Exnora Digital literacy program started in India Sudar Computer Training Center at Melapedu


“Exnora Digital literacy program started in India Sudar Computer Training Center at Melapedu, Chennai on 21-nov-2009. The training programs are conducting with our partner organization Exnora Digital literacy Team. Arumugam and Shankar from Digital Exnora team was launched the first training program and gave the small presentation about the program to the students. The main aim of the program is to train the students in the basic computers without any teacher. We are going to give the voice based training for the students. The entire training program will be given in Tamil language. Other than our India Sudar regular course we are going to use Exnora Digital Literacry CD based training course for our students. It means we are still running our course as main program in all our Tamil Nadu Center, we are going to use this CD based program as Add on for our centers. Its won’t be a main program

The Entire Training program will cover the following topics

1.       MS Word

2.       MS Excel

3.       MS Power Point

4.       Basics of Computer

5.       Internet & Email

6.       Windows

The following India Sudar member attended for the program.

India Sudar Member:

1.       Udaya Kumar

2.       Sargunan

3.       Karthikeyan

Photos : http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/ExnoraDigitalLiteracyTrainingIntroducedInIndiaSudarComputerTrainingCenterAtMelapedu

Thanks a lot for all our support.

Karthikeyan M

Donated Computer Added in our Existing Computer Center

Dear Friends, Our partner organization THOZHAN Charitable Trust,GN Ramkumar donated one computer with following configuration.

Processor  : P4 Intel pentium

Hard Disc  : 80 GB

Mother board: Intel Board

Ram        : 256 MB DDR2

CD-ROM      : DVD-R/W

Key Board  : Samsung(Normal Key board)

Mouse      : Samsung(optical Mouse)


This computer was moved and setup in our India Sudar Computer Training Center(Melappedu),IYARKAI, Thiruveedhi Amman kovil st, melappedu, Chennai-600 055 on 08MAR09.

Udhaya Kumar,V

[India Sudar] Melapeddu Computer Centre Function



Dear Friends

Myself, Sarguna & Gopi visited our Melapedu village computer centre for course completion/certificate award distribution to 30 students. All of them have recieved free computer education from our India Sudar computer centre established in that village in 2006. Though we have been running for 2 years now, this year we decided to award certificates to those students who completed the course with us.

The function as usual was a very memorable one. The enthusiam of the students left us spell bound. They greeted us with wonderful dance performances. 

The staff is a differently abled person Mr.Devaraj who is also very enthusiastic. He has requested us for a specially designed cycle to enable more easier transport for him. 

We were also pleasently surprised to see our partner group “Young Helping Minds” also participate in the function. They had independently conducted some compettition the previoud week & were distributing prizes for the school children. Happy about partners working in the right place !!

Please see the photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/MellapeduComputerCentreFunction

We also met up with Murugan of NDSO who have created computer program for quiz & online learning. We will evaluate this and deploy it if we find it useful.

Our thanks to Jagan who has been key actor behind the operation of our centre there. 

Our sincere gratitude to all our members have made this possible !!

All your SUPPORT has been VERY vital for us !



Visit: Computer Training Center, Melappedu Village & SIRAGU Montessori

From: India Sudar [save this address]
To: indiasudar@yahoogroups.com [save address]
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2006 17:40:17 +0530
Subject: [India Sudar] Visit: Computer Training Center, Melappedu Village & SIRAGU Montessori

Chennai, TN.

Dear Friends,

1.1 Today(03-Sep-06), I have visited to our India Sudar Computer
Training Center(Melappedu), Melappedu Village, Amman Koil Street, (VIA
Avadi IAF), Chennai – 600 055, TN and had discussion with Mr.Jagan.

1.2 Our two teachers providing computer training for Melappedu students
and this center is very useful for this poor village students.

1.3 We did complete OS and Software installation for 2 systems, because
of OS Corrupt. We need to pay Rs.300 to N.PORSELVAN for this service.

2.1 Today(03-Sep-06), I have visited to SIRAGU Montessori School,
2/292 Thiruvallur Street, Palavedupettai, Via IAF Avadi, Chennai 600
055, TN and had discussion with Mr.Muthuram

2.2 Currently we have deployed TWO teachers for this school to provide
continues training.

2.3 Muthuram asked some of the education requirement for this school,
Just I am listing for your reference.

* Maths learning kit specially designed for 3rd Std to 8th Std students
* Education Stationary like Pen, Pencils, etc
* Papers to prepare in house books based on their requirement.
* Computer Monitor for existing 2 CPU
* Printer for Books preparation
* Books for Tsunami Education Relief Work

Yes of course we can select the work based on Importance and our fund availability only !!!

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

India Sudar Computer Training Center (Melappedu Village) – Visit

Chennai, TN.

From: India Sudar

To : indiasudar@yahoogroups.com

Subject : India Sudar Computer Training Center (Melappedu Village) – Visit

Dear Friends,

Today(23/Jul/2006) I have visited to India Sudar Computer Training
Center (Melappedu village) to monitor and organize our ongoing batches.
I had the discussion with our faculties, Students and Mr.JAGAN for our
work. This center really useful to Melappedu village students. Still we
are planning to extend this service to neighbor villages also.

From Jul/2006, we are handing over this center to SPACE Charitable
Trust to provide Security, pay EB Bill and to select poor students from
village. yes of course this is our center and we are the owner for this

Your small donation making very big impact in poor students life !!!
Thanks for your support.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

New Life and Melapedu visits

From: Sargunan [save this address]

To: indiasudar@yahoogroups.com [save address]
Cc: india sudar [save address]
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 07:34:37 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: New Life and Melapedu visits

Hi, 03-07-2006

Last Saturday(1/jul/2006) I have spend some time with New Life Home,Eraiyur village.
Actually the India Sudar computer training class was started 2 months back. Within 2 months home students learned lot of things. This center was very useful for them. They are utiized Very good. I have mingle with home students on Saturday . if anybody visit this
Home you can see very much improvement from home students.
Especially I appricate vijayakanth amd jeevanandham(both are home students).
I can say “This is big achievement of the India Sudar”.

Similarly last month(11/Jun/2006) I have visited melapedu village also .


Started Computer Classes at Melappadu

TN, Chennai.

We have visited to India Sudar Computer Training Center, Melappedu Village, Amman Koil Street, (VIA Avadi IAF), Chennai – 600 055 on 16/Apr/2006 to stream line the Center process based on the Village requirement.

We have discussed with Mr.Jagan (Center Head) about Mellapedu and neighbor villages Computer education needs.

We have given very small presentation to Mellapedu students about Computer Education Needs, About IT Industries, about India Sudar Courses, Batch Timings, etc

Students also very much interested in the center and they have given self introduction about there school, class, computer knowledge, etc

We had a discussion with center facultie. We have identified (Through Mr.Jagan) 3 faculty for this center from Melappedu village itself. They will train the students based on India Sudar Syllabus. Three faculties doing this job for free of cost based on there personal interest.

We took some photos from this Center. You can able to see those photos from India Sudar photo gallery http://indiasudar.blogspot.com

Visit Participants:
1 .Udhaya Kumar.V
4 .Sargunan.T

Udhaya Kumar.V
Managing Trustee

India Sudar computer center at Melappedu

Dear Friends,

We have succesfully started the second computer centerat Melappedu village near Avadi. Please find below theinfrastructure provided by our trust:

Machine 1:
Dell PC:Pentium PIII 450Mhz,128 MB RAM,20GB HDD,LG 15″ Colour Monitor 15″CD-ROM Drive,1.44″ FDD100Mbs Ethernet,Samsung keyboard,Samsung mouse
Assembled PCs:

Machine 2:
Intel Celeron 600 Mhz,128MB RAM,20GB HDD,Colour Monitor,CD-ROM drive,1.44″ FDD,100Mbs Ethernet,Keyboard,Mouse

Machine 3:
Intel Pentium II 450 Mhz,128MB RAM,20 GB HDD,Colour monitor1.44″ FDD100Mbs Ethernet,TVS Champ Keyboard,Mouse

8 port HubNetwork cables
Others: Computer table with capabity of 5 computers

I would like to say my sincere thanks to Mr. Athi and Mr. Senthil members of our trust for helping totransit and setting up the computers in Melappedu on09/04/2006(Sunday).
This computer center is functioning from today(12/04/2006)onwards. The beneficiary will be the poorstudents who have completed the 10th and 12th standardof Melappedu village. This center will be taken careby Mr. Jagan who is the trustee of Suyam CharitableTrust. We will update you the status periodically.

We thank you all for the kind co-operation to make ithappen.

Project Report: http://www.indiasudar.org/projects/project_report_5.2_2006_07.htm

With warm regards,
Suresh R.
Trustee, India Sudar Educational & Charitable Trust,

Our Sincere thanks to following members for this work:

6 . Suresh R
139. Prabu.M
32 . Manigandan
91 .Athitha Nadarajan.S
144.Senthil Kumar.B
1 .Udhaya Kumar.V
4 .Sargunan.T

Udhaya Kumar.V
Managing Trustee

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