Fund raised through Mukhosh’s excellant theatre play “Jibon Muchki Haashe…..”

12, 13th/Jan/2008
Bangalore, KA.

Dear All,
We had meeting with Mukhosh group few weeks back and discussed about fund raising and helping each other. We had sent this udpate to our group already.
Introduction of Mukhosh
mukhOsh is a Bangla theatre group comprised mainly of researchers and alumni
of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore . Please visit to know more.
Mukshoh theatre play in Bangalore and their service to society. Mukhosh team made a wonderful theater play on 12th and 13th Jan 2008 at Seva Sadan Auditorium, Malleshwaram. The Show theme and name is “Jibon Muchki Haashe…..” (A sweet and sour comedy) by Ayan, (inspired by “The play is the thing”, a play by P.. G. Wodehouse)
The best part is Mukosh agreed to provide the proceeds to INDIA SUDAR.
On the show:

Ravi and Shiva attended on behalf of INDIA SUDAR and we had put a small stall with our posters and pamphlets. It was great experience to meet different people and explain our activities.
Show was close to 3 hour show with a break in between. The show was really very good and well prepared. Though we do not understand Bengali, we coul really appreciate their acting, stage preparation, technology usage, co-ordination and their presentation, it was really amazing and inspiring. We are sure a play of this length would have taken them quite some practice.
Myself and Shiva explained our India Sudar activities on stage before starting the show.
We met different people and they were interested to know what we are doing and how they can support us. One IIsc Phd student from US donated Rs. 500 there and we yet to receive other donation details.
On 13th Jan 2008, Mukhosh handed over a cheque for Rs.5000 as a token contribution to INDIA SUDAR on stage. They yet to check their accounts and calculate. We would get some more contribution from Mukosh :-).

On behalf of INDIA SUDAR, we thank MUKHOSH for providing a different platform to reach people and their wonderful support during their show including allowing us to put a stall (with table, chair etc), allowing us to give introduction to audience on stage and etc.
Thanks a lot for entire “Mukhosh team” for their support and it was excellent performance.
This is the first time India Sudar has partnered in cultural’s for fundraising and it seems to have had a good start.

KA Team, K.Ravi and Shiva

Meeting with Mukhosh and others

Dear friends,

Please find below, the minutes of the meeting we had with Mukosh and ILP.

Date: 22-Dec-2007
Attendees:  Uday, Shiva, Ravi, Vinod, Raghavendra, Rama, Prashanth from IS
Ayan Banerjee, Anandhitha, Aniruddha, Sudipto Das et al from Mukhosh
Mohan, Narayana, Jatinva et al from Think,act,lead India and
Sudhira from ILP

Venue: Raja Ramanna Centre, IISc, Bangalore


   1. Introduction of the activities of the individual groups to each other
   2. Explore avenues of collaboration and consolidation between the various participating groups


1. [Discussed] Introduction of Mukhosh( – a Bengali theatre group in Bangalore – by Ayan. Formed in 2003 by a group of theatre enthusiasts from IISc in 2003, Mukhosh has grown beyond IISc to be recognised by the people of Bangalore as an authentic Bengali drama troupe. Mukhosh has received media coverage in the form of reviews for their plays and also introduction of their group from DH, TOI, Economic times, etc
2. [Discussed] Uday provided an overview of IS vision, working model and the current activities. Other members chipped in with vital data points as regards to the rationale behind deploying teachers, setting up tuition/computer centers, the IS vision and collaboration with partners and interactions with Govt machinery.  

3. [Decided] IS and Mukhosh to enter into a partnership that is mutually beneficial. As a start,  Mukhosh is organizing a benefit show on Jan 12, 13, the proceeds of which will be donated to IS. IS members will do their bit to provide the necessary publicity to Mukhosh. 
4. [Discussed] Sudhira provided an overview of the ILP projects currently running in Karnataka. The prominent ones are – Puraskara, a scholarship program for high school students, community  libraries and literary awareness programs. While ILP works with their partners through volunteers to realize their vision, the description projected a focus more on high school education and legislatory reform movements than elementary education. The collaboration points here for IS are quite unclear currently and a different line of approach to ILP is worth considering.

5. [Discussed] Mohan elaborated on his fledling group’s vision to raise a common platform of leaders covering various roles in the society. They plan to officialy christen their group 
“Think,Act and Lead India” sometime in January.

With Regards,
Prashant, KA-IS team

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