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Last weekend (30th oct 09 – 31st oct 09) we (Vinod, Rama and Prashanth Gane) visited Gulbarga for setting up first pilot Learning and Library Center. Agenda was to set up 4 Learning Centers for Janani CMRC Kamalapur, Janashakti CMRC Sulepet, Sarvodaya CMRC Kalag, Jyoti CMRC Kodli, Arunodaya CMRC Nagaidalai and 1 Full time teacher in Ratal Govt School and 1 Library center in Kamalapur.

We started our meeting by 0900 hrs and in a short while Learning Center Teachers from all the CMRCs joined.
There were,

  1. 3 Teachers from Jannani CRMC, Kamalapura
  2. 1 Teacher from Janashakti CMRC, Sulepet
  3. 1 Teacher from Arunodaya CMRC, Nagaidalai

who joined the discussion. We selected 1 teacher for Kamalapura and 1 for Sulepet. Two selected teachers are ladies and male candidates were not promosing and dedicated enough for Learning Centers. Teacher from Arunodaya we could not select as he was very experienced and was not having Science and Maths Knowledge. From Kalagi CMRC and Kodli CMRC teachers did not turn up so we could not finalise the Learning centers.

Selected Teacher Information:

  1. Bharthi, 9743029939 – BA, BEd for Sulepet – 1000 Rs for Per Month till March 2010
  2. Gayatri Kallappa, Currenlty studying PUC Science for Kamlapura – 1000 Rs for Per Month till March 2010

Learning and Library Center Location

  1. Govt School (Temp) Sulepet.
  2. Community Hall Maragutti Village.
  3. IS Community Library, Kamalapur CMRC.

About Community Library Centers – Kamapapur
We have provided 176 Community and chidren books to Kamalapur CMRC. There was very good response from all the CMRC members as well as Kavitha Madam, CMRC Manager. We asked to maintain a Book Shelf along with the Library Register which would be used to track the books taken for reading. We advised CMRC manager that if rent system for books is implemented then it would be good for long term maintenance of the Library. With a IN and OUT entry in the register we will come to know about the interest of individual person so that for the future Library centers we can pick related books.
Ex. 5 days books for free renting and 6th day onwards till the book is not returned they can charge minimum fine of 25 paise to 50 paise and the money collected with these can be utilized for further book purchase as well as maintaining.

About Learning Centers

  1. Every month 2 test would be conducted by teacher and results to be shared with IS. This will enable us to find the performance of the teacher as well as find the GAP where we need to concentrate.
  2. Evaluation for Teachers.
  3. Expectation set with the Teachers. Based on the students response and learning capacity Teachers can make necessary improvement plans.
  4. Sharad the complete career path poster with Teachers as well as Kamalapur CMRC Manager. Kavitha Madam assured that she will try to get it painted in the school as well as CMRC. This will help students to know the different options available after PUC II.

We this is the pilot project which we started we are 100% sure that in coming months we will reach to most needy places.

We are very thank full to HM Kulkarni Sir, who took time to make this visit successful.

Below is the link for photos:

We have started this pilot project, going forward no of LC as well as Libraries will increase. Every month we are having shortage of funds for paying salaries. Please update if any one is interested to take up these projects.

KA-IS Team.

North Karnataka (Gulburga) : Visit Report


IS Member Visited : Vinod, Uday, Shiva, Raaghu

For quite sometime we were thinking to work in North Karnataka region, as the Literacy rate is very low especially gulbarga, raichur districts. We wanted to spread the awareness about the education but being 400+ KM away from Bangalore we were not able to find out a way to support and create a awareness about the importance of education.
Its all started the when we found MYRADA a ray of hope to reach out north Karnataka districts.

In brief, MYRADA is a Non Governmental Organization managing rural development programmes in 3 States of South India and providing on-going support including deputations of staff to programmes in 6 other States. It also promotes the Self Help Affinity strategy in Cambodia, Myanmar and Bangladesh.. for more and detailed information please do visit “”

The model how MYRADA works is

 CMRC *
o Village 1
 SSG 1 *
 SSG 2
o Village 2
 SSG 3
 SSG 4
 SSG 5
o Village n
 SSG n

* One CMRC is having more then 10 villages and each villages can have 1 or more then 1 SSG.
* CMRC – Community Managed Resource Centre
* SSG – Self Sustained Groups

We were in touch with Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram IAS(retd)(Vice Chairman, MYRADA) and we got a invite to visit the MYRADA Gulburga Project officer Mr.Kiran Mandannan. Finally after successive follow ups we planned to visit.

On Friday 28th Aug Eve, we (Vinod, Raaghu, Uday, Shiva) started towards gulbarga in train. It was lightly raining but managed me, Raaghu and Uday got in train well before the departure time and Shiva made it on dot. We had quite a long discussion in train about various topics majorly about the fund raising and got some few ideas which we will implement on pilot basis.

Around 0500 we reached gulbarga @ 0500 hrs and sipping tea we came out side station and outside the station MYRADA Bularo was waiting for us. We started towards KAMALAPURA which was our destination. It was 30 mins drive from the station. Place was awesome surrounded with lot of trees. Our stay arrangement was done @ MYRADA guest house, for a while we stood still after seeing the guest house neatness. Spend some time & freshned up.

After that went towards MYRADA Admin office were we met
 Sri Siddanna G. Hallikeri, Project coordinator for Gulburga region
 Sri H M Kulkarni, CBO coordinator
 Sri Sirajoddin, Training Officer
and couple of others

We had a small introduction with each other and we told about our selves with the kind of work we are doing in IS and got introduction about MYRADA and the work what they are doing. Sri Siddanna G. Hallikeri arranged for the Bularo to visit all the CMRC (Community managed resource centre) we were accompanied by Sri H M Kulkarni and Sri Sirajoddin. Around 1000 hrs we started towards first CMRC which is Kamalapur CMRC.

We received a very warm welcome by the all the CMRC members. At the first glance we noticed that there were women’s only group who were running the CMRC with no “caste bar”. CMRC showcased there is no room for caste discrimination as there were representative from various religions who are involved and responsible in building and running the community centre which is very good initiative in the villages. By empowering women we felt a sense of Ownership for the task. These CMRC are formed by MYRADA and are supported by MYRADA totally (Morally & Financially) for some time. Once the CMRC and SSG are self sustained then support from MYRADA is removed and all the CMRC become self sustained with the formation for SSG in each village.

We visited 6 CMRC which are as below:
1. Janani CMRC, Kamalapur
2. Staliya Sanghagal CMRC, Ratkal
3. Janashakti CMRC, Sulepet
4. Sarvodaya CMRC, Kalagi
5. Jyoti CMRC, Kodli
6. Arunodaya CMRC, Nagaidalai

 Janani CMRC, Kamalapur
We received a very warm welcome followed by little background of the CMRC and Introduction of each member. This CRMC is having total of 15 members. With this CMRC total of 120 SSG are registered.

Some of the work which this CMRC is doing are Bank loan assistance, Insurance, Legal Advice, Bill payments etc.. All the work is towards setting up of the better social environment. But there is no educational support provided. There is one full time computer teacher who teaches basics of computer for 5th to 7th class students.

This CMRC center is having the VSAT program (Support and Technology provided by ISRO and BEL). This is a virtual class with two way interaction sessions. Students can ask questions and doubts which will be answered by the virtual teacher. Set up involved, Handy Cam(Video), Computer(Monitor), Mike (Audio).
This is broadcasted live from Bangalore MYRADA centre.

We interacted with all the CMRC members and understood about there problems in education front. Most of the CMRC members and parents said that, students are weak in English, Maths & Science.

Parents are ok to give the tuition fee of Rs. 15 – 20 per month.


 Needed a Maths & science Tuition Teacher for PUC students
 Needed a English Tuition Teacher for class 5th to 8th

Place and time for conducting tuitions will be decided by the CMRC. They said that they can accommodate tuitions in the CMRC center in the morning 0700 – 0900 hrs and in the evening 1700 hrs – 1900 hrs.

 Staliya Sanghagal CMRC, RATKAL
This CMRC is having 5 Villages and 4 Tandas (Tribal community of village, they are situated out side the village usually on hill top). Tandas are in very bad state where school master refuse go to school !! Students come to school and spend time and have food and go back. There is absolutely no classes conducted in these schools. The incharge lady assured us that if we support them in setting up the tuition center and a teacher then she will go back to the local authorities and fight for the govt. teacher and she will get back them back to school.

• Ratkal, Mukaramba, Hulskudud, Kanchnad
• Mandgole, Arnakal, Singenhalli, Bedsur

Some of the activities which CMRC are doing:
 Women and child development programs with in the SSG’s, in turn the awareness is spread across villages. Provides training and collect small amount of fees from SSG’s.
 Village health family insurance, Tied up with National Insurance Company and Birla Insrance.
o APL Family of 5 ppl is paying Rs 450 per year for a family coverage of Rs 15000 per year
o BPL Family of 5 ppl is paying Rs 150 per year for a family coverage of Rs 15000 per year
 Summer coaching etc…

The lady incharge was highly self motivated with high vision, she can do any thing if a little support is given to her. Very bold village lady. We were highly impressed with her attitude towards the village improvement.


1. There is a high school in Ratkal village and high school teacher are not having much of knowledge in subjected hence requested to set up a tution center the high school students with Maths and Science subject.
2. One/Two full time teacher for Tanda schools.

Average salary of Tution Teacher would be approx Rs 1000 and Full time teacher around Rs 1500/-.

Teacher is sincere. There are some commutation problems during the raining season as some time water level in lake is very high and will not come down for 3 – 4 days. Teacher commutes around 4 – 5 KM to Tanda every day. There is no bus facility to the remote villages / tandas.

Maths and science knowledge is very poor in Kodli Village.

Villages under this CMRC are:
• Kodli, Allapura, Seri Village, Vajara Gaon, Halchera, Tegal Tappi, Hosahalli, Kadalli
• Seri


1. Needed a tution center for primary. There are around 200 Students in and around Kodli Village.
2. Maths and Science knowledge is very less. Required a tuition for Maths and Science

To cater to above requirement, One/Two full time teacher are required.

 Sarvodaya CMRC, KALGI
This CMRC consists of 100 SSG spearad across 4 tandas and 18 villages. There is no awareness about the education. Kids go to local govt schools but what parents where saying that we are illiterate and not able to follow up with that master and kids are saying how they are scoring and all. But good thing is that even though the parents are not educated they wanted there kids to be well educated in the society and for this reason they can support kids by all means. Currently they are sending kids to private tuition where tuition teacher charges Rs 25 to 35 per kid for a month and this amount parents are ready to pay. But certainly not all the parents can pay the tuition amount.
Some parents are saying that school teacher beat there kids and Parents are reluctant to send there kids to the school. Parents say that rather going to school, kids can work in fields. With the help of CMRC and SSG this barrier and mentality of the parents can be broken. For which we have to take some initiatives to teach CMRC and SSG’s.

Villages under this CMRC are:
• Rajapur, Bharathnur, Koddur, Gotur, Ashoknagar, Malagi, Mangalgi, Salahalli, Kalagi, Soguark, Navadgi, Donnadur, Kalagurthi, Muchkhed, Chintakota, Korwar, Malagan
• Kalagi, Soguark, Malagan, Nayaka

Malagi village is in very bad state where most of the students are from BPL and are not cared.

1. Needed a tution center for primary school.
2. Needed a English Tuition teacher for primary school.

Currently parents requested for setting up tuition center in the morning and evenings.

And requested to set up tuition center which will help in developing the kids. What we said is that identify the schools who are poor and club 3 to 4 villages for one tuition center. Some parents say that teacher beat them and hence we are nitrate interested to send the kids to school.

This CMRC consists of 14 Villages.
• Sulepeth, Penchpalli, Kondompalli, Yekkapur, Keshwar, Dastapur, IP (Indrapada) Hosahalli, Gavanhalli, Chincholli, Mugar, Hoovananbavi, Paspur, Hodebrenahalli, Kupnoor

Sulepeth is comparatively OK as compared to the other villages. Main problems here is the knowledge of Science, Maths and English. Sulepeth is having the Degree and PU college. This CMRC is having a Chincholli TQ. Parents here are very much interested in promoting there kids for education but school knowledge is not effective.

During the interaction with the CMRC members, we came to know that private tuition centers charges Rs 30 – 40 per month. Some of the parents become very emotional and said that we are ready to do extra “coolie” and pay the tuition fees if my children gets better education. One more example they told is that one of the student collected 50 paise each week and given to the tuition teacher and said that I wanted to study hard.

Here private tuition teacher will take around Rs 1000 / per month.


1. Needed a tuition teacher for maths, science and english

 Arunodaya CMRC, Nagaidalai
This was the last CMRC for the planned visit. Most of the CMRC members were go back to home as they travel from very far place. It was 1730 Hrs by the time we reached here.

There are 85 SSG spread across 15 villages and 3 tandas.

Villages under this CMRC are:
• Nagaidalai, Kallouru, Kusurmpalli, Tumkunta, Saalebecran halli, Marpalli, M-Palli, Fatehpur, Aaiyanhalli, Degualmadi, Nimma hosahalli, Palapalli, Chincholli, Chandapur, Bhaktampalli
• Kusurmpalli, Bhavitanda, Kalbhari tanda

We could not interact much as there were very less members in the CMRC. Hence requested to Sri kulkarni to collect more data about education during there meeting and send it to us via email.

• Majority of the requirements are having in the Maths, Science and English area.
• In some places High School Students requires urgent attentions.
• One or two places there is a Full time teacher requirement and other places a part time tuition teacher is sufficient.

We asked for:

• We requested all the CMRC and SSG in charge to collect the data village wise and school wise with all the detailed information about the Student. We would be sending a Survey form to the Sri H M Kulkarni and he will circulate to all the CMRC and SSG’s for data collection.
• With this data we would be able to analyze and come up with the final statistics where we have to deploy the teacher
• Asked for average tuition teacher salary and full time teacher salary and how much parents are willing to give for tuitions. So that remaining amount we can take care of.


On behalf of KA team

Discussion with Myraada- Bangalore

Hello All

 Today morning I met up with Dr.Meenakshi Sundaram , Vice Chairman of Myrada(www.myrada. org).. He is retired IAS officer from KA state cadre. Also Prof at National Institute of Advanced Studies.(NIAS, bangalore)

About Myrada:
– Started in 1968, mainly for resettlement issues – Tibetean, local rehabs etc.
– Eventually took up Rural development work in TN,AP & Karnataka.
– Main focus area is WaterShed programme, Microcredit, Aids Awareness, Education
– Board also includes Mr.M.V.Rajashekhar, Former min of Planning.
– Has many high profile members onboard.
– Also have Technical training Institute near Dharmapuri.

Our Discussion:
– Main area of operation in KA are Chamrajnagar, kollegal, Bellary, Belgaum & Gulburga.
– Since Gulburga has 50% literacy rate, we wanted to focus on this Dist first. 
– In Gulbugra they have more than 50-60 of their people working there and are willin gto introduce them to us. They have been working in this area for several years and are well versed with local conditions. For us more advantage in that aspect.
– Mr.Kiran is Project Officer incharge of Gulburga & will be put in loop with us.
  Next discussion after Apr6,7 or Apr 13 time frame.
– In Bellary programs were conducted for Devadasis. microcredit program also being done.

Overall we have a credible org who have been working on rural development( but less stress in EDU) willling to help us. We will discuss with KA team to see to take it forward.

On behalf of KA team

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