Activity report for Royapuram Home !!

Dear Friends

Our recent projects being undertaken at Royapuram Home,Chennai has been expanding with help of great minded people from Art Of Living(A.O.L)To give you all a brief history, besides deploying a teacher at the School in the Royapuram home, we also were discussing the idea of giving the children some life skill training.

Mr.Zakir from A.O.L cheanni visited the home along with me & Udhay.
Last week they visited the home & delivered the first 5 day training to the 45 children(Age12-17). This is a great piece of dedicated work done by A.O.L to those children. We will continue to work together in future at many places as we can.

Intially When I discussed with one of our well wishers, Mr.Venkatesan(Hyderabad), he directed is to A.O.L chennai.  With help of Mr.Ganeshji, Mr.Vikram I was able to firm up things. Ofcourse Mr.Zakir readily agreed to visit & now HE HAS DELIVERED WHAT THEY PROMISED.

India sudar thanks all of those involved heartily & invite them ao tall our future missions to work together in complimentry ways !!

Jai hind !


Visit to Royapuram Boy’s home.

Chennai, TN

Dear Friends

Last Thursday,9/11/2007, myself & Udhay Kumar visited Royapuram Boy’s Home. Main reason was to introduce the place to Art of living Voluteer, Mr.Zaheer Hussain.

During the previous visits we came to know that, only half of the boys visit the home school. Others are being retained in the Reception area only & they are not allowed schooling. So we had planned for some informal social skill building for them first before we go in for any formal education for them. Because they just stay in a hall & watch TV the whole day.

So through our friends network we had sought Art of living’s help. They readily agreed to help them with their specially designed programme for desolated & Juvinille children. Zaheer took the details & would further take it up with their own organisation. Hopefully this should bring in some kind of life training for those kids.

Updates from Superintend of the Boy’s Home  – Mr.Sivaraman:

– The board has been thinking of shifting the boys to another Unit in Mylapore area. Then they would re-moedl the whole of Royapuram to suite the boys correctly. Especially creaing more space instead of just a hall .

– Drawing master Mr.jagadidh showed the science models built by children with his help. they were pretty good !!!

– I also took up some issues with Mrs.Vidhya raman, who is in the board of management. She said we may have to wait as there are going to be some changes. Then she would seek our assistance for educational assitance.

Our thanks to Mr.Zaheer Hussain for visiting the home & Mrs. Vidhya for giving more inputs about the home(I met her the next day in her office)


visited to Govt Children Home for Boys(Home for Destitute Children), Royapuram, Chennai.

29-Sep-2007, Chennai.
Dear Friends,

On 29-Sep-2007, I have visited to Govt Children Home for Boys(Home for Destitute Children), Royapuram, Chennai to meet(interview) Teacher. I had the discussion with Mr.R.SIVARAMAN(Superdent) in education perspective.

I had the discussion with Teacher, She is ready to take evening classes in this school for 5th and 6th classess. She is already working in Thiruveriur School & her qualification is B.A, B.Ed.,  Already we commited to deploy one teacher for this School based on our last visit & programs. So we are starting Evening classes in this school from 03-Oct-2007. Teacher is expecting Rs.1,500 for monthly salary.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Visited report Govt Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai, TN

Govt Children Home for Boys,
Royapuram, Chennai, TN
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On 11-Aug-2007, We(Hari.T, Suresh.R, C.Senthil Kumar, Udhaya Kumar,V) visited to Home for Destitute Children(Govt Children Home for Boys), Royapuram, Chennai.
Who maintaining this Home ?

State government maintaining this home, In Tamil nadu we have 8 homes in different district. Every state in India having this type of home for Destitute Children and its based on the state government interest/influence.

How or Which Children coming to this Home ?

In city police, separate department works to catch any children rooming in bus stands, railway station and signals without parents. Same as any begging children and child labours, etc. First this police man try to get the information about there parents and try to handover to parents itself, if they are not able to find out, they will send this children to this Home. These kids not involved in any criminal activities.

  • Runaway and Missing children
  • Begging children
  • Child labour
  • Surrendered by parents
  • NGO handover children

How this Home Works ?

Reception: its hall and completely closed, children can’t come out from this place, this hall having one TV, some sports item, toilet, etc. They need to take the food inside itself. We can see one security in side they will monitory. They have two receptions, one for below age of 13, second one for above age of 13.

dsc00107.jpg dsc00108.jpgdsc00105.jpg

If police man catch any children, first they will put it in this Reception only. After that they will try to find out there parents or native place or native state, etc. If they can able to find out the native state, they they will send this kids to the corresponding state Children Home, it’s woks based on mother language. We met the children’s from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bombay, Orisa, Behar and more north India(unknown state)

Why this home is having School ?

If they are not able to identify there parents or native place, they will put that children in this school for regular education.

Total number of students in School and Reception (Always change)
School – 95
Reception – 141 (TN – 47, Other state – 82)

How we can help ? What is there need ?

1. In school, they have only 4 teachers. One of the teachers was retired. Government not deployed any teacher for this posting. So we can file.

2. This school students asking several education materials, we can provide.

3. In Reception, we can deploy teacher to provide non-formal education, it may be anything, because this children in this room for more the 3 months. Just they will watch TV and sleep. Some time they will play inside games.

4. We can provide some indoor games material for this students.

5. Any way already we are planning to contact cultural program only for School students.
Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

A Visit to Abandoned, Runaway & Exploited Children Boys Home @ Chennai

Chennai, TN.
Dear All,

Last Week, i had visited the Government Children Home for Boys @ Chennai, an organization for abandoned, runaway and exploited children of more than 210 students and met their Superitendent Mr. S. Thansekara Pandian.

Following is the details of that organizaiton:
Government Children Home for Boys,
Mannarsami Koil Street, Royapuram, Chennai – 600 013, Phone: 25951450
About Government Children Home for Boys, Royapuram, Chennai.

Children who are
Runaway and missing children
Abandoned by parents
Surrendered by parents
Child labour

Exploited and abused children end up in Juvenile Homes (called Children’s homes) in the State of Tamil Nadir.
The children are detained and are brought before the Govt. Reception Unit at Royapuram, which is the center for the children in need of care and protection in Chennai District.

Each child’s case is registered and is investigated by the Probation Officers. Until the case is over, the child stays in the Reception Unit for shelter. The Govt. provides for the basic needs of the child such as food, clothing and shelter. There are separate dormitories for boys and girls. The number of children ranges from 125 to 150 children at any moment in time. These children are brought before the Juvenile Welfare Board (now re-constituted as the Child Welfare Committee under the new Act), which decides the future rehabilitation of the child.
Children who have no other option of family care are placed in the Govt Boys Home or the Govt Girls Home by the Board. At these Homes there is a residential school and the children stay here till they are 18 years of age.
At present their needs are Kitchen Vessels, Water Pots, Stationaries, Notes, etc.

Based upon our approval to support their needs, i will get their needs in detailed.

Thanks & Regards,

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