Rajasthan Project report: Career guidance and awareness program

Dear Friends,

During my recent visit to Rajasthan I also organised a Career guidance and awareness program in Govt. Sec. School -Shayopura Bass , Tehsil – Suratgarh, Dist- Sriganganagar. This year Rajasthan Govt decided to celebrate Vivekananda Jayanti (12-Jan-2012) as career Day. Since at that time I was at my home and I approached to HM of near by village school.

School staff is very much supportive and assembly session is really well organised. Soon after assemble session I took the career guidance session. Step wise step I explained them about all streams after 10th(Arts. Science, Commerce, Agriculture, ITI, diploma courses etc) because as per my interaction with students no one aware about all these streams even they don’t know about medical & non-medical. After that I explained them about various career options in diff-diff streams.

As Raja mentioned in one earlier mail I think this is the very good approach:

  • Since counselors are coming to their schools students get an opportunity to have their doubts get cleared.
  • Since profile and background of students are known while visiting the school, counselors can give more focused information during the session.(In this case this is almost like my native village)
  • More number of students are able to get details on the course they want to purse.
  • Unlike when we are organizing the career guidance program at the common place and inviting the nearby schools, logistics and approval issues are not there here. Easier to get the complete co-operation from the school management and students.(School HM easily allowed me for organising the session )
  • Project Cost is very minimal. (No mike system, nothing is used for this project)
  • Highly Effective with best targeting of the needy students especially girls.

As I have no prior plan for this program. We were not able to distribute them career guidance material. I promised them that next time when I’ll come to home I’ll bring booklet for them.

Project Cost for the session: Rs. 0.

Please find the attached photo.

Thanks & Regards,
Rajveer Singh

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