Visit to Vivekananda School for Underpriveledged – Hyderabad – AP

Hello Team


I am sharing the visit report of Vivekananda public school in Banjara hills.

Date of Visit: 9th August 2009


Members Visited: Rashmi, Jayasree

Purpose of visit:

  1. To visit and identify an organisation that can partner with IS in hyd.
  2. To provide support in terms of note books and fill other functional gaps


Key points observed during the visit:

  1. A 26 yr old organisation started by Mr.Murthy (whom we met) and is been run very successfully.
  2. It is a school for slum children, orphans and for people who cannot afford education by any means.
  3. It is an English medium school and has classes from LKG to 10th with 340 students.
  4. They are 16 paid teachers and on an average they are paid from rs.2000-6000 a month.



  1. This organisation is supported on need basis now and then by some philanthropist and some organisations.
  2. Delloite has contributed one computer lab with 8 computers however there is no ongoing financial support.
  3. The corporate support was not possible so far because they did not have 80G, however they have obtained it this month and we have a copy for proof.
  4. There is no fixed or a complete corporate support by any organisation on a consistent basis.


What can we do?

  1. To begin with we can ask some of volunteers of IS from hyd to visit this place.  
  2. We can provide the notebooks that we have for this academic year with our hyd voluteers. It will be good kick start in AP.


For long term:

  1. The premises is too small and the class rooms are congested with just a small partition between (Ref to pics) (It is a rented space)
  2. The Founder said they had to turn out 200 children because of lack of space to accommodate more children.
  3. The ceiling is asbestos roof and the children find it too hot during summer.
  4. There is no flooring (too rough) done in the first floor.
  5. To pay the teachers is the toughest part and they don’t get any support for this.
  6. There monthly budget is Rs.1,40,000 including food, rent salary and everything , they manage to get 50% funds and they struggle for rest 50%.
  7. They have only one teacher to teach computer one more teacher will help to make this reach all the students.
  8. Uniforms shoes stationeries etc are also to be provided on year-on-year basis.



  1. I think that this organisation is one of most suitable organisation for us to adapt for the following reasons.
  2. It is accessible from office as it is in Banjara hills road no. 2 and local volunteer involvement seems to be possible.(as most of them will be in hitech city)
  3. This is been running from a long time and they shown results by ensuring employment to their students.
  4. The founder is a single man is dedicated towards this noble service.
  5. Though they are receiving some sort of help in terms of food (enough for 220 out of 340) there is a scope for us to do much more.


Contact Details:


Vivekandanda Public School

Plot. 38 Journalists Colony Road no.3 Banjara Hills

Hyderabad – 500034


Phone Number: 040-2335-5996

 For more pics



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