Visited Iniya Udhayam

28th Jul 2007
Visited Iniya Udhayam, Chennai, TN.

Hi Folks,

Last Saturday(28th Jul 2007), I visited Iniya Udhayam Charitable trust @ Avadi. Here we are supporting Spoken English class for poor students. 1st set of batch was over by May. As far as myself is concerned, the result was good. When, most of the students don’t know ABCD, making them to speak atleast few words in just 5 months is not an easy job. J  (Hope u all read my mail few months ago, reg the coaching of the faculty.) Mrs. Gayathri who was taking the class, is unable to continue, as she is pursuing her P.hd now. So, from Aug 1st onwards, a new staff is coming. He has finished 3 MA.(English, french and another one) He is a retired school teacher.

BTW, Iniya Udhayam has acquired new building(rental only) in Avadi. SMILE foundation has donated some computers for the home and also the syllabus. The syllabus is gud. Its prepared having poor plus two students in mind. It has four parts. 1. Spoken english, 2. Computer Skills, 3. Retail Marketting, 4. Gender Understandability. It’s a 6 months course. When I went thr, one of the trustee gave a topic in tamil and made them to act in english. The full conversation was translated by the students themselves and their performance was gud. Most of the students are drop-outs after plus two.

Now, they have two needs:
1. SMILE foundation ask them to arrange the faculty and payment. For spoken english class, we are already supporting them. For, computer faculty, they arranged a new staff. Apart 4m taking classes, he is in-charge of full administrative work. So, he demands Rs. 6000(Six thousand) per month.

2. For the new place also, they need to support their monthly rental. Rs. 6000(six thousand) per month.

At present, thr are no regular donors for the home apart 4m ourselves and one another grp(which provides supplimentary food). After they get regular donors for these two needs, they decided to start a tuition centre in the evening, for the govt school students in the nearby locality.

Athi (B +ve)
We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be. –Swami Vivekananda.


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