Visit to Govt Remand Home for Girls – Chennai TamilNadu

Date of visit: 25th July 2009


Members visited: Jayasree (From Is) , Hari and some more volunteers from chennai.


Purpose of visit:

  1. To motivate the  students here with by a speech.
  2. To understand their educational requirement.
  3. To gauge the resource utilisation of the library provided by india sudar.
  4. Observations:
  5. The new supernatant is sending the inmates to the corporation school nearby. This is the first time this sort of a step is taken in this school.
  6. The children girls here come from villages and are mostly either social victims or were pushed into some of juvenile activities.
  7. There are students taking up their 10th exams and 9th exams. We gathered some requirements from them for writing pad (as they have to sit down and write exams), geometry box,guides , gel pens etc.
  8. The above requirement has been taken up by hari and team and has been completed successfully. Thanks to them.

 What IS can do.

  1. I gave a speech about self motivation and could sense that many of this children lack that for obvious reasons.
  2. We must conduct some events like a cultural fest and encourage these children to do skit dance etc and give some prizes.
  3. We must also think of conducting a quiz competition here along with some other suitable competition.
  4. In one of previous visit report to the same place i have mentioned about conducting a Art of living sort of course for this children.  We must figure out on “How to?” and act up on it.
  5. Our library here is slowly getting outdated and we must replenish it with some new books. We can design our quiz based on these books to encourage the reading habit.
  6. Our volunteers in chennai must visit this place more often and talk to these children about importance of education.

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[India Sudar] Library project @ Govt Girls Home

Photos are available @

Hi Folks,
A week before last week(on 19th Jul), we finally setup our libray @ Govt Girls Home, Purasaiwalkkam, Chennai. Attached are the project report, Books list & its numbering format explanation document.
The project is funded by TCE_Crescendo(alumnis of TCE – CSE 2003 batch) & Indiasudar.
We(me, Raja Soundar, Hari T, Archana K.L, Sundara kumar, Ilaiyaraja, Pravin & two other friends of Hari) co-ordinated the event. I just took the print out of all the ids of books. And, those ppl worked hard to paste them all according to the excel sheet, ordering & categorizing the books, etc.  Soundar has donated a book-shelf, few of my roommates dontaed some of the books. One of our members, Arun, donated the whole amt for all the 10 chairs.
Heartful thanx to all of them.  Table & library room were given by the home itself.

Another 3 girls from an organization called Bhumi, also came for spending their time with the home children. They taught the children to speak in English in a playful manner. Some of the ideas were more creative. We can have a partnership with them to enhance our career guidance program.

Finally, my friend Sundara kumar(non-member) gave a small lecture to the children abt how to use books, why shud use, etc. The students showed very much enthu to have & read the books. Lets decide on our future libraries based on the comments from these students.
Hari & others… if I missed out anything, pl include them too.
Last but not the least… Thanx to everyone who is supporting our Organisation. 🙂

Athi (B +ve)
India Sudar TN Team
We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.
                                —–Swami Vivekananda.

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