Visit to KWAB, Vijayapura



Dear All,

I, Udhaya and Raghu.P.V visited KWAB, Vijayapura (15 Km from the new International Airport, Devanahalli) on Saturday the 4th Oct’08.

Purpose of visit: Mr.Murthy (Secretary of KWAB, Sheshadripuram) had requested us to visit this place to help them find a solution and bring stability to their financial situation. Currently the school is fully supported by either the NGOs or the main office (KWAB Sheshadripuram). The Vijayapura unit would like to go self sufficient in this regard by setting up a small scale industry and employing the inmates. Therefore, we need to invest time/money and help them set up a small scale industry, which will be a sustainable source of income for the Association.

About the Association: 

No.of inmates: 20-24 – All visually challenged. 

Run by: 3 care takers, Rudresh (admin) & Ramappa (Music teacher). Two people from Bangalore (Praveen & his sister) who are also visually challenged help the students in their academics during weekends. Praveen is proficient with all Speech related softwares and help students with some basic Computer course work. 

After the primary education, the KWAB helps the students pursue their interests by providing them the necessary guidance/help. Some of them pursue Teaching as their career, while some get trained through TTI and find employement in Govt. organization. The total expenditure incurred by KWAB, Vijayapura is ~Rs.22,000 pm.



Brief report on visit to KWAB

19th March 2008 

Hi all
Please find a brief report on visit to KWAB.
Place of visit : Karnataka Welfare Association for Blind, Sheshadhripuram.
Date and time:  19th March 2008 at 11.00 am
Volunteers visited : Jaganathan R, Jeyachandran J, Deepa, Hema Sarathy, Jayasree and Shivanarayan representing india sudar
Purpose of visit:
1. To study the functioning and infrastructure of this model and identify the areas of focus.
2. To interact with core members of KWAB to understand its credibility.
3. To know the requirements this academic year, specifically the educational requirements.
4. To understand the educational agenda set for the inmates here and work on improvising it.
5. To spent some quality time with the studnets here and interact with them.
Things observed:
1. They are around 80 students , also there are some teachers and care takers.
2. The organisation is doing a very commendable job and operating since last 40yrs , but it is not NOT getting any funds from the govt of Karnataka
3. The students are from very poor , rural background and almost abandon by their parents due to their disability.
4. The students stay here and learn various courses through conventional Braille scripts.
5. There are classes from 1st to 10th , also musical classes are conducted as a part of extra-curricular activities
6. There are two computers sponsored by some well wishers but is underutilized because of lack of expertise and relevant CDs that can help the visually challenged.
7. Students are very poor in spoken english and still have inhibitions to socialize.
Things to be done:
1.Basic educational requirements like text books and notebooks for the next academic year has provided.
    No one here has a personal copy of the text books( Braille format) they study on a shared basis.
2.The students are physically very week. Yoga classes , orientation and mobility classes should be arranged.
3.Spoken english classes also should be arranged to make them competent enough.
4.Most of them lack motivation and feel that they are not worthy, this attitude should be changed.
    This can be done by some cultural event say skit along with a lecture from a visually challenged person who has made a successful career.
5.The syllabus in form of audio CDs should be provided. One subscription of British council library shall mostly solve this.
6.Need to deploy and fund the teachers and care takers as the no. of teachers and take cares are very less.
7.They are not able to meet the maintenance cost like electricity , water bill etc. Support can be offered in this area as well.
8.They need some career guidance , which make them realize the kind of courses they choose and study to get employed and hence self sustained.
Other Activities:
We had a wonderful time interacting with the kids and they were happy to know that we had come to spend time with them.
Jagan and Jeyachandran distributed some sweets and kids loved those yummy gulab jamuns. (anyhow from next time we know we should take fruits as they are adviced not to eat sweets for medical reasons) . Special thanks and appreciations to them for their interest shown to visit this place and interacting very effectively with the founder. We wished them all the best for their forthcoming exams. We also interacted with the principal of this school.
We may not be able to support them completely with all their rquirements however we will prioritize and offer our support in the most needy areas.
The other volunteers who visited may add their views and points which i might have missed out.
Everyone do share your thoughts and inputs.
We need to work out the concernt plan so that it ideally happens by mid april. Some of these  students may also give a 10 minutes performance on the event day  which be a value addition to our program.
In may most them will have a short visit to their house, so it will apt to conduct the show before april end.
This calls fo a quick action plan from all of us !!
Lets work towards sustaining these smiles forever !
Thanks and regards
We have We exist ! We share We Live !!

KWAB: project update on the new premises

KWAB, Banalore

Dear All,

KWAB moved to the new premises following the function that was held on 09/02/08. Myself, Udhaya, Shiva, Raghavendra & Jayashree along with Nitin, Indrajeet, Shereen & Ramakrishna of SISO Seva committee (Samsung India Software Operation) attended the function. This project was completely sponsored by SISO & intiated by India Sudar. The cost of the project was Rs.64900/-.

Mr.Veerappa, a close friend of Mr.Murthy (KWAB secretary), took up the renovation work and completed it in a span of 7 days.


The new premises can accommodate 40 students and the KWAB boys who were earlier residing in leased accommodation in Kumara park will be moved to this new premises.

Mr.Ravi Kumar (India Sudar trustee) was solely responsible in getting SISO involved in this project, who were instrumental in the successful completion of this project.

Again, I would like to thank all the members for their timely help in successful completion of this project.

Please find the project photos at the following location:

Sorry for the delay.


KA – KWAB: New premises update


Hi all,

Last Saturday we (Anil, Ram and Raghavendra) visited KWAB and met Mr Murthy and Ms Madhu to check the progress of the construction work at the new premises.  Most of the construction work is complete and on Sunday they had planned to do the painting work.  Apart from this only Carpentery work is pending.

Mr Murthy was mentioning that they would be shifting to new office sometime this week.

Also, I have got a copy of the lease agreement for the new premises.  Owner of this new premises was quite reluctant on mentioning that it would be leased for a minimum of 3 years as part of the agreement, but was quite ok saying it orally.  Finally he agreed to mention it in the agreement, with a clause.  I am unable to attach the scan copy of agreement with this mail, as it is too big.


KA Team Weekend (26th 27th jan) Update- Visit to Kwab and chesire home

Dear All,

IS KA team made  visit to KWAB,  Chesire home during this weekend and here is the brief update.

Occasion: Republic Day Celebration, 26th January 2008

Place of Visit: Karnataka Welfare Association for Blind.Sheshadri puram.

Members Involved: RaviKumar K Shivanarayan P Ram Jayasree J

Representative from Samsung: Shrein

Activities: Morning 

  • The India sudar team gathered at the KWAB campus at 9.30am
  • Ravi kumar  precided over the on behalf of IS, Shiva delivered a thought provoking speech and assured that India sudar will do its best to the welfare and development of this organization. Thereby we lit the hopes of the visually challenged kids, the smiles we brought on their faces energized us as well for our further deeds. Followed by this our team visited to the new location to which most of the inmates of KWAB are shifting.
  • After the primary study it was concluded that the place requires renovation and facilities were not meeting even the basic requirements.
  • Our team members interacted with the engineer and managing trustee and first level of decision regarding project estimation were made.
  • The activity of renovation was kick started on this special day.


  • Our members participated in the cultural event organized by the very talented kids here.
  • The events included extra ordinary vocal and instrumental music performances.
  • Our team also interacted with the NCC cadets from Ammani College, Bangalore. With the exchange of thought we could build a new network with the energetic students of this college.
  • With the sense of satisfaction and feel of patriotism we dispersed for the day.

Occasion:Breakfast Serving at Bangalore Chesire Home by Aashayein Foundation

27th January 2008

Place of Visit: Bangalore Chesire HomeAirport Road

Members Involved: UdhayRaviKumar K Shivanarayan P Jayasree J


  • The India sudar team gathered at the chesire home at 8.30am. 
  • A brief meeting was held with the founder and Managing director of Aashayein foundation. In this meeting the following points were discussed.
  • The scaling up shisksan abyan project where in the government school students will be guided in learning English so as to make them competitive enough.
  • Groundwork like feasibility analysis and resource structuring needs to be done for techno gyan project.
  • A preparatory meeting was planned to be scheduled during the weekends to conclude on points of discussion with Mr.Beluragi who is visiting Bangalore on Feb. 8th .
  • We also had breakfast with the physically challenged inmates of chesire home and got to know about their living standards there and were happy about its efficient functions.
  • The efficient functions in particular include the women empowerment by providing self-employment. This economic independence has made the physically challenged women here very self-reliant.  This is a remarkable learning for our members from this model.
  • We got to meet more volunteers and were very happily surprised to see energetic youth from IT sector interested towards such social cause more specifically because it was a Sunday morning. We then disperessed for the day.

Thanks and regards

Jayasree , IS KA Team

KA TEAM WKEND Update: KWAB, GOM Orphange and NIMHANS (Girls) Home visit

Bangalore, KA.

Dear All,

We made a casual visit to KWAB, GOM Orphange and NIHMAN Girls Home during this weekend and here is the brief update.

One of my colleage (Mr.Senthil Nathan) donated lunch to KWAB kids from Krishnacafe on Saturday and I joined with them. Mr. Murthy shared their new-urgent requirement for Rs. 40,000. They had to vocate their current home from Kumara park area to Sheshardripuram, due to that they need to do some minor repair at new rented place. The estimated Cost is Rs. 40,000.  Ram would visit along with a builder to  this place during this week and check the estimation.

NIHMANS Home(Girls section) and Shishu Mandir:

Ashayein Foundation scheduled there brekfast program at NIHMANS (Girls Section) home near Shishu Mandir on last sunday. Myself and Shiva joined with them. It was surprise to see more than 30 volunteers assembled there. Based on our conversation with few staff and girls over there, there is no requirements as of now. And then we visted Shishu mandir, some renovation and extention work is in progress. We had a meeting after the breakfast program, we explained about India Sudar activities and our forthcoming project with Mr. Beluragi.

Ashayein Foundation is interested to work with us. Myself ,Shiva and Prashanth are making the plan and estimate for the project with Mr. Beluragi. Vinod would arrange for a meeting Ashayein Foundation once we are ready with our estimate.

GOM Orphange:
On Sunday evening, again Myself, Shiva and Jayasree visited GOM Orphange, Shivaji Nagar to celebrate one of her friend’s birthday. It was nice evening with children at home and they had shown their dance talents. They asked us to provide few tube-lights and we gave money for 4 tubelights. They have space problem over there, they are still discussing with the chairman to get permission to extend their shelter. We may need to help them, if they get proper permission.

Actions Plans :

Ram would visit KWAB and check their estimate
Ravi, Shiva and Prashanth – make the estimate and plan for the project with Mr. Beluragi
Vinod – need to arrange for a meeting with Ashayein Foundation once the estimate and plan is ready.
Shiva and Jayasree – Please share with this group, if i have missed anything.

KA Team,

Phase1 Executed – Stationery requirements

27 Oct 2007
Bangalore, KA.

Hi all,

Last week (27 Oct 2007) we executed the Phase 1 requirements for KWAB. KWAB needed some educational stationery immediately for Mid term examination.

Anil, Sharath and Raghavendra purchased the books from Ebrahim Stationery at Avenue Road on 27 Oct 2007. Prashanth and Naveen also joined them at KWAB and distributed the stationery on the same day.

Mr Murthy and Ms Madhu thanked India Sudar group for providing the stationery.


Please see the project report attached and photos uploaded at

IS Members Attendees
Prashanth, Naveen, Anil, Sharath and Raghavendra

A4 size White paper 5 bundles
Fullscape paper 2 bundles
Envelopes (small) 100
Envelopes (medium) 100
Envelopes (big) 100
LongNoteBooks 200pg 20 nos
Box (lever) file 10 nos.
Tag file 10 nos.
Flat Spring File 20 nos
Plastic Folders 20 nos.
Gum Bottle 4 nos
Gum tape 5 nos.
Stapler (Std) 1
Stapler pins (Std) 5
Stapler (Big) 1
Stapler pins (Big) 2
Floppy 2 boxes
CD 2 boxes
Box file (small) 10 Nos.

Brief about KWAB:
KWAB is a NGO, formed in the year 1967. Association is serving the visually impaired and other persons with disability. Currently KWAB is run by Mr. S P Murthy who himself a visually impaired person. There are around 90 Students from the age 2 to 14. From 1999 KWAB started the blind school and syllabus is based on CBSE. This is a resident school where Association takes care of accommodation, food, cloth, study etc. 10 – 20 new admissions every year in Bangalore. Criteria for admission is blindness (complete or partial) and poor background. Absolutely there is no support available from the State Govt. or Central Govt. from the past 4 years. Currently the KWAB is run purely on the public donations.

Future Plans:
Going forward, we need to work with our contacts in Samsung (Ravi) and TI (Prashanth) to take care of the larger needs like Braille books and infrastructure.

India Sudar KA Team, Bangalore

MoM – 14 Oct 2007 – KWAB update

Bangalore, KA.

Hi all,

Yesterday myself and Ram visited KWAB.  We met Mr Murthy and discussed about the teacher salary.  He was happy to hear that we can take care of salary for one teacher (Rs 4500) and for 2 non teaching staff (Rs 2500 per head).

Regarding the stationary, he provided a new list which is required immediately for students and administration purpose for Midterm Examination.

1. A4 size White paper    – 5 bundles
2. Fullscape paper          – 2 bundles
3. Envelopes (small)        – 3 pkts
4. Envelopes (big)            – 3 pkts
5. LongNoteBooks 200pg – 20 nos
6. Box (lever) file             – 10 nos.
7. Tag file                        – 10 nos.
8. Flat Spring File            – 20 nos
9. Plastic Folders            – 20 nos.
10. Gum Bottle                – 4 nos
11. Gum tape                  – 5 nos.
12. Stapler with pins (Std) – 5 nos.
13. Stapler with pins (Big) – 2 nos.
14. Floppy & CD              – 2 box each
15. Box file (small)           – 10 Nos.

Apart from the above stationary, Mr Murthy was mentioning that there were some pending bills for last 3 months of Rent, Electricity, Water and Telephone.


Great Work done for KWAB, Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka.

Hello All,
Hope you all remember KWAB (Karnataka Welfare Association for Blind), Bangalore and we had visted couple of times and served lunch for them.
Also, we found one of the most critical requirement was to put grill beside walking lobby. It is really dangerous to walk in area, since it was having only 2 feet side wall. They had asked to arrange for grill on top of sidewall.

Vinod and his friends took initiative to set up grill there. Finally it is done by Mind Space Architects. Those students can walk without fear and they are really safe.

On behalf of India Sudar, we convery our sincere and heartful thanks to Mind Space Architects, Mr. Venu ,Mr. Ashish and Mr. Sundresh.

Thanks a lot to Vinod, Vinod’s fiance and Raagu, Ram and other friends involved in this activities.


Some more Updates:
1) Last sunday, me and Raaghu visited the KWAB on the way and gave some used children’s cloths which were collected by Sumangala Madam from RT Nagar where she is a teacher. Met Mr. Murthy and spoke for some time. Mr.Murthy updated us that they are having budget sanctioned for constructing 2 rooms but no contractor is coming forward and ready to take the contract.

Mr. Murthy were saying that it would be great if some contractor we can
suggest and we said that we will get back to you.
It was really great work.
India Sudar Team,

Visit to Karantaka Blind welfare school, bangalore

Hello All,

Yesterday (28th July 07) myself, Ravi, Shiva, Raaghu, Prashanth and Sharath had being to “KWAB – The Karnataka Welfare Association For The Blinds” to understand the teaching req. and see the place.
In brief about the KWAB: KWAB is a NGO, formed in the year 1967. Association is serving the visually impaired and other persons with disability. Currently KWAB is run by Mr. S P Murthy who him self a visually impaired person. Also a lecturer in MES college, he takes English classes from morning till afternoon. After the college he spends time at KWAB staying there .

Currently the Association are having branches in Mandya and Devanhalli. Devanahalli has integrated school and hostel facility for around 40 students, this branch is having a mix of Blind, Deaf and Dumb children’s Mandya has house for hearing impaired students and gives training in tailoring for ladies.

In Bangalore there are around 90 Students from the age 2 to 14. From 1999 KWAB started the blind school and syllabus is based on CBSE. This is a resident school where Association takes care of accommodation, food, cloth, study.. etc. 10 – 20 new admissions every year in Bangalore. Criteria for admission is blindness (complete or partial) and poor background. All the students here are from all the parts of Karanataka. These children’s are picked up from the different parts of the Karanataka where the parents of these physically and visually challenged children’s thinks that they are burden for them and leave them to live isolated life or left in the streets. Association gets this data from the Census which is issued by the state govt.

All the study material at KWAB are build in house and library is maintained. CBSE syllabus is converted in to the Braille and materials are kept in the Library for reference. All this conversion of books are done by the students only. KWAB also maintains Braille library and audio cassettes.

Absolutely there is not support available from the State Govt. or Central Govt. from the past 4 years. Currently the KWAB is run purely on the public donations. Admin Manager was mentioning that Students here are skilled in making handicraft items also. Which they are thinking to put in exhibition which would be a help full for raising the funds against the day 2 day expenditure.

Along with the Handicraft Admin Manager updated that students are doing cultural activities which also some times adds up the funds. But at the same time she said that these kind of cultural activities are diverting the students attention as they are visually impaired and cannot concentrate on studies.

– Detailed requirement is expected from Admin Manager in a days time.
Below are the req. which we understood with the interaction with Admin Manager and which will also be covered in the detailed req. mail which she will send.
– Grill to be put in 2nd Floor
– Braille Materials
– Furnitures
As per the Admin Manager any kind of help is fine.
From our India Sudar team we can provide the education related support and more also based on the activities and budget, but for others day 2 day needs we need to really think in some alternative way.

Plan of Action (Preliminary):
– Get in touch with some organization/temple where they donate lunch dinner or breakfast. (Like Iskon, Sathya Sai Baba Sangha)
– Used cloths but good ones. (Washed and Ironed neatly). Regarding the same I spoke to my Aunty who is a high school teacher to check with there students parents who can give used cloths so that we can distribute.
– Any electronics item (radio / cassette player / cd player etc) which are in usable condition.
– Contact admin guys from our office to set up a exhibition for a day or two to exhibit and sell the handicraft items.

Contact Details:
Mr. S P Murthy – 91.98806.89753
Madhu – Admin Manager – 91.99451.69300
Office : 080.2336.9703

Raaghu, Will send the detailed req. in a day or two. India Sudar TeamBangalore

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