Newlife 100% Exam Results

Newlife 100% Exam Results

From: Deva doss [save this address]

To: [save address]
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 16:33:56 +0100 (BST)
Subject: [India Sudar] Newlife Results


I am very much happy to share this with you all. Our efforts for the education to the needy children are very supportive and the children are also realized. Yes, the result in the Newlife Ashram is 100% in the academic 2005-06(Work code 1.6/2005_06, Work code 1.8/2005_06, Work code 1.9/2005_06). The teacher had put their efforts and the result is very good. I take this opportunity to thank all the members in INDIA SUDAR and the TEAM MEMBERS and MANAGING TRUSTEES for their wonderful job done. I am herby attaching the details of the students. The blessings of the GOD will always be with you all as a shield and give peace and prosperity through out your lives for such support given to the helpless children.



Alan Devadoss.
Mobile: 98407 05871

From: “India Sudar” [save this address]

To: [save address]
Cc: Deva doss [save address]
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 11:36:59 +0530 (IST)
Subject: Re: [India Sudar] Newlife Results

Dear All,

Very happy to see our home students results(10th & 12th – 100% Results)!!!

What every money/time we spend towards poor student’s education, absolutely
they are ELIVATED through our free EDUCATION !!!

This 100% success happened because of our MEMBERS initiative and continues
support to our ongoing India Sudar projects. Thanks lot for your Support.

A. Work code 1.6/2005_06, Work code 1.8/2005_06, Work code 1.9/2005_06

22-8-2005 2005-06 project_report_1.6_2005_06.htm 1500
15-9-2005 2005-06 project_report_1.6_2005_06.htm 1500
20-10-2005 2005-06 project_report_1.6_2005_06.htm 1500
12-11-2005 2005-06 project_report_1.6_2005_06.htm 1500
14-12-2005 2005-06 project_report_1.6_2005_06.htm 1500
4-3-2006 2005-06 project_report_1.8_2005_06.htm 1500
8-3-2006 2005-06 project_report_1.9_2005_06.htm 1500
9-3-2006 2005-06 project_report_1.9_2005_06.htm 1500
5-4-2006 2006-07 project_report_1.9_2005_06.htm 1500
15-4-2006 2006-07 project_report_1.8_2005_06.htm 1500
20-4-2006 2006-07 project_report_1.8_2005_06.htm 1500
12-5-2006 2006-07 project_report_1.8_2005_06.htm 1500

We spend Rs.18,000 for salary for following teachers to provide continues
education in this home.


B. Education Stationary Items provide to New Life Students.
7-7-2005 2005-06 project_report_2.8_2005_06.htm 9,765

C. Providing complete training through India Sudar Computer Training Center
at free of cost.
11-2-2005 2005-06 project_report_5.1_2005_06.htm 39,885

Deva Doss: Thanks for your time for Project Co-Ordination.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607


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