Request for support: Stationery to kids – St.John school, Pondicherry

Dear All,

India Sudar was providing stationery to St.John school , Pondicherry in the past. Past few years, we did not support due to other primary requirement.

Now once again the school is requesting us to support.


No of students: 80
Classes: LKG to 5th std
Students’ parents are daily wages and few of them do not have parent. School does not charge any fee for education.

Major requirements are:

4 lines note books
2 lines note books
Ruled and checked Note books
Crayons etc

The items are for 80 students .

India sudar looks for your kind support for the amount of Rs.15,000..

Since we do not have sufficient fund, we consider fulfilling the need based on your donation (partially/fully)

Thank You


Academic assessment-Muthu Devika-B.Sc(CS)-1st Year-1st Sem

Dear All,

Here I am submitting academic assessment of the student R.Muthu Devika who’s being supported by India Sudar.

Institution KG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
Family Background Parents No More. Under relatives care. Having one younger brother studying 9th std in Govt Hr Sec School, Vellaikinaru, Coimbatore Dt.
Semester No. 1
Subject-wise mark Marks Results
Tamil 68 Pass
English 49 Pass
Maths 59 Pass
C Language 57 Pass
C Lab 65 Pass
DFA 57 Pass
FC 42 (42/50) Pass
Percentage 61%

Once again thanks to members for their continuous support.

Thanks & Regards

S Muthu kavin

GHSS Velliyankadu, Coimbatore-10th Results-100%

Dear All,

India sudar has been supporting Govt. Hr Sec school , Velliyankadu, Coimbatore Dt since 2010.

Now the school has secured 100% results in 10th std.

No of students appeared: 110

First Mark: 481/500

Second Mark: 464/500

Third Mark: 463/500

Totally 17 students scored above 400 marks.

Congratulations to the school teachers and students for the team work and consistent performance.

India sudar is supporting Library, Library magazines and teacher deployment project for this school.

Thanks to all members for your continuous support!

Thanks & Regards

S Muthu kavin

GHSS Velliyankadu, Coimbatore- Plus Two Results- 100%

Dear All,

India sudar has been supporting Govt. Hr Sec school , Velliyankadu, Coimbatore Dt since 2010.

Now the school has secured 100% results in plus two.

No of students appeared: 38

First Mark: 1050/1200

Ten students scored above 950 marks.

Congratulations to the school teachers and students for the team work and consistent performance.

India sudar is supporting Library , Library magazines and teacher deployment project for this school.

Let us keep supporting !

Thanks to members for your continuous contribution!

100% results in plus Two- Govt Hr Sec school, Renganathampettai, Karur Dt,TN

Dear All,

India Sudar and our partner organisations Dream India and Helping Minds have been supporting Govt. Hr.Sec School, Renganathampettai, Karur Dt since 2008..

Every year, this is the one and only govt. school from Karur Dt to secure 100% results in higher secondary.

The school has achieved 100% results this year too.

No of students : 48
First Mark: 1066/1200
Second Mark: 1026/1200

Congratulations to the teachers and students !

Special Thanks to teachers for the team work and contributing after school hours even on Sundays.

India Sudar and Dream India have deployed a teacher to handle computer science subjects.

No of students appeared: 38
No of students qualified: 38

First mark in the subject: 180/200.

Our teacher deployment project is one the major reasons for 100% results every year.

Helping Minds Trust provided necessary support for the better infrastructure : Library, Water tank, water purifier etc..

Thanks to one and all for the continuous support!

There is nothing too difficult to (be attained by) those who, before they act, reflect well themselves, and thoroughly consider (the matter) with chosen friends.

தெரிந்த இனத்தொடு தேர்ந்தெண்ணிச் செய்வார்க்கு
அரும்பொருள் யாதொன்றும் இல்.

தெளிந்து தேர்ந்த நண்பர்களுடன், சேர்ந்து, ஆற்ற வேண்டிய செயலை ஆராய்ந்து, தாமும் நன்கு சிந்தித்துச் செய்தால் ஆகாதது ஒன்றுமில்லை…

– Thirukural

India Sudar – KA | Govt. Girls School Visit, Devanahalli, Bangalore Rural

Dear friends,

On 6th May me and Balamanaikandan K visited Govt Girls School in Devanahalli. Below are the observation and requirements for the school

1. 1 to 5 Kannada medium
2. 6th std onwards English and Kannada medium
3. Section wise teacher’s are not there. Teachers merge the class and manage the subject classes.
4. Total staff: 8 Teachers which includes HM-1, PT-1, 6 Subject teachers
5. Library books are there. Computer room is there and computer (15 nos) are approved.
6. AV room is there with projector.
7. School conducts 1 cultural program once a year.
8. Total school strength is 220 Students.

9. Additionally we told that we would be conducting 2 – 3 work shops on the Life Skills and Value education. For which HM acknowledged and welcomed.


1. A teacher to take care of Library and Computer lab including Audio Video session

2. A dedicated teacher to teach English for primary section.


India Sudar needs your kind support to fulfill the needs.

IS-KA Team.

India Sudar School Magazine Subscription for Educational year 2018-2019

Dear All,

Greetings from India Sudar.

With your great support we have successfully implemented “School Magazine Subscriptions” for our onsite schools in last academic year and found overwhelmed co-operation/response from the school students and teachers.

All these magazines are reaching the respective schools directly and students are utilizing these magazines to study and make them self aware about the current affairs and general knowledge, even in some schools teachers are utilizing these magazines to teach lessons. Moreover we have conducted general knowledge quiz programs in all these schools and distributed prize to winners. This will motivate students to use school library effectively..

Since the library and subscribed magazines are utilized properly we are extending our support for all these schools in the upcoming academic year 2018-2019 also. In this regard, we are inviting your support in this wonderful action.. You can contribute for one school or even partially is also welcome, "Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean".

Total fund requirement: Rs.31860 ( i.e. Rs.3186 x 10 Schools)

List of magazines for 2018-2019

1. Chutti Vikatan (Tamil) – One subscription

2. Gokulam (Tamil) – One subscription

3. Gokulam (English) – One subscription

4. Magic pot (English)- Two subscriptions

5. Highlights Genies (English) – One subscription

6. Thulir (Tamil-science magazine) – Two subscriptions

7. Puthiyathalaimurai Kalvi (Kalvi alone-career guidance) – One subscription

8. Namadhu nambikkai (Tamil-self confidence) – One subscription

9. Pothu Arivu Ulagam (GK, current affairs for competitive exams) – One subscription

Kindly find the attached image in this regard. Thanks for your continuous support.

Look forward to hear from you.

“When I got my library card, that’s when my life began.”

–Rita Mae Brown

Thanks & Regards

S Muthu kavin

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