Divine Children’s Home, KL, Mail

From: Alice Thomas <dch_tvm@yahoo.co.in> [save this address]
To: India Sudar <admin@indiasudar.org> [save address]
Cc: ashrafhameeda.t@cgi.com [save address]
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 06:26:10 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: Hai

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Dear Mr. Udhaya Kumar V. and India Sudar Team,

First of all, please accept my whole-hearted gratitude for extending a helping hand to innocent kids in need. Trust me, it was a blessing for us. I am really grateful to all of you for this noble gesture.

The amount has been utilised for buying the uniform for the kids. I was wondering how I am going to manage this years, and god sent the India Sudar team for helping DCH.

I would really be delighted, and so would be the kids, if the India Sdar team or its represenatives can come down to DCH and spend some time with us. Please do keep this in mind, and whenever you can make it to TVM, please make it a point to visit DCH.

I really appreciate Ashraf Hameeda’s role and initiave in this entire venture. I will be couriering the bill to the address mentioned below. Please let me know whether stitching charges can also be reimbursed? That would come to around Rs. 3000/-

God bless all of you. Thanks once again for everything.

Prayers and regards
Alice Thomas


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