[India Sudar] Report on visit to swanthana – 31st May 2008

31-May-2008, Bangalore.

Dear all

Please find the report on visit to swanthana.

Place of visit: Swanthana : Home for mentally challenged mutipily disabled female children

Date of Visit : 31st May 2008

Members Visited : Neena Pandey, Deepak Kumar, Sherin, Jayasree, Kamal

Purpose of Visit:

  1. To spend some quality time with the children residing in thais place.
  2. To identify if there is any critical requirement and see if we find any supporters for the same.

Activities during the visit:

# Discussed with the sister and got to know that they are provided with the building from Christian missionary.

# They have started 1.5 years back and hence do not receive any support from the government as of now because it requires to complete 3 years to avail the government funds

# They are supported by few well wishers for provisions etc as and when there is a need, however there is no continuous support from any particular organization.

# The major expenditure is paying to salary to the 12 care takers employed which is Rs.2500 per person per month.

# Another critical requirement is the diapers for these kids 14 large, 7 medium and 10 packets per size which is around 210 packets per month. This is huge expense which currently no one has taken up though it is a very high priority requirement and for such requirements they are not funded from any Christian missionaries.

# We spent a lot of time with the kids had a real satisfying experience and it was good to see that it was very well maintained clean and nice shelter for them.
Things provided during the visit
: Soaps , Oil , Diapers , Baby powder , Tooth paste, Choclates , etc.

Photos :


If any one is interested to visit this place or extend any support to this place kindly mail me at jjayasree@gmail.com.

Thanks and regards



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