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Last week I had been to Hubli and visited AWWA.

Below are my inputs:

AWWA (Affus Womens Welfare Association) which is supported and funded by
Islamic Releif Fund UK.


– Got estabished in the year 1999 and are having 20 volunteers.
– Currently running in Andrapradesh also in Anantpur and Hyd.
– Aim is to generate self employment for womens, orphans.
– Currently running 74 self emp programs for womens.
– Kids till the age of 18yrs are getting Rs 1400 per month from Islamic
Releif UK. Currently there are around 20 – 25 kids who are undergoing
various self employement programs. The materials are kept in exhibition for
sale, which is a add on fund.
– As per Farida Madam, there is no caste discrinmination and all caste ppl
are welcome.
– Back ground check is done before starting the any course.
– Currently running the classes in two places. One is at there home and
another rented place near station.
– She is support by her Husband Mr. Ayub Khan, who is a free lancer
journlist in Hyd.

Help Need:

Farida Madam wanted to start a Residential School for poor, underprivliged,
slum kids. She is approaching slum ppl, single parents, oprhans and drops
out to continue there education. For the same she wanted to start a school.
Initially, she wanted to start a pre-nursery and nursery and later on to
expand for lower and higher education. She would do the back ground check
done prior to admission of the kids.

Initially she needed a support for deploying 2 teacher(Rs 2000 each/month),
1 Aaya(Rs 800 – Rs 1000/month), Rent for the school building(need to check)
and Stationary support. She will identify the teacher and aaya.

I could not check
– Weather she is having approval to start the school.
– Her future expansion ideas in surrounding villages.
– Volunteers details.
– Rent details and other obligations.

Please let me know about your inputs …. we can have a conf. call with
Farida Madam for more information.

We will discuss amoung ourself first and then we can publish the complete
mail to india sudar.

Attached are photos and brief document about AWWA.

The place which visited I could see there are lot of slum areas which are
not at all developed and really the condition is bad and so do the
condition in North Karnataka. While I was travelling from Gokak to Hubli
there are lot of villages where there is no signs of education. In the
whole 120 KMs I crossed around 30 – 40 small small road side villages and
hardly I could find 2 – 3 schools and that to in very poor condition.
Forget about the small villages, in the city like Hubli-Dharwad does not
have proper infra to promote education. Lets discuss this in our meetings
and need to prepare a roadmap to reach north karnataka districts.

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