Visited to villages in Chetpet, Polur Taluk, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu

Chetpet, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu

Visit Photos:

I have visited(4.5 hours travel from Chennai in Tamil Nadu bus) to some villages in Chetpet, Polur Taluk, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu on 16-Feb-2008 to set up Learning center for village student through Mr.M. Manavalan, President – SDD(Society for the Development of the Depressed)


About SDD( Society for the Development of the Depressed (SDD) is a registered society since 1989. Already this organization involved in involved in a number of community development activities such as non-formal education for Dalit working children, organising dalit women and youth in to groups, Dalit Empowerment Programme, Students Summer Camps, and conducting cultural programmes, Environmental Protection Programme and Socio-Economic Development.

Currently SDD running only one learning center within the town(within there office itself) & they are running different type of the projects for 40 villages.

India Sudar Visit & Plan:

I have visited to following villages (backward place) & dicussed with local people to setup India Sudar Learning centers.

Chetpet (No need of Center)

This villages contain 100 to 150 houses. Most of them are daily agriculture labors.

I planned to visit Khalighapuram village & Namadhthodu village also. But I am not did because of the time constrain.

I seen one of the church (ST Joseph’s Chuqch Thathanoor) & absolutely converted as Primary School. Its really good approach to serve.

I feel finding the teacher for this centers will be difficult. Any way Manavalan commited to find some of teachers from nearby villages.

We need to pay Rs,1500 as monthly salary for our learning center teachers.

We can start our learning center for this village. Its really helpful for this student.

I can see more dropouts this villages. Most of the time, they are dropping there education because of the family economical situation.

Even I am thinking we can setup Literacy Learning center to educate old people using software. it will be really useful.

We will plan for our leaning center from coming academic year.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607


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