Ramakrishna mission student’s home quiz program – report

21-Jun-2008, Chennai, TN.

Dear all,
We  conducted the quiz program ( Ramakrishna mission student’s home,chennai) successfully yesterday(21-Jun-2008). The students are from fatherless/motherless/parentless background.Most of the students are from rural area.
All of them enjoyed the program ( see the photographs) . We feel that it helped them a lot.
1. Written test was conducted in the morning ( started by 9.30 -completed by 10.30 ).
2. Around 80 students participated from 9th and 10th std.
3. We announced the results by 1.15 pm.Then the final program was started.
4. six teams were selected ( per team two members- one from 9th another from 10th).
5. Team names are- bharathi,nethaji,bakath singh,vivekanandha,gandhiji and kalam.
First prize- Nethaji team ( wren and martin grammar book+certificates+cups)
second prize- gandhiji- ( files+certificates+cups)
third prize- vivekanandha ( files+certificates+cups)
consolation prizes- books-(You are appointed-the stories behind the inventions- medals- certificates)
6. Quiz was over by 2.45 pm and prize distribution was headed by that home’s secretary.
7. The secretary presented some books to IS members also.

1. Since the home has sufficient fund, IS has spent only the prize distribution amount.
2. I, udhai, Athi,Karthick,prem and siva contributed were present. Two persons from dream India also came there.
3. Mr.Gunasekar ( fresher) from chennai was there to help us.  He will be added as a member soon.
with care,

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