Namakkal District Educational Festival

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No. of schools invited: 60

No. of schools participated: 12

No. of students benefited: 50

No. of teachers benefited: 12



1. English workshop on Easy steps to learn English and Stress less secure more – by Mrs.Akila John and Mary Sarojini-Teachers


2. Basic English written test competition


3. Documentary movie (12 mins) about Past Record of Tamil medium government school students to motivate the students


4. Career path program lecture by Mrs.K.Shanmukavadivu


5. General quiz program ( more logical reasoning questions)


6. Interaction with Karur Rotract club members…they came there to see our programs…they are ready to do  combined project in Karur dt  ( January 3rd week)


7. LCD projector was sponsored by Mr.Bala chandran, Novel Systems,Karur


8. We gave an opportunity to two government school teachers to conduct the workshop. From the student feedback I came to know that it is the English Workshop which is  required for the students.


9. Program was shown on the local channels.


10. 1st 3 places in each competition – File,Medal,Cup,Certificates and U R Appointed book 4th and 5th places-    Medal, Certificates and U R Appointed book

All the participants- certificates and career path material (Xerox) written by Prof. Dr.S.Raghavan., NIT, Trichy


11. Photos are available in this URL.


Prize Winners:


1. Government High School(Girls), Paundamangalam  (Overall winners)

2. Government High School,Konoor

3. Government Hr. sec  School (Girls),Senthamangalam

4. Government Hr. sec  School (Boys),Senthamangalam

5. Government Hr. sec  School (Girls),Namakkal

English Test:

1. Government High School(Girls), Paundamangalam

2. Government High School,Maroorpatti

3. Government High School,Konoor

4. Government High School(Girls), Erumaipatti

5. Government High School(Girls), Paramathi

Feedback and Observation:

1. No negative feedback from students and teachers. This program is a milestone for IS.

2. Able to identify the students interest and requirement from the feedback:

      a. Career path b. English workshop

3. Forgot to give the introduction about IndiaSudar. Even to the news people. (Last time we did but this time we did not. next time sure…)

4. Very less no of schools participated. This is because of Saturday. But now we created a name in the district.

 IS Members and Volunteers:

 1. Udhai 2. Athi 3. Jagadeesan Kovalan 4.Raghu 5. Siva 6. Prem 7.Raja.M 8.Balamanikandan.K


 1.Ram kumar 2. Sangeetha 3. Manikandan – from karur

Work Allotment





Arrangements and other assistance


Registration, Quiz event help, Answer sheet correction

Jagadeesan Kovalan

Food arrangements, paper correction assistance


paper correction assistance, general arrangements


Coordination, quiz and general arrangements

Ram kumar – Sangeetha- Manikandan

Certificate writing, Tea and general arrangements

Satheesh Kumar,Parkavi- students-3rd year MCA,Sona college, Salem

Prepared the doc. movies

Pending work:

1. have to send the photos to the top 5 schools ( prize winners)

2. Have to send certificates to the volunteers and teachers (workshop)

Project report is attached in this mail.













Prize Book(You are appointed)



Phone calls to School



Courier + Postal Stamps + Cover



A4 Sheet + Xerox + Brown Cover + Color Print + Teacher Material + Tea



Two teacher fees for English Class



Lunch for all students, teachers and IS members



Student + Teachers Bus far paid



Certificate Printing Charge



First three prize



Prize to School(Shield) + Memento






My contribution:

Theatre voice recording charge- 375 Volunteers bus fare- 100 Phone calls- 150 One    Memento- 200 Three time trips to Namakkal- 300 Photos to schools- 300 Total: 1425 Rs. Only 30 % of the amount is not utilized for the students (I mean bus fare, cups, phone calls, courier etc..). 10% for one time investment (like banner, doc. Movie etc) 60 % is utilized for students and teachers.

Out of 62 participants at least 20 students were triggered and motivated by this event. This itself is a       grant success.

Thank You very much to IS …members…..non IS members…..everyone behind this screen……thx a lot to utilize my skills and interest.


with sincere thanks and care,


Reserach Engineer,C-DOT,Bangalore.

97391 75123



Ramakrishna mission student’s home quiz program – report

21-Jun-2008, Chennai, TN.

Dear all,
We  conducted the quiz program ( Ramakrishna mission student’s home,chennai) successfully yesterday(21-Jun-2008). The students are from fatherless/motherless/parentless background.Most of the students are from rural area.
All of them enjoyed the program ( see the photographs) . We feel that it helped them a lot.
1. Written test was conducted in the morning ( started by 9.30 -completed by 10.30 ).
2. Around 80 students participated from 9th and 10th std.
3. We announced the results by 1.15 pm.Then the final program was started.
4. six teams were selected ( per team two members- one from 9th another from 10th).
5. Team names are- bharathi,nethaji,bakath singh,vivekanandha,gandhiji and kalam.
First prize- Nethaji team ( wren and martin grammar book+certificates+cups)
second prize- gandhiji- ( files+certificates+cups)
third prize- vivekanandha ( files+certificates+cups)
consolation prizes- books-(You are appointed-the stories behind the inventions- medals- certificates)
6. Quiz was over by 2.45 pm and prize distribution was headed by that home’s secretary.
7. The secretary presented some books to IS members also.

1. Since the home has sufficient fund, IS has spent only the prize distribution amount.
2. I, udhai, Athi,Karthick,prem and siva contributed were present. Two persons from dream India also came there.
3. Mr.Gunasekar ( fresher) from chennai was there to help us.  He will be added as a member soon.
with care,

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