Meeting with Mr.Beluragi

Bangalore, KA

Dear All
I met up with Mr.Beluragi yesterday to discuss our ongoing work & his expertise.
Beluragi’s back ground:
– Worked as prof of physics in Raichur, belgaum.
– Retired as Director of a science centre , Belgaum
– Native of Bijapur.  Currently based in Dharwad
Current interests/projects:
– After retirement he has been actively involved in lot of educational activity.
– Prominent has been training the teachers in science to teach in simple ways. By using commonly used daily items.
– Popularization of science among school children through lectures.
– Involved with Agasthya foundation as volunteer, also few orphanages.
– Has been associated with Synopsys for science training the govt school teachers for 3 years consecutively now.
How he can help us ?
– Since he is based in Dharwad & bijapur can start their. Reason simply he being close.
– He is well versed with local conditions & knows people there. So arranging things is not a problem.
– Beluragi does not expect any fee for conducting this as he also does this as service. Mainly we have to give him travel allowance on actuals. When I asked him how much do you charge he said “Nothing. But whoever wants to give it will be one rupee to Infinity”. May be a one time model construction of 2000-3000 maximum.(since re-used nio more charges than one time).
May be we can decide a very nominal we feel per session say 500-1000 for one session(10-20 teachers a session).
Ofcourse we can decide this later after discussion among us.

Future course of action :
– For next 3 days is at “Agasthaya foundation” in Kuppam. He does not visit Bangalore often , even if he not often on weekends.
-We can visit on Sunday, see a demonstration for 30-40 minutes(Infact he stressed that we see that first before taking any  decision)
– After that we can decide on future course of action there, logistics.

I think we should plan to visit coming Sunday . We can start morning 9 Pm after breakfast.
Guess we should not miss the opportunity. Because I feel this is a very reasonable offer & we should NOT MISS THIS OPPURTUNITY !!
Because you would be in better position (Ofcourse he is native of Bijapur J !! )
Please confirm your presence by tomorrow !!
Sivanarayanan Pasupathy
KA Team,

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