Help for 2 girl students – Banglaore!

Bangalore, Karnataka

Dear Friends

Our IS team in Bangalore visited Mrs.Reeta(& her family), who is a domestic maid with one of our friends.

Members Visited: Udhay, Goki, shiva

We came to know they are struggling to pay fee for their 2 daughters : Yashoda(4th std) , Chitra(LKG).

Reeta works as maid in a couple of households. Her husband SasiKumar has a mobile Ironing stand.So their combined income is less than 2000/-.The rent for the small house(Should I say room!? See photo) is 650/-. Rest they manage for 4 of them.We visited their house also & saw the conditions are not very good.

We will be extending our help for educating both the kids. They study in Sathyanarayana school in Audogodi.
We also got assurance from them that they will not discontinue their children’s studies in between.

School : Sathyanarayana School, Audugudi, Bangalore

Home Address : No. 287 / 3, Koramangala Village, 8th Block, Bangalore – 95

Fee for Yashodha – 2500/-
Fee for Chitra – 1700/-

Both the above fee includes 2 sets of uniforms, shoes, notebooks & textbooks.
This is for academic year 2008-09. But some advance fee will have to be paid by March end.

Photos of our visit (We insist you take a look!)

We thank Lalitha from IBM for bringing this to our notice


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