India Sudar 3 students seeks ur support-help the needy

dear all,

Please go thr’ the mail and try to help the needy. All are studying in Government High School,Porani,Karur Dt.

The students are staying in a remote area and all are from extreme poor background. We verified the requests with school HM and teachers and I interacted with the students face to face.

Student name class background Help required Cost
Naveen kumar 10th Parents died (Affected by a disease) One uniform set

10 long size note books

Sanjeev Perumal 10th No father

Only mother

One uniform set

10 long size note books

Karuppaswamy 10th std Parents alive

But 6 kids.

One uniform set

10 long size note books



Dress cost: Rs. 350 + stitching charges 250 Rs total 600

Each note book: Rs.25 so 10 x 25 = 250

Total requirement: Rs.2550

On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 4:19 PM, Balamanikandan K <kbmanick> wrote:

Visit Report – Govt High School Porani,Karur Dt , Tamilnadu

This school is situated 25 kms away from Karur town. Students belong to financially and socially disadvantaged families. We are concentrating on this school since 2009.

When I went by bus, a passenger was praising this school and explaining the results and activities of this school.

Yes. School strength is increased from 200 to 250. Drop out is reduced.

School pass percentage is 100% since 2009

Date of visit: 2nd September 2011 –Friday Visited by: Balamanikandan.K

We have deployed a teacher to

· Give special attention to slow learners (especially from 6th to 8th std- basics-read and write skills)

· To assist the students to utilize the Library provided by us

· To assist the students to make use of our CDs and CDs provided by Govt (Video based learning)

I have given the instructions about the purpose of Indiasudar and general guidance.

Interaction with students

We showed our motivational movies and interacted with students. I found their requirements. Students are well disciplined and trained.

3 students (whose parents are no more) asked some support. Indiasudar will support them soon.

Interaction with Teachers

All the teachers are cooperative.

I explained and requested their cooperation for Indiasudar activities. They assured to join with us to uplift the school.

They requested a training session on Scanner,printer, how to use projectors,what is LAN connection, how to install softwares etc.

They need individual training. They know little bit because of govt training. Still they want intensive training. We will provide soon with the help of our volunteers.

School HM is very cooperative and extends her support whenever needed.

One of our member Mr.Senthil Kumaran (doing Computer science in Govt arts college,Karur) will be the coordinator for this onsite.Thanks to senthil.


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