visit to indra gandhi international academy for Quiz Program.

Bangalore, KA.

Dear friends,

I and Mr.Udhai visited Indra Gandhi International academy, Jakkur, Bangalore on 17. 11.2007. We collected required details to conduct the quiz program (General, Maths, Science and English) on 1.12.2007 in their campus itself.

1. Quiz program will be conducted for 8th, 9th and 10th students.
2. No of students: 8th- 17, 9th – 17 and 10th- 14. Total- 48.
3. There will be preliminary test for the 48 students and then 8
students ( 4 teams and two per team) will be selected for final round.
4. Discussion regarding prizes will be decided within this week.
5. Details about the quiz program along with the model question paper
will be given to the headmaster by Tuesday.

With care,

Visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064, KA.

Bangalore, KA.

Dear friends,

On 28-Oct-2007, I have visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064, KA and Discussion with Gokila(Admin for this School, Mobile- 91-99729-36136) to see our ongoing projects and current requirement.

Existing Project & Status:

1. Already we deployed 5 teacher through Australian Sponsord and Partners
2. One month back, Mr.Sam (Srilankan settled in Australia, IBM’mer) provided some of the educaiton material, 100 sleeping mattress, corpot, some dress for girls.

Some of the Urgent Requirements:

1. Already ISKON provides lunch in this home, But they needs to make breakfast and dinner. Currently they don’t have enough support for food & ending up with issue. Some time back one of the Church(Indira Nagar) supported in the food perspective. But now they are stopped because of some internal restriction. India sudar cont support this requirement, So We needs to find any other supporting organization for this requirement. Still they asked some of the daily things like soap, oil, etc

2. Still they have electricity issue, it means they don’t have electricity in this school. Even they have some Solar Lamps, but nothing works.

About this Organization fore new members:

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Project exected at Indira Gandhi School

08th Jul 2007 , Bangalore, KA.

CLICK me to see complete PHOTO:

Dear All,


It was a great weekend for India Sudar team-Bangalore.
Attendees from India Sudar Team : Durga , Michael , Shekar from Tanjore, Ravikumar , Gopal Krishnan, Shiva, Sriram, Ragavendra, Ram Ganesh, Vijay Babu.
We visited Indira Gandhi School , Bangalore in the weekend and funded for their 3 top most essential needs.

India Sudar members Mrs. Durga Owen and her husband Mr. Michael Owen from Australia joined with us and they flew down to Bangalore from Chennai just for this purpose. They were also accompanied by Mr.Shekar their well wisher in India .
Mrs.Durga & Mr.Michael live in Syndney, Australia. This young couple married for 3 yrs now, they have been involved in various social activities world wide. This includes their work in Japan for 2 yrs, 6 months of Tsunami Affected Areas in Srilanka coordinating with UN & other NGOʼs.

The couple had contacted us before visiting India & their willingness to visit Indira Gandhi Internal School. So on Saturday we took them all to the place , to get a feel of the circumstances. The School manager Mr.Gracian had explained their situation and their needs and given a list of most essential requirements.

Major Requirements for Indira Gandhi Internation School


1. There are 310 students at this school and they get lunch from Mid-day meal program, but they need 40 kg rice for their dinner everyday. They don’t have constant sponser for this.

2. Since the total strengh is increased from 200 to 310, they had asked us provide 100 eating ever silver plates and 200 ever silver glasess.

3. There are 5 students studying PUC at different (akshaya school)school, (coz Indira Gandhi school supports until 10th Standard) and they are spending Rs. 100 for bus fares every day. (Rs. 20 per student, For 5 students – Rs.100).This is becoming very expensive, the only solution getting bus pass. The bus pass fare is Rs.900 for 1 year for 1 student. They need Rs. 4500 for 5 students to get bus pass.

4. We had discussion with all teachers – they have 9 teachers now and they planned to have 3 more teacher in this year. Salary is pending for many teachers and Management don’t have fund to provide salary. This is one of the most essential requirement.

After hearing all the require! ments, we had detailed discussions with Mrs.Durga & Mr. Michael, and then, we decided to suppot the following projects, which are considered as essential & having wide impact.

Agreed and executed projects for Indira Gandhi School with financial support from Mr. Michael and Mrs. Durga Owen.

1) Food Items purchased and supplied 10600.00
– Rice 300 Kg
– Thoor Dal 100 Kg
– Cooking Oil 21 litres
Impact : This would solve the food problem for more than 10 days.
2) Paid Bus pass fare for 5 PUC students 4500.00
(Yearly pass costs 900/- per student)
Impact : Total bus expenses is reduced. Money paid to Indira Gandhi School Management, they would get bus pass on Wednesday.

3) Ever Silver Plates and Drinking glasses – 4700.00
We supplied 100 ever silver plates and 200 drinking glasses


4)Funding 4 Teachers for 8 months 96000.00
– Decided to provude salary for 4 teachers for 8 months
– 4 x 3000 x 8 months
– This money would be transferred to India Sudar account and India Sudar would issues the cheque to teachers directly.
– Project report would be created once the money transfer to india sudar is completed.

Total project cost 115800.00

Thanks a lot to Mrs. Durga Owen and Mr. Michael Owen on behalf of India Sudar and Indira Gandhi International School.

Special thanks to Durgaʼs Mother Mrs.Nagula and her friends Mrs. Anushya, Mrs Sashi who initiated this whole process. On their consent, Durga traveled here to execute the project. We are deeply touched by all their dedication.
Without Mr.Sriram & his Father we would not have been able to purchase food items at best rates. They gave their whole hearted effort on this Sunday. Thanks a lot for Sriram and his father.

Sriram arranged a truck to deliver food items and he negotiated for Rs. 250, we we expecting that truck driver would ask more money due to more distance than he expected. The surprise was that truck driver Mr. Moorthy – charged only Rs. 150 and he said that he also wanted to contribute for this noble cause. It was a real surprise !! Thanks to Mr. Murthy, Truck driver.

We sincerely thank all who were responsible for this execution. This gives us more confidence to do take up bigger projects creating greater impact for the needy.
Will upload the photos to blog in a day or two !
India Sudar Team,

WC: 1.25/KA/2006_07 – Teacher Deployed Successfully.


Bangalore, KA.
Dear Friends,

We have deployed a teacher in Indira Gandhi International Academy, #10/2, Yelahanka Jakkur Road, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064 to teach 7th to 10th standard students.

Our sincere thanks to our IS-KA Team members and Lead Mr.Ravi Kumar.K

I have attached Project Report for your reference.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur.

Bangalore, Ka.

Dear Friends,

Today I have visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064 to get information about Teacher for our Project in this school.

Already we(myself & Ravi Kumar.K) discussed & decided to deploy two teacher for this school initially.

Currently Mr.Ravi Kumar.K and KA-Team working for following TWO project in this school, any one interested to participate in week end activity, Please contact Mr.Ravi Kumar.K, , 91-98452-22670

1.Deploy Teacher for this school.
2.Provide Shelf(Book/Dress) Lockers to students.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore.

Jakkur, Bangalore.

Dear Friends,

1. Today(03/Dec/06), I have visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064 School to distribute text books with India Sudar Seal.

2. I had the discussion with S.Mohan (Bright Society Secretary) for education requirement. Currently this school supports 200 students, now they received admission request from 1000 students for this school. But they are not in the position to accept every thing, they are planning to admit only 50 to 100 students out of 1000 from next academic year.

3. India Sudar Projects at Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur:

3.1 Providing Text book, Note Book, education material – DONE (WC: 2.16/KA/2006_07, work coordinator: Ravi Kumar.K)
3.2 Providing Book Shelf – Already Mr.Ravi Kumar(L) working with Samsung India Software to provide this.
3.3 DEPLOYING TEACHER: Already we are working with our partner organization to deploy teacher for this school.

Note: This School was set up in Bangalore in 1990 with funding by Bright Society, a non- governmental organization.

Udhaya Kumar.V
The Managing Trustee,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Updates on Indira Gandhi Internation Academy

Bangalore, KA.

Hello All,

Myself and Uday Kumar had visited Indira Gandhi Internation Academy on last sunday (21st Jan 2007) and had discussion with Mr. Gracian, who is incharge of Administration.

Indira Gandhi Internation Academy is getting lunch delivered by ISKON from monday to saturday. ISKON supports and providing lunch for 75000 kids everyday.
Also, Indira Gandhi Internation Academy is getting milk (20 liters) and eggs (200) every day by two well wishers Mr. Paul Thangaiya and Mrs. Elizabeth. I would say they are managing their everyday food with little struggle. As per Mr. Gracian, they can manage food with local support.

Indira Gandhi Internation Academy arranged meeting with parents,well wishers and teachers on 10th April 2007 and expect us to join for the meeting to discuss about activities in that school.

They are planning to accomodate more students by Jun 2007, since they have building facility to accomodate more than 400 students and the expected strength will go up from current strenth 186 to 400.

They had recruited 4 more teachers to support extra students and they expected to join by June 2007.

They have 2 major requirements for this school

1. Shelf : They need shelfs to keep their clothes and study materials. We had visited their rooms, where they kept their belongings and books, those are broken shelfs and most o! f their belonging and books are lying on the floor. The worst part is they had converted some extra toilets to keep their belongings by using some small wood parts.
The shelf with locker facility will cost around Rs.3000 to 4000 and each shelf will have 5 to 7 lockers. We would find out the cost and other details and let u know by next week.

2. Teacher’s Salary Second Major requirement is salary for teachers. The list of existing teachers and their salary per month is
(i) S. Elamathi – Rs. 3000+ 500 (bus pass)
(ii) Jesudasam – Rs. 2000
(iii) Deniclass.A-Rs. 2000
(iv) Mary Nirmala-Rs. 2000 +500 (bus pass)
(v) Chandran. N -Rs. 2000
(vi) Parvathi.K -Rs. 2000
(vii) Neelakanda Prasad Rs. 3000
(viii) Kokilavani Rs. 1200
and 3 (2+1) wardens

And, they will have to pay Rs. 16000 for 4 new teachers from June 2007 onwards.
So they expected to pay Rs. 35000 (including warden salary) per month to teachers from June 2007 onwards and they are looking for some well wishers to support regularly.

Dream India 2020 – promised to provide salary for 1 teacher already.
May be INDIA SUDAR and Partner Organizations should join together to support their needs – Shelf and Teacher’s Salary.
Uday – Please update to group, if i had missed any information.


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