & Rs. 10
    Chart papers – 50 nos – Two vareities Rs. 4 & Rs. 5
    Crayons – 20 pkts – Rs. 5
    Poster colors – 6 sets – Rs.55 (fabre castle)
    Pencil, rubber, sharpner
    Black cardboard – 15 nos
    Gum tape – 5 nos – Two varieties – Rs. 10, Rs. 20

Totally, this comes around Rs. 2000/(Two thousand) per month. The amt may vary, as this is the first time they give the quantity. If any of u are interested, we can start the programme.

U can view the fotos of the proposed building for these activites here: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/GovtBoysHome#

Athi (B +ve)

We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.
—–Swami Vivekananda.

Visited to Govt Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai

Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

On 06/Sep/2008, Myself & Natarajan(Dream India, IS Partner Organization) visited to Govt Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai and had the discussion with Mr.Thanasekara Pandian(Superdent) & A.Glory Gwaseli about our planned Reception projects.

First we are planing to start Learning & Computer Center projects for Reception students. Currently we are searching a teacher(Who knows Hindhi, Tamil &Telugu) to deploy in this Learning Center. Teacher salary will be expected from Rs.2500+  per month.

Our Partner Organization Dream India ready to execute this Reception Students Porject together.

History from our Blog: https://indiasudar.wordpress.com/category/tn-government-children-home-for-boys/

Udhaya Kumar.V
(m) 91-98867-33607

To setup Activity Base Learning Center for Govt Children Home for Boys, Chennai.

Dear Friends,
On 02-Aug-2008, I have visited to Govt Children Home for Boys(Home for Destitute Children), Royapuram, Chennai and had the discussion with Mr.Thanasekara Pandian(Superdent) in education perspective.

Please refer our old report to understand this home functionality:
About this Gov Home: This home managing two type of the student unit 1.Reception 2.Normal Students.
Reception receiving children’s like Runaway children, Missing children, Begging children, Child Labour, Surrendered by parents, Surrendered by police department, NGO handover children, etc. first they will try to find the parents and complete handover process, if this is not success they will send the children’s to corresponding state Gov home, Still they are not able to fine the native state of the children, in this case they will put it in normal school inside the home itself(they cant go out upto completion of there study).
Normal School: Last year we deployed one teacher for this school, we will renew this project for current academic year also.
Current Situation in Reception Unit: They have 2 big rooms(completely closed) and children’s will be distributed based on age. They have food, water, toilet facility within the room itself. They needs to spend full day and night in this room without doing any activity. Previously they had TV for full day time pass, but currently it was broken.
I had long discussion with Mr.Thanasekara Pandian for home requirement and reception children’s education system.
We have to setup following Four Activity Centers in four different rooms for this home. We will make 4 team of students based on Age/Language factor. Every group will spend TWO hours in each Activity Centers in a day. For example first team will go to first Sports Center and they will spend two hours after they will move to Learning Center, etc
1.Learning Center: We will deploy one teacher for this center to educate(read & write) Hindi, Telugu, Tamil using some of the basic materials.
One permanent Teacher for this Center.
Books (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil)
Note books, Pen, Pencil
Daily News Paper
Paper, Board
2.Sport Center: provide indoor sports facility in this center. We are planning to provide some of the Gym things also.
Requirement: Indoor sports and Gym material
3.Drawing Center: Facility to learn drawing from this center from permanent teacher.
Requirement: Drawing materials & One teacher(Already exist)
4.Computer Centers: Provide basic computer training, games, CD  base learning
Already Satyam Foundation provided 15 computers for this home.
We need one more computer teacher for this center. We need to find the funding to deploy this permanent teacher.
5.Gardening Time: Gardening
Requirement: We need to buy Gardening instruments.
In Future, we can add Dance/Song Center based on teacher availability. I believe Mr.Thanasekara Pandian can find one more teacher for this center.
Our Other Initiative:
1. Mr.Thanasekara Pandian requested for some extra health food for this students. I had discussion with our partner organization V.Vamsi, PARVAI FOUNDATION they are planning to provide this.
2. Mr.Thanasekara Pandian requested for wall painting for reception and other centers, I have requested one of my friend BalaSubramanian(Artist), he ready to visit to this place and provide this facility, but we need to provide the material.
3. Other Requirement, we need to find our partner organization to support.
Emergency Light
Soap, Soap box
Dust Bin
Lets work together to complete this activity soon to elevate this children’s.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Visit to Govt children’s home, Rayapuram

Chennai, TN

Hi Folks,
Yesterday, myself & RajaSoundar went to Govt children’s home, Rayapuram. The home is the head quarters of all Govt homes in Tamilnadu.
The superintendent Thanasekar Pandian is really interested to develop the children’s status and very co-operative.
Things discussed:
 ** The problems among the children staying thr and some solutions to the problems.
 ** What are all the things to be developed in the view of infrastructure.
 ** Need for the training for the teachers.
 ** Need to improve the mentor’s meetings. (Some parents are used to come to see some orphaned children)
 ** To conduct child trafficking exhibition in the month of May or June for School children and home children.
 ** To expand the computer training centre in the home.
Things we can do:
            We have already given training to Karnataka school teachers. Based on that, we can give training here in this home also.
            If possible we can analyse and provide materials like slideshows, etc for child trafficking exhibition.
            For, computer training centre, one another org “Sathyam foundation” has taken up the initiative and willing to donate 15 computers. So, we need not involve in that.

Athi (B +ve)
We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.
                                —–Swami Vivekananda.

Activity report for Royapuram Home !!

Dear Friends

Our recent projects being undertaken at Royapuram Home,Chennai has been expanding with help of great minded people from Art Of Living(A.O.L)To give you all a brief history, besides deploying a teacher at the School in the Royapuram home, we also were discussing the idea of giving the children some life skill training.

Mr.Zakir from A.O.L cheanni visited the home along with me & Udhay.
Last week they visited the home & delivered the first 5 day training to the 45 children(Age12-17). This is a great piece of dedicated work done by A.O.L to those children. We will continue to work together in future at many places as we can.

Intially When I discussed with one of our well wishers, Mr.Venkatesan(Hyderabad), he directed is to A.O.L chennai.  With help of Mr.Ganeshji, Mr.Vikram I was able to firm up things. Ofcourse Mr.Zakir readily agreed to visit & now HE HAS DELIVERED WHAT THEY PROMISED.

India sudar thanks all of those involved heartily & invite them ao tall our future missions to work together in complimentry ways !!

Jai hind !


Visit to Royapuram Boy’s home.

Chennai, TN

Dear Friends

Last Thursday,9/11/2007, myself & Udhay Kumar visited Royapuram Boy’s Home. Main reason was to introduce the place to Art of living Voluteer, Mr.Zaheer Hussain.

During the previous visits we came to know that, only half of the boys visit the home school. Others are being retained in the Reception area only & they are not allowed schooling. So we had planned for some informal social skill building for them first before we go in for any formal education for them. Because they just stay in a hall & watch TV the whole day.

So through our friends network we had sought Art of living’s help. They readily agreed to help them with their specially designed programme for desolated & Juvinille children. Zaheer took the details & would further take it up with their own organisation. Hopefully this should bring in some kind of life training for those kids.

Updates from Superintend of the Boy’s Home  – Mr.Sivaraman:

– The board has been thinking of shifting the boys to another Unit in Mylapore area. Then they would re-moedl the whole of Royapuram to suite the boys correctly. Especially creaing more space instead of just a hall .

– Drawing master Mr.jagadidh showed the science models built by children with his help. they were pretty good !!!

– I also took up some issues with Mrs.Vidhya raman, who is in the board of management. She said we may have to wait as there are going to be some changes. Then she would seek our assistance for educational assitance.

Our thanks to Mr.Zaheer Hussain for visiting the home & Mrs. Vidhya for giving more inputs about the home(I met her the next day in her office)


visited to Govt Children Home for Boys(Home for Destitute Children), Royapuram, Chennai.

29-Sep-2007, Chennai.
Dear Friends,

On 29-Sep-2007, I have visited to Govt Children Home for Boys(Home for Destitute Children), Royapuram, Chennai to meet(interview) Teacher. I had the discussion with Mr.R.SIVARAMAN(Superdent) in education perspective.

I had the discussion with Teacher, She is ready to take evening classes in this school for 5th and 6th classess. She is already working in Thiruveriur School & her qualification is B.A, B.Ed.,  Already we commited to deploy one teacher for this School based on our last visit & programs. So we are starting Evening classes in this school from 03-Oct-2007. Teacher is expecting Rs.1,500 for monthly salary.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

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