Visit to Karantaka Blind welfare school, bangalore

Hello All,

Yesterday (28th July 07) myself, Ravi, Shiva, Raaghu, Prashanth and Sharath had being to “KWAB – The Karnataka Welfare Association For The Blinds” to understand the teaching req. and see the place.
In brief about the KWAB: KWAB is a NGO, formed in the year 1967. Association is serving the visually impaired and other persons with disability. Currently KWAB is run by Mr. S P Murthy who him self a visually impaired person. Also a lecturer in MES college, he takes English classes from morning till afternoon. After the college he spends time at KWAB staying there .

Currently the Association are having branches in Mandya and Devanhalli. Devanahalli has integrated school and hostel facility for around 40 students, this branch is having a mix of Blind, Deaf and Dumb children’s Mandya has house for hearing impaired students and gives training in tailoring for ladies.

In Bangalore there are around 90 Students from the age 2 to 14. From 1999 KWAB started the blind school and syllabus is based on CBSE. This is a resident school where Association takes care of accommodation, food, cloth, study.. etc. 10 – 20 new admissions every year in Bangalore. Criteria for admission is blindness (complete or partial) and poor background. All the students here are from all the parts of Karanataka. These children’s are picked up from the different parts of the Karanataka where the parents of these physically and visually challenged children’s thinks that they are burden for them and leave them to live isolated life or left in the streets. Association gets this data from the Census which is issued by the state govt.

All the study material at KWAB are build in house and library is maintained. CBSE syllabus is converted in to the Braille and materials are kept in the Library for reference. All this conversion of books are done by the students only. KWAB also maintains Braille library and audio cassettes.

Absolutely there is not support available from the State Govt. or Central Govt. from the past 4 years. Currently the KWAB is run purely on the public donations. Admin Manager was mentioning that Students here are skilled in making handicraft items also. Which they are thinking to put in exhibition which would be a help full for raising the funds against the day 2 day expenditure.

Along with the Handicraft Admin Manager updated that students are doing cultural activities which also some times adds up the funds. But at the same time she said that these kind of cultural activities are diverting the students attention as they are visually impaired and cannot concentrate on studies.

– Detailed requirement is expected from Admin Manager in a days time.
Below are the req. which we understood with the interaction with Admin Manager and which will also be covered in the detailed req. mail which she will send.
– Grill to be put in 2nd Floor
– Braille Materials
– Furnitures
As per the Admin Manager any kind of help is fine.
From our India Sudar team we can provide the education related support and more also based on the activities and budget, but for others day 2 day needs we need to really think in some alternative way.

Plan of Action (Preliminary):
– Get in touch with some organization/temple where they donate lunch dinner or breakfast. (Like Iskon, Sathya Sai Baba Sangha)
– Used cloths but good ones. (Washed and Ironed neatly). Regarding the same I spoke to my Aunty who is a high school teacher to check with there students parents who can give used cloths so that we can distribute.
– Any electronics item (radio / cassette player / cd player etc) which are in usable condition.
– Contact admin guys from our office to set up a exhibition for a day or two to exhibit and sell the handicraft items.

Contact Details:
Mr. S P Murthy – 91.98806.89753
Madhu – Admin Manager – 91.99451.69300
Office : 080.2336.9703

Raaghu, Will send the detailed req. in a day or two. India Sudar TeamBangalore


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