Rajasthan, Bikaner Dist Awareness and motivational program for villagers

Dear Friends,

As we started some projects in Rajasthan. In this series during my recent visit to Rajasthan on 09-Jan-2012 we organised a awareness & motivational program. During my interaction with some local social workers when I explained them about India sudar and our plans. Mr. Padam singh Godara of Ghorella village(Near Dungargarh, Dist- Bikaner) approached me to organize a motivational & awareness for villagers because in this area many times they are also not supporting this type of activities.

Mr. Padam singh (Constable in Raj. Police) is the only Govt Employee from this village. He has a high ambition to develop his village. Hence in 1st phase we decided that first of all we have to organize a awareness & motivational program for villagers. In this I explained them about the importance and necessity of the good education.

Highlights of the program:

1. I explained them about various scopes of education.
2. With the help some successful stories of various people from same background I tried to motivate them.
3. Villagers actively participated in this like when I was explaining them about various career option one parents asked me the procedure to become SP(IPS).
4. Mr. Padam Singh told that he is ready to do anything for his village but he needs proper support from all of them.

This is really a very good start and villagers promised to provide all type of support and from now on-wards they will send their children to school and college at any cost.

Now in next phase Mr. Padam Singh is collecting details of all the students and then we’ll work a detailed road-map to improve to condition of education in this village.

Please find the attached photos.

Thanks & Regards,
Rajveer Singh

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