India Vision 2020(Our Partner) meeting Report

Bangalore, KA.

Dear Friends,

I have attended India Vision 2020(Our Partner) meeting on 16-Dec-2006, 4.00 Pm to 6.00 Pm at Cubbon Park, Bangalore behalf of India Sudar. India Vision 2020 Bangalore chapter defined/identified some of the important domain(Awareness, Education, Helthcare, IT, Technology) where India Vision 2020(eGroups) need to create awareness and support.

We discussed certain thing How we can use India Sudar Open Charity Platform to support/execute Education domain projects. This is nothing new for India Sudar, already we are providing Open Charity Platform to out Partners to execute education Projects. Lets execute our partner projects also to achieve our Common Goal.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Work Under India Sudar Integrated Charity Platform

Dear Friends,

A. We have successfully implemented "DEPLOYING TEACHER" Project(Work
1.11/KA/2006_07) at Sishu Mandir children's home(kidwai), Bangalore, Karnataka.

Yes ofcourse this is very normal project from India Sudar, But interesting
part is this project was implemented under India Sudar Integrated Charity

B. Integrated Groups/Organization as Follows:

1.DreamIndia2020 e-group( )
2.REC98 batch of e-groups( )
3.India Vision 2020 ( )
4.India Sudar ( )

C. This project was initiated by SivaNarayanan (India Vision 2020), Ravi
Kumar.K(REC98 batch of e-groups), India Sudar and DreamIndia2020.

D. SivaNarayanan is Work Coordinator for this Work. Our sincear thanks

E. India Sudar Responsiblity:
* Provide Tax Exemption Certificate-80G to Donors(towards this Work).
* Monitor the Project.

F. IF any member having comments/Suggestion/Constrain on this project
environment, Please let me know.

Project Report:

Udhaya Kumar.V
Managing Trustee
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

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