Meeting with Mr.Nirmal – Chief founder of EXNORA and Co-Founder of 5thpillar

Saturday, 07/Apr/2007
Chennai, TN.

We(Sargun, Athi & Udhaya) had meeting with Mr.M.B.Nirmal on 07/Apr/2007 at 8.00 AM. He is Chief founder of EXNORA and Co-Founder of 5thpillar. His profession is Social Worker, Contacting Programs like Motivation, Seventh sense, etc, Writer(Author for 18 books). He is 64 years old and very simple person, but still actively participating in sever activity and allocating time for every body/things.

EXNORA mostly working for environmental service in city and villages. Currently exnora having 75 divisions across the state. EXNORA adapting the villages and provide the basic environmental facility throw EXNORA Club.

We visited to 5th Pillar office with Mr.Nirmal & discussed about 5Th pillar activity. This organization working to eliminate corruption at all levels of our society.

Currently we don’t have any plan, how we can work together to EXNORA in Education perspective. This visit really help full to understand EXNORA activities.

Nirmal’s eMail:

Udhaya Kumar,V

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