TN – Year 2013-14 Individual Student Project Statistics Report

Dear All,
I’d like to inform you about INDIA SUDAR’​s Individual Student Projects statistics for the year of 2013-14.

IS Chart

In these projects we spent totally Rs.3,80,485 to Individual students for their education. This is Rs.1.4 lacs more compare to last year 2012-13 because of our team strength.

Here we give our sincere thanks to India Sudar members, Our Partners, and Non-members those who sponsored for these projects and making our vision “Educate Elevate” comes true.
We hope that this improvement will happen in coming year also by introducing new members to IS and the ever active support of all the members and partners.

Please find a consolidated report attached for details.

Thanks Regards
S Muthu kavin(1514)
Turn off the light when outside it’s bright. You Have the Power to Conserve.


Education for individual_Modified.pdf


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