Visit report – CHILD, Chennai [7-Apr-2008]

Chennai, TN.

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Dear Friends,

We (myself and Udhay) have visited CHILD home, Korattur, Chennai on 7-Apr-2008.

About the Home:

CHILD, a registered public charitable trust, started in May 2005.

Objective: Cater to take care of basic needs of destitute children (orphans and children with AIDS affected parents) like shelter, food, medical assistance and education.

In this home, there are 11 children who are all personally taken care.

For more details, you can visit the URL:

Contact Details: Mr. Senthil Kumar, Home: 91-44-65418213, Mobile: 91-98416-56103

Photos: Some of the images are captured during our visit. Please visit the link to see the images:

1) Requested to arrange the counseller for giving motivation for the deprived children.
2) Tuition fees for the teacher who takes the class for the children stayed in this home.

Commitments from India Sudar:
India Sudar will help to pay tuition fees after the report has been sent by CHILD.

Trustee, India Sudar


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