Help Needed for Education of an Blind Orphan Student

From: T Hari

Dear All,
I have come to know that a visually challenged person (Blind) economically backward student named Mr. Robert White, who finished his graduation at Loyola College , Chennai and got selected for doing B.Ed., (English) at the same college. Owing to his disability and financial situation the college has given a concession of Rs.20,000/- and admit in the college and asked him to pay the balance Rs.40,000/- (Forty Thousand Only) within this month, which is an big amount for him to pay, since he was no relatives and close friends to support his education.
On hearing this last week, I along with India Sudar Member Jeyaseeralan went to Loyola College and met the student Mr. Robert White and spoke to him and found that he is an Orphan from Pudukottai District and very much interested in the studies.
I had attached the following in the pdf format with this mail:
1) Bonafide Letter given to student from Loyola College , Chennai
2) Identification Card given to student.
3) Requisition letter from the student
Below is the details about him and his fees:
Student Name
D. Robert White
Course Name
B.Ed., (English)
College Name
Loyola College, Chennai.
Year of Admission
2007 – 2008
Total Fees
Fees Concession given by College
Fees Paid by him so far
Rs. 7,900/-
Balance Fees Amount to be Pay
Please comment on this and try to help him to continue his education.
Last date to pay his fees is 31st January, 2008

Thanks & Regards,

4.10/TN/2007_08; Abirami, 9th Std student project implemented successfully.

Hi Folks,
We have successfully implemented another project for a poor student, Abirami. She was referred by Lalitha, Newlife. She is doing her 9th Std. Attached are the project report and her performance report.

We immensely thank Ramanujam, Kanimozhi, Pari and Indiasudar members, for their support to execute this project.

Athi (B +ve)

We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.                                —–Swami Vivekananda.

School Feel paid for Vijay Paul

8 Aug 2007, KA.

Hello All,

Hope you all read our previous mail (below mail). We had paid Rs. 8000 for Admission and School fee for Vijay Paul yesterday. Today is his first day of his school.

Vijay Paul is second son of Sophia.

Fund owners:

Mahesh Anjanappa (Samsung), Vinod Cherian (Samsung), Joshep, Kundan Kumar Lucky (Samsung), Ravikumar K (164)

Work Description:

Completed education support to Vijay Paul 1st standard.


About Student:

Sophia is left by her husband after 7 years of her married life with 2 sons (twins). She is not getting any support from her  parents and family. Since it was love marriage against parents. She is working as servant maid and making money for her
survival. She is very ambitious to provide quality educate her sons. She was looking for someone to help her financially to  pay school fee. One son got admission at Saharsa Deepika Institute for Education (http://www. sahasradeepika. org/) at free of cost with boarding.

Second son got admission at Kids Global School, 1st Cross, CT Street, Marathahalli, Bangalore. School Fee Rs. 8000 per annum to be paid. Our sincere thanks to fundowners and others put their effort to help the poor student. We also communicated to Sophia (Student’s mother) that she has to save money and take care of his educational expenses from next year onwards. Please find the project report attached with this mail and same will be uploaded in indiasudar website soon.

India Sudar Team – KA

Sincere thanks to Sahasra Deepika Institute for Education (India) – for supporting poor students

8 Aug 2007, KA.

Hello All,

One of my colleague’s (Pankaj Tyaji) told me that his servant maid Mrs. Sophia is looking for
a boarding school to admit her twin boys and continue their education. Both are doing second standard now. I met her at Tyagi’s residence about 3 weeks back.

Sophia is from Nellore, she went against her family for love marraige about 7 years back and she is left by her husband with her twin boys.She is not getting any support from her family except her sister. She is working as servant maid in few house and making around Rs.2000 per month.

She is living in a small room kind of house and paying Rs.1000 as rent near marathahalli. She is not able to manage  her work and her sons education. She put her sons into a convent school as well as boarding school (kind of church)  near seva nagar, but she came to know that school student
leaders beat them badly to wake them up in the early morning and follow the descipline.

Since these boys are very small and doing second standard, they are not able to bear that torture and came out with lots of injuries. When she complaint to that church father, he could not help it seems. He said that they need follow some rules for all to grow the students with descipline.

She was looking for another boarding & convent school, so that  she can work and support their education as well.

We had discussed with volunteers of Sahasra Deepika Institute for Education (India) (SDI – http://www.sahasrad Karthik , Usha and Arun. They made Sophia to meet the board of directors and founders Dr. T V Ramakrishna and Mrs. Vijaya L Ramakrishna and they agreed to admit both of her sons at their boarding school. The entire quality education and boarding is at free of cost until II PUC.

However, she wants to keep one son with her custody for various personal reasons and she found a school for him near Marathahalli. We found sponsers from Employee of Samsung India Software Operatios to pay school fee (Rs.8000) for her second son as well. We would send our detailed report in the next mail.

So her first son would continue his education at Sahasra Deepika Institute for Education (India) from next week onwards.

Infact, India Sudar team visited this school and wrote about this school and the quality of education for poor students in our society. Please visit http://www.indiasudar. org->BLOG

Our sincere and heartly thanks to founders Dr. T V Ramakrishna and Mrs. Vijaya L Ramakrishna for providing such a quality education for poor students.

We extend our sincere thanks to volunteers Usha, Karthik and Arun for their great help and follow up.


India Sudar Team – KA

4.4/TN/2006_07: B.Manjula, B.E(CS) Student

7-Aug-2007, Chennai, TN
Dear Friends,

Our Partner Ignited Minds(P08) released second year fees for B.Manjula, BE (CS)
student. Attached project work report for your reference.

Udhaya Kumar.V
http://www.indiasudar. org
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Providing completed education for Sandhya studying in 6th standard

Chennai, TN.

Dear All,

Details of the student, Sandhya who is going to studying 6th standard is verified by our India Sudar Member Sivagami (SYSTIME) and came to know that there family was very poor. Her father had expired and her mother is sick and not able to go for work, but also she manage to get 96% marks in her 5th Standard Annual Exam.

So, i hope we can very well proceed further to help her to continue her education.
Her mother paid the Tuition Fees & Books Fees by borrowing money from neighbors and now they are unable to pay the Term Fees & Monthly Fees. So, we will try to pay the Term Fees & Monthly Fees of this girl.

Term Fees
August Term Fees   –   Rs.450/-
October Term Fees  –   Rs.450/-
Total Term Fees           Rs.900/-

Monthly Fees
Rs.270 Per Month From July 2007 – May 2008
Rs.270 * 11 Months   =   Rs. 2970

Total Amount (Term Fees + Monthly Fees)    =   Rs.900/- + Rs.2970/-
=   Rs.3870/-
Thanks & Regards,

Dear All,

I came to know that an poor girl named Sandya studying 5th Standard “B” Section and got 96% in the Annual Examination at Shri Dhanraj Misrilal Surana Jain Vidyalaya Matriculation School, East Tambaram, Chennai and her father had expired and her mother undergone two major surgeries so she is looking for financial help to continue her studies. Any of our member can find out more details about this student and check this girl and his family before we proceed further.

Herewith, i had attached the Last Year Progress Report and Fee Payment Detail of that girl.

Contact Details
D/o M.Shanthi,
Door # 16, Flat # 13A, Dwaraka Apartments,
Vasuki Street, East Tambaram,
Chennai – 600 059.

Thanks & Regards,

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