Our Third India Sudar Computer Training Center(Athivaakkam Village) in TN inaugurated

Athivaakkam village, TN
Dear Friends,

India Sudar Computer Training Center has been inaugurated in
Athivaakkam village, TN on 13/Apr/2006 to provide computer education to poor students from Athivaakkam, Aalapakkam, Kilapakkam and Pethanayakanpattu villages at free of cost.

IDEAL SOLUTION: THREE Parties involved in this project 1. India Sudar 2.
HINDU COLLEGE, Chennai, NSS Team 3. Athivaakkam Panchayat Leader.

HINDU COLLEGE, Chennai, NSS Team: This team had two camp in this villages for last two years. They did some of the good work like painting schools, clean the village, clean the roads, numbering to home, Eye camp, Agriculture camp and awareness program in this village. We need to really appreciate Prof. M.Jawaharlal Nehru, NSS Program Officer and Prof. S.Dhanasekar, NSS Program Officer for all this initiative.

Athivaakkam Panchayat Leader: if we can able to find leader like Mr.Bakthavachalam.M in every panchayat, defiantly we can create powerful India practically soon.

We are expecting your innovative ideas to use this center in effective manner. Same as we are working to setup computer centers in AP & KA(Contact Mr.Ravi Kumar.K) also.

Udhaya Kumar,V

visited to Athivaakkam Village, Oothukottai TK, Thiruvalluvar (District)


Athivaakkam, TN.

Dear Friends,

1. We (myself and Athitha Nadarajan.S (TN-IS Team Lead)) visited to Athivaakkam Village(60 Km from Chennai), Oothukottai TK, Thiruvalluvar (District) on 15/Oct/2006 to study about this village through Hindu College NSS team and two of this college Professors(Mr.M.Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr.S.Dhanasekar).

2. HINDU COLLEGE, Chennai NSS team executed 10 days special camp at Athivakkam Village to create awareness and to improve basic requirement. Already they completed 2 programs in last 2 years and they completed following activities. They are planning to have one more camp on Jan-2007, after they will move to some other village.

Medical Camp, Temple Cleaning Project, White Washing School Building, Numbering Each House , IODINT Salt Program, Manual Work like Clean Road & School ground, Veterinary Camp, Villu Pattu to Create Awareness
3. Dependent Village & Total Number of families:

  • Athivaakkam – 250 Families
  • Aalapakkam – 450 families
  • Kilapakkam and Pethanayakanpattu – 700 families
  • Thandumedu – 300 families


4. Mr.Bakthavachalam.M(Athivaakkam Panchayat Leadr): We had discussion with him and visited to complete village to see the people and environment. This person highly interested to change this village and provide basic facility and he succeeded on this also. This village having government school upto 10 th standard. Last year 43 students passed out from 10 th standard but only 9 of them went to secondary education, remaining all students dropouts.

5. Prof. M.Jawaharlal Nehru(NSS Programme Officer) and Prof. S.Dhanasekar(NSS Programme Officer): We visited this village through this Two professors and some of the college students. They already stream line somed of the activities in this village. I am just thinking IF we have this type of the teachers and professors in our schools and college, then really we can elevate our villages easily through our students itself!!!

6. Now we are analyzing how we can educate this village student through India Sudar, Currently we don’t have any plan for WHAT HOW WHEN we are going to support this village. We will keep update on this Village IS Project.

7. Photos from Athivaakkam village for U:

Udhaya Kumar.V
Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

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