Books for Satna, M.P

Dear Friends,
Last week end(4th, 5th Apr 09) Siva Narayanan & Myself purchase text books from Pratham and Sapna Books for Sri Ramakrishna Ashram, Purania, Harijan Basti,Kripalpur, Satna – 485001, Madhya Pradesh School. We will deliver this books in this week through postal. Attached book list andproject report for your reference.
Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile:+91.98867. 33607
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Project Completed – Satna, M.P

Dear IS team, 
                  Please accept my heartfelt wishes and thankfulness which I have specially at this point, when we have Implemented our First Project -Educational material for Students for students at the School which is funded by IS at  Satna, M.P. This is not less than a Milestone.
                  Needless to say, like always, its Uday’s vision(and other Trustees as well) and his 100% commitment that made this Project feasible, possible & successful. Heartfelt thankfulness to Ret. Major Devendra Pratap Singh, Avindita, Suvendu, Ram-Krishna Ashram and everyone who was directly and/or indrectly involved in making this a Success. 

  The School is built at a land leased by Major Devendra, and built by Ram-Krishna Ashram and finally IS is funding it in 2 ways: 1. Teacher Deployment 2. Educational Material. Teacher Deployment is still under process, however we have funded Educational Material. The School is meant for children in the nearby areas, the children basically are child-workers/ child-beggers/ govt. School children. The govt. School children need this support becuase the infra-structure is disappointing at the Govt. School.

Request you all to please go through the Project report for better understanding. Also, we have added 3 SPOCs in the area. 1. Avindita(from Ram-Krishna Ashram, Sadada Charitable trust) 2. Suvendu 3. Dr.Sanjay Dhanwani(my brother).

Dr.Sanjay who is already a member of IS would initiate more such Projects + work on funding initiatives.   

Please add if I have missed any detail.

Thanks very much to each and everyone of you.

Ravi Dhanwani

Project Proposal – M.P satna

Dear Uday,

We can go ahead with the funding, as the Site construction is over. Please feel free to talk to Avindita/me to have more details about the same. The documents attached have the details of the monetary help required for this Project.

Thanks to India Sudar !!.
Ravi Dhanwani

Below is the conversation that we had sometime back in the same context ::

Dear Suvendu , Avindita:

I am writing this email based on our phone discussion. Thanks for your initiative to educate poor students. We are planning to make this as TWO India Sudar projects. 1. Deploying Teacher 2. Providing Education Stationeries for these students.

I have attached two templates for this project report. Please fill this two project report, So that we can initiate this project based on Ravi coordination. Pls refer http://www.indiasudar. org for ongoing project from diffrent states.

Please let me know, if you need any clarification on this. We are very happy to working with you to educate poor students to Create Powerful India. Thanks for your TIME !!

I have cc’d to Ravi dhanwani. Who is work coordinator for this site/projects.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee
http://www.indiasudar. org
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

awakened india wrote:

Hello Uday
Hope you are well.I am fine.I am giving you the projected cost of Satna educational project as you told me to give you.Please go through it and let me know your opinion.
Thanks and regards
Member of The Trustee

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