India Sudar Plus Two Result – Govt Hr Sec School (OTN56), Velliankadu, Karamadai, Coimbatore (DT) – TN

Hello all,

Tamilnadu +2 result has been declared today and one of our onsite school Govt Hr Sec School (OTN56), Velliankadu, Karamadai, Coimbatore (DT) – TN has performed very well in the exam. please find below the detailed mark score.

Out of 83 students 82 students passed and one students didn’t appear exam due to sickness. Pass percentage is 99%.

5 students have scored above 1100 out of 1200.

14 students have scored above 1000 out of 1200.

Centum: Totally 3 centum. 1 in biology and 2 in Accountancy.

Top 3 scores:

School 1st : 1145.

School 2nd: 1133.

School 3rd: 1129.

We have been supporting this school for the past couple of years. Last year we have deployed 2 special teachers and we have conducted various IS programs in this school.

India Sudar must be very proud to support this very interior deserved rural school.

*** Thanks a lot to all India Sudar volunteers, donors, partner organization, school teachers, HM and students to make this success ***

Mohan Kandasamy,

Secretary of India Sudar,

Tamilnadu team,

Mobile: +91 – 99425 93682,

Cognizant Technology Solutions,

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