visited Siragu Montessori school

Chennai, TN.
Hi Folks,

Last week we, myself Athi(91) and Srinivasan(not our member) visited Siragu Montessori school running by Suyam Charitable Trust. We went there just after the teachers left. So, we were able to talk only to PET staff and Computer faculty.

They(Suyam grp) are running the school perfectly. At present, its upto 6th std only. They started with only upto 5th std. Once the final batch finished their classes, they started 6th. And, they sed this process will be continued in the future also. Uma(Trustee of Suyam) is trying to get govt approval for 10th std. And, they are preparing their own sylabus and so, they don’t look like our normal lessons, but innovative. For every quarter they distributed a bound book which consists of that sessions’ all lessons. And, the books are revised every year. They, not only takes reference from other books, but also refer Internet. So, most of the things are up-to-date in the book.

They setup a computer centre by their own, few months ago. It may even help us to get an to implement our idea of Digital learning centre. ‘coz they hav lotta DVDs, classified for different age of students, right 4m Thenaliraman stories to Space and atoms, etc. They sed the performance of the students is improving constantly.

Apart 4m hostel students, some other village students are also studying in the school, with free-of-cost. They recently participated in an inter-school competition and won the first prize in some of the events. Few students even showcased their acting in-front of us. 😉

It gave us immense pleasure to know that our grp’s effort also helps them. (we are paying the monthly fee for Tamil staff)

I took some fotos and yet to upload them. Will post the link, once I hav done with tat.

Athi (B +ve)

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Visit: Computer Training Center, Melappedu Village & SIRAGU Montessori

From: India Sudar [save this address]
To: [save address]
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2006 17:40:17 +0530
Subject: [India Sudar] Visit: Computer Training Center, Melappedu Village & SIRAGU Montessori

Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

1.1 Today(03-Sep-06), I have visited to our India Sudar Computer
Training Center(Melappedu), Melappedu Village, Amman Koil Street, (VIA
Avadi IAF), Chennai – 600 055, TN and had discussion with Mr.Jagan.

1.2 Our two teachers providing computer training for Melappedu students
and this center is very useful for this poor village students.

1.3 We did complete OS and Software installation for 2 systems, because
of OS Corrupt. We need to pay Rs.300 to N.PORSELVAN for this service.

2.1 Today(03-Sep-06), I have visited to SIRAGU Montessori School,
2/292 Thiruvallur Street, Palavedupettai, Via IAF Avadi, Chennai 600
055, TN and had discussion with Mr.Muthuram

2.2 Currently we have deployed TWO teachers for this school to provide
continues training.

2.3 Muthuram asked some of the education requirement for this school,
Just I am listing for your reference.

* Maths learning kit specially designed for 3rd Std to 8th Std students
* Education Stationary like Pen, Pencils, etc
* Papers to prepare in house books based on their requirement.
* Computer Monitor for existing 2 CPU
* Printer for Books preparation
* Books for Tsunami Education Relief Work

Yes of course we can select the work based on Importance and our fund availability only !!!

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Visit: Siragu Montessori School

Siragu Montessori School (SUYAM CHARITABLE TRUST)

Note: I am sharing India Sudar Trust Internal mail.

Hi Guys,

I have visited to Siragu Montessori School on 05/Mar/2005 at Avadi. I had discussion with Uma(Trustee) & Jagan(Trustee) in education perspective. I spend just 5 Hrs & Took lunch there itself.

I got very good input from Uma & Jagan, They are expecting more help in education perspective. We can’t change every thing there, But, we can do what we can. We need to think about our financial position also & Find the way to increase Fund.

1. Near this School, They have some 15 Villages. Those village students studying in Government Schools & Colleges. Better we can setup One Computer Training Center to provide Computer education for Village Students only. May be we can start with 3 to 5 Computers initially.

2. Siragu Montessori School required MATHS learning Kits , it’s cost of Rs.28,000.00
We can think about this 2 Work. Hope this is very Simple way to achieve our Goal.

Visit Participants:

1 .Udhaya Kumar.V
57.Ravi Kumar.G

Udhaya Kumar.V
Managing Trustee

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