Visit Report-GHSS,Velliyangadu,Coimbatore Dt

Date: 21-6-2009

Place: Government Hr.Sec School, Velliyangadu, Coimbatore Dt.

IS Members: S.Veerakumar & Balamanikandan.K

Location: it is located 50 Kms away from Coimbatore city. It is surrounded by Nilgris hills.

Highlights’ of the school:

  1. School has a strong Parent Teachers Association, team of best teachers and THE BEST HEADMASTER.
  2. School has very good infrastructure. This is because of the continuous efforts taken by the HM and PTA .They utilized all the government fund and opportunities.
  3. School strength: 699              Boys: 374 Girls: 325 (125 students from ST community).
  4. Special coaching classes in quarterly, half yearly vacations and evening tuitions are being conducted. Counseling session with the students and teachers improves this school’s performance. Personality development camps are also conducted.
Year +2 SSLC
2009 95 92
2008 98 94
2007 100 96
2006 78 94

(With more no of ST and Village students, they secured the best results. Coimbatore Dt has lot of private schools. Only underprivileged students and students without any family support are studying in Government schools. 95 % result is the highest pass percentage among the government schools in Coimbatore Dt)

  1. Tamilnadu higher officials visited this school to know the system and approach followed in this school.
  2. News about this school has come in INDIA TODAY (please see the attached file).
  3. School HM collects money from the well wishers and makes arrangements to provide morning food to the students staying in the nearby BC hostel.
  4. They not only try for 100% result but also they take care of the student’s higher education while leaving the school after +2. They collect fund from nearby donors and NGO for each student to support their education needs.

In simple words, if you ask any teacher working in any school in Coimbatore Dt, he/she can explain about GHSS, Velliyangadu and the school HM Mr.R.Palanisamy.

What they need?

  1. They need partial financial support for five students for their undergraduate programs. We collected the data after the field visit and verification. (I will send the requirement in next mail).
  2. They are in need of teaching faculties. Already PTA is taking care of two teachers. Since the school is located far away from the city, 3 teachers got transfer from this school recently. If we deploy a teacher to take classes for 6th or 7th std, they will use the government faculty for +2. They are ready to implement our Library project also.
  3. They need 40 sitting stools for the students (in laboratory).Cost for this is 15,000 Rs.

4.   They need a career guidance camp for the benefit of the schools located in this village.

Photos and the school particulars are available in the following URL:


Dear All,

I have visited Govt Primary School (Welfare School) at Vallam Village, Sembanarkoil Union, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu. This village is 2 km from Sembanarkoil, near Mayiladuthurai. Agriculture is the main biz and all the students from very poor economic background.

This school was referred by the teachers from Govt School, Mathur. India Sudar had deployed a teacher at Marthur school along with two sets of school Uniforms to 21 poor students last year for this Marthu School.

Here are the details about Govt Primary School, Vallam Village, Nagapattinam Dist

The School head master Mr. S. Amirtharajan is from the same village (vallam), but settled in different place now. He wants to improve the school infrastucture and education for all the students.

1. Name of the School : Govt Primary School (Welfare School)
2. Classes : 1 to 5th Standard
3. Students : 97 students (43 boys and 54 girls)
4. Teacher’s available : Head Master and Assistant Head Master ( Only 2 teachers)
5. Govt provides 2 sets of School uniform every year
6. Midday meal is available at this school

There are 2 very old buildings with 2 class rooms (about 30 years old building) and it is in very bad shape now. Head master approached govt and finally got sanctioned for a building with 2 class rooms through SSA. SSA funded to construct a building with 2 class rooms and the construction is in progress now.

Headmaster told me that construction would be completed by end of Jan 2009 and they would shift to new building. They need to divide those 2 classrooms into 5 class rooms to have 5 class rooms. However they are ready to manage with those 2 classrooms rather than continuing with that old building.

Major requirements
1. ONE or TWO teachers deployment :  They are managing with 1 Headmaster and 1 assistant head master to manage all the 5 classes. If one of them goes on leave, it has very difficult to manage the school. School headmaster informed the same to education department and officers many time.

2. Storage lockers : They need a storage locker to keep all the school records and other important documents

3. Sports Material : They don’t have any sports material. It is lowest priority as of now.

4. Govt provides note books, but those are not sufficient for all the students. However they need this support during next academic year.


6. MAPS and other charts to teach students. They don’t have kind of stuff with them now.

Further Plan and Financial Support required

(1)I identified a girl from near by village and she completed B.Ed. She is ready to work in that school as full time teacher. She is ready to work for any salary between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 per month. India Sudar can decide the salary based on the sponsor support for this project.

If someone supports and sponsor, we can start this project from tomorrow and continue till April 2009. And then, we can extend for next academic year from June 2009 onwards.
If we deploy 1 teacher, 30 to 40 students would be benefited and all the students can get better education,even if 1 of the teacher is absent on any day.

(2) Steel Storage lockers would cost around Rs.8000 to Rs.10000.

(3) We can buy few sports materials like balls and skipping ropes. All would cost around Rs. 500 to Rs.1000

(4) Maps and other charts would cost around Rs. 500 to Rs. 800.


Please see the photo at the below link at India Sudar Website


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