Bangalore/Hope Home/Visit Report

Dear Friends,

1. We(Sivanarayanan.P & Myself) have visited to HOPE HOME, No.2, 5th Cross,Anjinapa Layout, Kothanur, Bangalore – 77 on 15MAR09 and had discussion with S Obed Haokip(9902933690), who running this home.

2. About S Obed Haokip: Basically S Obed Haokip from manipur & settled in banglaore in 90’s. Initially he was working in Church and realized lot of kids at manipur not able to continuo there education because of local terrorist activity and economical reason. So initially he brought near 25 kids from Manipur & put it in different homes in bangalore. This was really helped for these kids but issue will be, They needs to stay in different homes and they are using different food, etc.So this was one of the biggest challenges to adopt different language and food. (Even nearly 20 kids was sent to our Kadesh Childrens Happy Home)

3. About Hope Home: Haokip initially started this home with three kids & now reached 30 kids in his home. Ultimately he converted his HOUSE as “Hope Home”, Haokip family and 30 students staying together in this Home/House.

4. Education: 25 kids from this home going to Parikrma School, So absolutely free education for this 25 students & remaining 5 students going to nearby school. So there is not much education requirement for this home, because of free education, uniform, book, note, etc will come from Parikrma itself.

5. Requirement for this home:

5.1. Home needs small library

5.2. Home needs 2 – 3 computers. (You can donate any of your used/working computers)

6. Education project at Manipur: We have discussed with Haokip to start India Sudar education project at manipur, He also really interested/plan to start one schools at manipur. We explained our Individual Education project to identifiyed any dropout students from manipur to start initial activity. Any way this will be decided based on initial requirement and visit.

Udhaya Kumar.V

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Visit to Dena Seva Sangha boys home.

Bangalore, KA.

Dear All

During this weekend, 31st May, visited to Dena Seva Sangha boys home with Udhay & Reshma Kurup.

We visited Dena Seva Sangha in Seshadripuram. The trust by itself is as old as 130. Said to have been inaugrated by Mahatma Gandhiji himself. They have a boys home t Rasildar street, Seshadripuram.

The boys home every year takes 65 students (95% school , 5% college) from rural underpreviliged background. Foos, Shleter, education is provided free of cost. For example 7 students last year were from Raichur, bidar. Due to funding constraints they restrict themsleves to 65 only.

The food, educational material are all run only on donors. The trust has a free school which caters to poor children in Seshadripuram area. The boys who saty in Dena seva home also study here. The school is govt aided, in the sense that only teacher salary is given. No other facilities.

The home also has 3 students in college  – one doing MCA, other bcom(evening college – works in Mc.Donalds), Diploma in Chemical eng.. Students are allowed to continue beyong PUC only on merit.

Home warden Mr.Mallikarjun was an old student of Dena Seva sangha. Worked in NGEF, after that closed came back here. Is doing great service remaining a bacholer.

Main requirements :
1.English tutor
2.Maths Tutor
3.Fee for MCA student.

Once the children return from vacation, we plan a re-visit. Then we can decide on the requirements.

Thanks to Reshma Kurup for letting us know the place. she has been working with them for 10 months now.

Dena Seva Sangha
22, Rasildar Street,
Seshadripuram , bangalore
Mallikarjuna cell : 984535503 

Siva narayanan P, IS KA Team.

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