KA/Education for Individual/Chitra Admission Fees Paid/Completed

Dear Friends,

Today(18APR09) we(Shiva.P & Myself) visited to No. 287 / 3, Koramangala Village, 8th Block, Bangalore – 95 to had discussion with Reeta(Yashodha, Chitra Mother).

About Family: Reeta(Mother) works as maid in a couple of households. Her husband SasiKumar has a mobile Ironing stand. So their combined income is less than Rs.2000.

Project Renewal: Last year india sudar paid Yashodha and Chitra education fees, Now they need help to pay fees only for Chitra. Yashodha Studying in government school, Chitra now joined in convent now. This year we will take care of Chitra education only.

Today we have paid Rs.4,000 as admission fees for Chitra. Her mother agreed to pay remaining fees to continue Chitra education.

Actual Education fees requirement:
Admission Fees = 5,500
Monthly Fees(200 * 12) = 2,400
TShirt(Uniform, 2 set) = 200
Exam Fees (25 * 4) = 100
Total Fees – 8,200 RS

Fee Paid by IndiaSudar – 4000/

Fee Paid by Parents – 4200/-

Old Visit Information: https://indiasudar.wordpress.com/2008/02/25/help-for-2-girl-students-banglaore/

Udhaya Kumar.V
http://www.indiasudar.org – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

Nursing Student from Rameshwaram

Hi Folks,
We received a request to support a poor girl @ Rameshwaram nearly 2 months back. And now, we have finished the project. It got delayed, ‘coz of the delay from the Govt Hospital to give the required documents. (They allowed the girl to continue her education, until we pay the fee) Attached are the project report and necessary documents.

Thanx to Tarachand & Srivasa Reddy for their kind support in this regard.

Note: Below is the requisition mail posted earlier.

Athi (B +ve)
On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 11:52 AM, Athitha Nadarajan S <athithans@rsi. ramco.com> wrote:

Hi Folks,
A week ago, I went to Rameshwaram fisheries area(Pamban) to get inputs of their education. I met two reliable persons there. Patric & Ramu. Patric was once selected as a Panchayat president and Ramu is doing some social work.

I got a call from Patric asking a help for a girl, Uma, who is going to join Nursing @ Trichy. The fee may come around 15K per year. She must have joined the course by 28th Jan 2009. The institution will allow the girl only after paying the fee.

Family Backround:
Born with 4 sisters, Uma is the 3rd daughter in the family. She lost her father. Her mother is a Coolie, that too she could not get regular jobs. The elder sister is working in women’s self group. 2nd sister is jobless, as she didn’t study. The 4th sister is studying 10th Std. Uma got 947 marks in +2.
She is going to join in Annal Gandhi Adigal Govt hospital, Trichy. I asked that girl to get the fee structure from the institution. She must have got it now. Once I get it, I will share it. (The amount may vary, as she didn’t have much idea abt the money)
Patric, who brought the request, is one of the highly respected person in that area.

TN-Another deserved student from Madurai-Nagalingam required financial help

Dear All,
We came across another deserved student Mr. Nagalingam from Madurai through our old student. This could be one of the good example to show “How our network-chain would grow in future?”
India Sudar came across a student Miss. Gunavathi through Dinamalar news 2 years back and paid fee as usual through our partner oganization RECT_BATCH_98_ group (Rs. 43,000). The interesting thing is that we started supporting engineering students with Gunavathi, she is continuing her THIRD YEAR engineering with the help of educational loans from second year onwards. She is one of the bright student and she scored arond 86% until now.

Now, she found a deserved student in her area and brought to our notice 2 weeks back. she is trying her best to get educational loan from his first year onwards. Unfortunately, she could not get that due to lack of some documents like ration card and no co-operation from his father.

Please go through the status and details of the student Mr. Nagalingam

Mark and college admission details
– He is one of the bright student, scored 1005 out 1200 in +2

Family background
– His father is drunkard and he is not supporting his studies at all.
– His mother and father, both are daily wages
– His father is not very supportive and he asked him not to stay at home, so he is continuing his studies from his grandma’s place most of the time.

Financial background
– He was working at a place called BADHUSHA STEELS at MADURAI and earned around Rs. 5000.
– He is managed to attend counselling with that money (also that shop owner supported him)

Admission status Balance amount to be paid
– Nagalingam’s mother managed to collect Rs. 11,500 and his tuition master managed to borrow another Rs. 5,000.
– He explained his financial situation to college principal and managed to pay Rs. 16,500 and joined the college on 4th August 208, (since the due date was 4th August 2008).
–  I had suggested him personally to go for above it and get extension of due date to pay entire fee ( so that he would not miss this opportunity) .
– He has to pay the balance amount as soon as possible, that is Rs. 25,000. 

Fee details
Total Fee Rs. 46,500.00
He paid Rs. 21,500 until now (Rs. 5000 during counselling, Rs. 16500 during admission)
Balance Amount : Rs. 25,000
Due date : as soon as possible.

Please let us know, if any of you willing to help Nagalingam.


Completed Balasubramaniyan Project(poor student from Srivilliputhur needs financial help)


Dear All,
Thanks to all for your immediate reply with offering donations to support Balasubramaniyan’s education.

Thanks to Dream India 2020 group for showing immediate action to send DD for Rs. 15,000 and Balasubramaniyan joined college yesterday.
Some more people helped him to pay hostel fee. Many well wishers came forward to help him from second year onwards.

Balasubmaniyan & family, Headmaster and Dinamalar agent expressed their heartful thanks to DI2020 group and all of us.
Thanks to Natarajan for his quick action :-).


Hello All,
We came across the below news through one of Tamil Daily News Paper site.
http://www.dinamala r.com/pothunewsd etail.asp? News_id=4379&cls=row3&ncat=DI
Name : Balasubramaniyan
Age     : 17 years
Place  : Perumalpatti, Srivilliputhur, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu.

Family Background :
Father is 75 year old person and he can’t work anywhere. He has two elder sisters. Both stopped after their II PUC due to poor economic background. Mother and two sisters are involved in match-box work and they all make around Rs. 100 to 120 per day. He used to help them in the morning and evening.

Education Background :
He is studying at Gurugna Sambandar Hindu Hr Secondary School, Srivilliputhur, Virudhunagar District – 626125.

He scored 96% in SSLC. After seeing his score, the school management agreed to give free education until his II PUC.
He scored 1106 in his II PUC ( Physics : 199, Chemistry :197 , Maths  : 192) and THIRD RANK in his school.
Engineering Admission
His school management understood his interests and financial situation, all the teacher collected Rs. 7000 and encouraged him to attend engineering counseling.

He got admission at Govt College of Engineering, Thirunelveli (http://www.gcetirun elveli.com/) in Electrical and Communication Branch.

Financial Need
(1) He has to pay Rs. 14,000 before 28th July 2008.
(2) Thirunelveli is far away from Srivilliputhur, so he has join in Hostel. Hostel expenses is around Rs. 1000 per month (mess fee) and hostel fee is Rs. 2000 per year (room rent)
Information from different people.

School Headmaster Mr. K Periyaswamy:

We spoke to Mr. Periaswamy, Headmaster. He is one of the teacher, who is encouraging him to score high marks and join engineering college. He certified that he is very disciplined boy and has good interests in studies. He is the one gave this news through DINAMALAR News Agent.

Headmaster is from very poor background, he is 12th son in his family and he is only one educated in his family. He is pushing bright students every year.
Headmaster is talking to his old students to help him for hostel and mess fee. He is going to chennai to meet old students for the same cause.
Headmaster opened a Saving account in State Bank of India for him. We can donate to this account directly.
Dinamalar News Agent  Mr. R V Ramanathan
We spoke to Mr. Ramanathan, Dinamalar new agent. He is the one visited Balasubramanin’ s home and verified the situation before he publish this news. He also told me that the situation is very poor and asked me to help this student. They are staying in rented house.
Bala’s mother (student’s mother)

We spoke to Balasubramaniyan’ s mother. She explained her family situation and all are trying to give him proper education. They have lots of hope on him.

After all the verification, I told Headmaster, Balasubramaniyan’ s mother and News agent that WE WOULD SUPPORT BALA TO CONTINUE HIS EDUCATION, if nonone is going to support.

School details:

Mr.K Periasamy, Headmaster
Gurugna Sambandar Hindu Hr Secondary School,
Virudhunagar District – 626125
Phone :04563-260232,
Strenth :  from  6 to 12th Std
Boys  – 2100,
Girls – 1400
Teachers : 45 with Government Salary
Management appointed : 20 teachers
School shows good record every year, In this year, a girl student scored 1156 and she is the school first and her financial background is better.
Our Balasubramaniyan scored 1106 and school third
WHAT WE CAN DO : Please let me know, if any of you willing to support this poor student.
K.Ravi Kumar, India Sudar

Sugumar.E is going to finish his course on july 30t. He has more than 80% in ITI-Welding course.

Dear all,
The student Sugumar.E is going to finish his course on july 30t. He has more than 80% in ITI-Welding course.

I am very happy to share the news about his placement. He got two offer letters ( one from MAC controls,coimbatore and another from Laxmi machine works,Coimbatore) thr’ campus recruitment.His pay is around 6000 for the first yr. Accomodation and lunch is free .

But still he has chances to get placed in some more companies like Ashok leyland,HMT etc.On behalf of him and his family i thank you very much.
with care,

On 11/19/07, V Udhaya Kumar <haiudhaya@yahoo.com> wrote:
Dear friends,
This project was successfully implemented by our Partner Organization Dream India.
Our Sincere Thanks to Dream India & Members(Nataraj, Varun, Janakiraman).
Udhaya Kumar,V

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: “Raman, Natarajan (IT)” <natarajan.raman@morganstanley.com>
To: Udhaya Kumar.V <udhaya@udhaya.com>; indiasudar@yahoogroups.com
Cc: dream2020chennai@yahoogroups.com; Janakiraman Sr <Janakiraman.sr@tcs.com>; janaki raman <jan_srr@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2007 7:25:36 PM
Subject: RE: [India Sudar] Fwd: Fwd: need education support for SUGUMAR.E

Dear Udhay,
Thanks for giving this opportunity. DreamIndia will execute this project and provide Rs.3000 required.
Could you please get in touch with Udhay/Shiva/ Ravi and work this out?  Looks like we need to send a DD. I will send the break up details of contribution ( internal to DI) in a separate email.

School fee for Poor children – KA

31st May 2007, Bangalore, KA.

On 31st May 2008 – myself, Udhay & Reshma Kurup visited a slum dwelling in Seshradipuram , Bangalore. Reshma has been working with Mr.Venkatesh, (who runs Suraksha trust .)

About Suraskha Trust: Their main work has been to teach the smaller kids). He is assisted by some elder girls, who are also motivated to do something for this place. Main purpose of the visit was to get first hand information about the place and to verify the requirements they had put to us before. The info was school fee for 8 students. Their detials are given below.

Venkatesh is planning more classes this academic year. His house which is currently being .Local support is very minimal. Sathyam foundation has given 4 computers & Dream-a-Dream has give one computer. Due to lack of staff, they are under utilised(or should I say not – kept idle).

Surprising to see very narrow lanes of house, which we would have least imagined is in the heart of the city. This place is close to KWAB. We met all the students with their mothers & got following details.
We request members to come forward to help these poor kids to “Continue their education”.
Details of Student :(All students are in Kannad Medium)
A common aspect with all :
Father – Daily labour – And drunkard! So no money @ home.
NoteBooks – To get the list(Reshma)
1. Anil Kumar – 10th Std, Gandhi Nagar school.
(his elder sister has reappered for 10th.)
Mother – Mrs. Suma – Sells flowers.
School Fee – 900/-
Tution – 200/month – Since 10th std, they are requesting for tution.
2. SriKala (6th std – Seshadripuram School)
 MOther – Mrs. Selvi – Domestic help.
 School fee – 1160 /-
3. Ramani (4th std – Seshadripuram School)
 MOther – Mrs. Selvi – Domestic help.
 School fee – 550 /-
4. Bhavani (5th std – seshadripuram school)
 Mother – Mrs.Manju – works at Roopam garment factory
 School fee – 1160/-
5. Balaji (3rd std – Seshadripuram school)
 Mother – Mrs. manju
 School fee – 550 /-
6. Anitha (10th std – Govt school, link road)
 Mother – mrs. Yashoda – Domestic Help
 Only note books required
7.Mamtha (4th std – Govt School)
 Mother – Mrs. Yashoda
 Only notebooks required.
Our contacts:
 Venkatesh – 9741012428
 Reshma Kurup.
Thanks to Reshma for helping us identifying the place. she has been actively helping them through the means she can, besides conducting Art of Living classes.
Shiva On behalf of IS KA team

Help for B.Sc student – On verge of Dropout

Dear Friends

Our chennai chapter members came across this student sudying B.Sc in Tamil Nadu Arts and Science College , Vanagaram, Chennai. He is verge of dropping out of studies because of financial details.

We have collected comprhensive details of him. The pending fee is 8000/- We request you all to contribute & make his life brighter!!

Thanks to suresh/Saravanan who have got details !!


Student Details:
Percentage of marks scored in +2 (first group): 53%

Course Doing:    B.Sc. Computer Science I year, Tamil Nadu Arts and Science College , Vanagaram, Chennai

Semester Fee: Rs. 8000/-
Total Semester: 6
Fees paid: For first semester

About his family:

Brother: Elder brother working in Market earning Rs. 2500/- per month
Sister: Elder sister working in ICICI Tele marketing earning Rs. 3500/- per month
Father: not working due to his health condition
Mother: House wife
House: Rented (Rs.2500/- per month)

We verified all the information. Based on the relative confirmation, Ruban has decided and joined this course. Unfortunately, his relative is now no more. So, he is struggling to pay the fees now.

More info :
1. He had scored 78% in 10th std
2. He had scored 58% in +2, as he was put on to school called MCNHSS at TNagar which only has 7 students in +2, coaching standards were much below as those of govt schools.
3. His present college is affiliated to madras univ, which gives board exam results during mid of feb, it will be too late to wait till second fortnight of feb.

We would fund him provided he would score minimum 75% if has to get our fee funding.

-siva narayanan

Help Needed for Education of an Blind Orphan Student

From: T Hari hari_bca@yahoo.com

Dear All,
I have come to know that a visually challenged person (Blind) economically backward student named Mr. Robert White, who finished his graduation at Loyola College , Chennai and got selected for doing B.Ed., (English) at the same college. Owing to his disability and financial situation the college has given a concession of Rs.20,000/- and admit in the college and asked him to pay the balance Rs.40,000/- (Forty Thousand Only) within this month, which is an big amount for him to pay, since he was no relatives and close friends to support his education.
On hearing this last week, I along with India Sudar Member Jeyaseeralan went to Loyola College and met the student Mr. Robert White and spoke to him and found that he is an Orphan from Pudukottai District and very much interested in the studies.
I had attached the following in the pdf format with this mail:
1) Bonafide Letter given to student from Loyola College , Chennai
2) Identification Card given to student.
3) Requisition letter from the student
Below is the details about him and his fees:
Student Name
D. Robert White
Course Name
B.Ed., (English)
College Name
Loyola College, Chennai.
Year of Admission
2007 – 2008
Total Fees
Fees Concession given by College
Fees Paid by him so far
Rs. 7,900/-
Balance Fees Amount to be Pay
Please comment on this and try to help him to continue his education.
Last date to pay his fees is 31st January, 2008

Thanks & Regards,

4.10/TN/2007_08; Abirami, 9th Std student project implemented successfully.

Hi Folks,
We have successfully implemented another project for a poor student, Abirami. She was referred by Lalitha, Newlife. She is doing her 9th Std. Attached are the project report and her performance report.

We immensely thank Ramanujam, Kanimozhi, Pari and Indiasudar members, for their support to execute this project.

Athi (B +ve)

We are responsible for what we are and whatever we wish ourselves to be.                                —–Swami Vivekananda.

School Feel paid for Vijay Paul

8 Aug 2007, KA.

Hello All,

Hope you all read our previous mail (below mail). We had paid Rs. 8000 for Admission and School fee for Vijay Paul yesterday. Today is his first day of his school.

Vijay Paul is second son of Sophia.

Fund owners:

Mahesh Anjanappa (Samsung), Vinod Cherian (Samsung), Joshep, Kundan Kumar Lucky (Samsung), Ravikumar K (164)

Work Description:

Completed education support to Vijay Paul 1st standard.


About Student:

Sophia is left by her husband after 7 years of her married life with 2 sons (twins). She is not getting any support from her  parents and family. Since it was love marriage against parents. She is working as servant maid and making money for her
survival. She is very ambitious to provide quality educate her sons. She was looking for someone to help her financially to  pay school fee. One son got admission at Saharsa Deepika Institute for Education (http://www. sahasradeepika. org/) at free of cost with boarding.

Second son got admission at Kids Global School, 1st Cross, CT Street, Marathahalli, Bangalore. School Fee Rs. 8000 per annum to be paid. Our sincere thanks to fundowners and others put their effort to help the poor student. We also communicated to Sophia (Student’s mother) that she has to save money and take care of his educational expenses from next year onwards. Please find the project report attached with this mail and same will be uploaded in indiasudar website soon.

India Sudar Team – KA

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