Newlife Cultural programme was finished off well…

11th Feb 2007, Chennai, TN.

Hi Folks,

Hope you all know that we announced our Cultural Program in Newlife Oldage home and Orphanage, Eraiyoor village. And, we succesfully celebrated the moments on 11th Feb 2007.

We 10 people arranged a cab and went thr. By 10:30 AM in the morning we started our schedule(attached) with Tamil thai vaazhthu and proceeded to juice. Students in the orphange actively participated in every events. First they showed their talent by Theme plays. Man… believe me. They had done it with absolute humour sense. Then they played other game, Dancing as per singing. After that, we had lotta time for lunch. So, they started with other theme play and started dancing for movie songs. Everybody started dancing and the notable point is, we didn’t pull anyone’s leg to dance. They themselves started and finished it well.

 Then we had our lunch and proceeding with Drawing competition for students. But to our surprise, a grandpa, aged almost 70+ also participated in the event and won the jury award. J Then they were playing Baloon busting game, Gunny Race, Number game.

After every event, we asked some GK questions and distributed the prizes immediately.

After finishing all of the events, prizes had been distributed to all students (we gave prizes even for those who didn’t win in any event) By 6PM, we finished off everything and again to our surprise students asked us when would we conduct such programme in the future.

Spcial thanks to Lalitha and Anthony, who are running the org, and to the faculty(sorry, forgot the name), who prepared every students for the events and to those who had come on tat day and helped to conduct the programmes, especially to Hari, T, who took every pain to take print outs, laminating them, distingushing every grp, make the list as print out for every event and keeping them in a file… Amazing… Gud work buddy!! And, more thanks to our Indiasudar members who constantly support our org. And unforgettably to our beloved Udhaykumar too!!

U can see the fotos in the following link…tamilthai-vaazhthu-anthony-who-is-running-the-home-the-one-in-pyjama-1.JPG




http://s64.photobuc 20Program%2011FEB07/

To see them in the order pictures were taken…

Complete Plan:  is_cultural_program_at_new_life.pdf

Athi (B +ve)

We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.
                                —–Swami Vivekananda.



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