Dear All,
Indira Gandhi International Academy (IGIA), Jakkur, Bangalore is a residiatial school for more than 300 srilankan refugee students at Jakkur, Bangalore and India Sudar is supporting for their education by deploying teachers ,providing note books and stationaries.
Also, India Sudar conducted medical camp at IGIA last year and the doctors recommended to arrange for safe drinking water after seeing the kind of deseases diagnosed with most of the students.
In the past few months, there are 30 to 40 students fell ill every week due to water contamination. The students consumes borewell water without any purifier.
Though India Sudar is not involved in any infrastructure project, we approached our partner organization and corporates to set up water purifier.
Finally, SAMSUNG SEVA Team sponsored WATER PURIFIER from life gaurd sales and service last week. It is installed and working fine.
We visited the school and verified the quality of water on last sunday. All the 300 students and 20 staff are very happy about it.
India Sudar express our sincere thanks to SAMSUNG SEVA TEAM.
The total cost of WATER PURIFIER and Installation charges is Rs. 39,000.00
Project report and thanks letter from IGIA is attached for your reference.

[KA Event] Drawing Competition and Quiz Program at Indira Gandhi School, Jakkur, Bangalore


Dear All,

It was a great saturday for India Sudar KA team and Samsung Seva team.

Venue : Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore.
Time : 2.45p.m to 8.30p.m

India Sudar KA team and Samsung Seva team conducted a Drawing competition for students from 1st to 7th Standard and Quiz program for students of 8th, 9th and 10th standard on 29th August 2009, Saturday.

There were 250 enthusiastic students who participated in the event and enjoyed. It was a great fun and exiciting to see children participate.

We had distributed drawing sheets and a packet of crayon pencils to each student. Our team added spirit to the event by helping participants sharpen their pencils, arranged erasers and scales. It reminded us of our school days.

Our India Sudar member K Balamanikandan, who is an expert in conducting quiz programs was the quiz master for this mega event.. The program ran for more than 4 hours with 10 rounds. The way Bala managed each round was really amazing. The hall was overpooling with the crowd, which encouraged the participants.

Here i would like to share one of the funniest moments of the quiz. We happened to show the Reserve Bank of India emblem with the lion and palm tree which is printed on all indian currency notes and asked to which department it belonged. The crowd couldn’t stop laughing when one of participants answered it belonged to forest department as it had pictures of lion and tree.

Prize distribution was very encouraging . Every winner received India Sudar certificates and prizes amidst a huge round of applause and encouragement from the crowd.

We guys thoroughly enjoyed the event and I guess these photos will talk more than words 🙂

It was a pitiable moment when the caretaker explained us the need for sanitary napkins during our last visit. So, We made it sure to donate sanitary napkins for 100 adult girls towards their healthcare.

The entire event was sponsored by Samsung Seva Team.

India Sudar expresses our hearty thanks to event organizers and Samsung Seva Team. We also thank all the participants for their overwhelming response.


Karnatka: Visited to IGIA School, Jakkur, Bangalore.

Dear Friends,
Today I have visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, #10/2, Yelahanka Jakkur Road, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064, KA with one of the IT Social Welfare Group(Prayaas) to see the school need and review. I had discussion Mr.Mohan, Bright Society Secretary and Gokila(Admin).
Last 3 years we provided education material for this school, But this academic year already some of organization provided complete education material. This year they are planning to accommodate 300 students in this school.
Old Visit Reports:
1. Badly need teachers
2. Food material
3. Sleeping mat

Dear Friends,

Today I have visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, #10/2, Yelahanka Jakkur Road, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064, KA with one of the IT Social Welfare Group(Prayaas) to see the school need and review. I had discussion Mr.Mohan, Bright Society Secretary and Gokila(Admin).

Last 3 years we provided education material for this school, But this academic year already some of organization provided complete education material. This year they are planning to accommodate 300 students in this school.

Old Visit Reports:


1. Badly need teachers

2. Food material

3. Sleeping mat

Udhaya Kumar.V

Mobile:+91.98867.33607 – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education

Requirement & Project at Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore.

Dear Friends,

We(Shiva Nararyanan.P & Myself) visited(on 30-Nov-08) to Indira Gandhi International Academy, #10/2, Yelahanka Jakkur Road, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064 & had discussion with Gokila(Admin) to review our implemented projects and new requirements.

We have provided (work code : 2.49/KA/2008_09) Kannada, Maths, Science and Social Guide for fourteen 10th standard students. They don’t have proper teachers for 10th standard classes. We believe these books really useful for this student. I have attached project report for your reference.

They need following grocery to provide breakfast and dinner for 230 students. If anybody interested to provide following grocery you can directly purchase and deliver to this school (or) contact me.
Grocery requirement for 230 students:

Rice – 500 Kgs
Mysore Dhal – 200 Kg
Sugar – 200 Kg
Bengal Grame(White) – 200 Kgs
Green Gram – 200 Kg
Beaten Rice – 150 Kg
Maida – 200 Kg
Chilly Powder – 25 Kgs
Dhanya Powder – 25 Kgs
Zeera – 10 Kgs
Sombu – 10 Kgs
Mustard – 10 Kgs
Venthayam – 5 Kgs
Cooking Oil – 50 Ltrs
Hair Oil – 5 Ltrs
Sabina – 50 Pks
Phenyl – 25 Ltrs
Wheel Powder – 30 Kgs
Bathing Soap – 230 nos
Washing Soap – 230
Coconut – 100 nos
Potatoes – 100 Kgs
Onion – 100 Kgs

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile:+91.98867.33607 – Developing a Powerful India by Providing Education – India Sudar Visit report

KA VISIT & REQUIREMENT REPORT: Indira Gandhi International Academy.

Dear Friends,

1. On 15/Jun/2008, We(Myself & Praveen.X.G.P(94)) visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064, KA school and discussed with Gracian(Admin), Gokila(Admin) & Teachers to understand current situation/education need. Last two years, India Sudar supporting this school/home through Deploying Teachers & Providing education materials.

2. Current year they are planning to admit 250 to 300 students from refugee camp. This school/Home providing education for 1st standard to 10th standard students, other then this they have PUC and college going students also in this home.

3. Current Academic Year Requirements as follows to discuss with KA team.
3.1 Teacher deployment. This will be deicide based on our IS members(Durga Owen, Michael Owen (Australia)) funding support.
3.2 Education materials(Text Book, Note book, pen, pencil, etc) for complete academic year for all students

Please refer old visit report from

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Visited Indira Gandhi International School at Jakkur, Bangalore

Bangalore, KA.

Dear All,

Wish you a very happy new year.

India Sudar KA Team(K.Ravikumar, Ram, Udhaya Kumar.V) visited Indira Gandhi International School on Jan 1st, 2008 with 300 tooth brush and paste along with some decoration items like balloons etc.

Thanks to J Jeyanthi ,Indhu Senthilnathan and Chandrasekar for their contributions.

Thanks to Prakash and Shiva – for their initiative to purchase from Metro (otherwise the cost would been very high)

We spend sometime with them to distribute chocolates and decorating their dining hall. It was nice to spend time with them.

Later, set of volunteers from Mindtree arranged a cultural program for them and they had nice evening.

We would create a separate project and upload in web for the account details.



INDIA SUDAR QUIZ Program at Indira Gandhi International Academy School, Bangalre.

Bangalore, KA


Dear Friends,

We(Balamani Kandan.K, Prashanth L A, Ramaseshan.S & Udhaya Kumar,V) conducted INDIA SUDAR QUIZKIK’07 (Quiz to Know & Improve Knowledge) program in Indira Gandhi International Academy School, #10/2, Yelahanka Jakkur Road, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064, KA on 01-Dec-2007.

#1 we started with Preliminary test. 33 students attended from 8th, 9th & 10th classes. This question paper contains 40 questions, duration of 50 minutes. We provided question papers, answer sheets & pen to every student from IS.

#2 after completion of this test, we started the paper correction and formed 4 teams (3 member per team) based on the mark. As prashant recommendation we named our team called Cauvery, Ganga, Narmada & Godavari.

#3 Our BalaMani(Quiz Master) planned for 5 round of quiz program. It’s really wonderful experience for students and IS members. Even audience also participated in this program and took prize.

#4 winning team as follows. We provided the prize for all teams based on the score.

I   Narmada
II  Ganga
III Cauvery
IV  Godavari

Our Sincere THANKS to our member Mr. Balamani Kandan.K, Who initiated this project, Prepared completed questions, Conducted the Quiz.

Our Sincere THANKS to our members Prashanth L A & Ramaseshan.S, Who conducted the exam, paper correction & supported quiz program.

Our Sincere THANKS to our member Anshu Gupta, Who sponsored (1,850 Rs) the prize for our Quiz program.

Our Sincere THANKS to Indira Gandhi International Academy School Head master Ambika, Who provided the facility, organize the students.

Let’s plan for more Quiz in School and District level
Udhaya Kumar.V,
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

visit to indra gandhi international academy for Quiz Program.

Bangalore, KA.

Dear friends,

I and Mr.Udhai visited Indra Gandhi International academy, Jakkur, Bangalore on 17. 11.2007. We collected required details to conduct the quiz program (General, Maths, Science and English) on 1.12.2007 in their campus itself.

1. Quiz program will be conducted for 8th, 9th and 10th students.
2. No of students: 8th- 17, 9th – 17 and 10th- 14. Total- 48.
3. There will be preliminary test for the 48 students and then 8
students ( 4 teams and two per team) will be selected for final round.
4. Discussion regarding prizes will be decided within this week.
5. Details about the quiz program along with the model question paper
will be given to the headmaster by Tuesday.

With care,

Visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064, KA.

Bangalore, KA.

Dear friends,

On 28-Oct-2007, I have visited to Indira Gandhi International Academy, Jakkur, Bangalore – 560 064, KA and Discussion with Gokila(Admin for this School, Mobile- 91-99729-36136) to see our ongoing projects and current requirement.

Existing Project & Status:

1. Already we deployed 5 teacher through Australian Sponsord and Partners
2. One month back, Mr.Sam (Srilankan settled in Australia, IBM’mer) provided some of the educaiton material, 100 sleeping mattress, corpot, some dress for girls.

Some of the Urgent Requirements:

1. Already ISKON provides lunch in this home, But they needs to make breakfast and dinner. Currently they don’t have enough support for food & ending up with issue. Some time back one of the Church(Indira Nagar) supported in the food perspective. But now they are stopped because of some internal restriction. India sudar cont support this requirement, So We needs to find any other supporting organization for this requirement. Still they asked some of the daily things like soap, oil, etc

2. Still they have electricity issue, it means they don’t have electricity in this school. Even they have some Solar Lamps, but nothing works.

About this Organization fore new members:

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

Project exected at Indira Gandhi School

08th Jul 2007 , Bangalore, KA.

CLICK me to see complete PHOTO:

Dear All,


It was a great weekend for India Sudar team-Bangalore.
Attendees from India Sudar Team : Durga , Michael , Shekar from Tanjore, Ravikumar , Gopal Krishnan, Shiva, Sriram, Ragavendra, Ram Ganesh, Vijay Babu.
We visited Indira Gandhi School , Bangalore in the weekend and funded for their 3 top most essential needs.

India Sudar members Mrs. Durga Owen and her husband Mr. Michael Owen from Australia joined with us and they flew down to Bangalore from Chennai just for this purpose. They were also accompanied by Mr.Shekar their well wisher in India .
Mrs.Durga & Mr.Michael live in Syndney, Australia. This young couple married for 3 yrs now, they have been involved in various social activities world wide. This includes their work in Japan for 2 yrs, 6 months of Tsunami Affected Areas in Srilanka coordinating with UN & other NGOʼs.

The couple had contacted us before visiting India & their willingness to visit Indira Gandhi Internal School. So on Saturday we took them all to the place , to get a feel of the circumstances. The School manager Mr.Gracian had explained their situation and their needs and given a list of most essential requirements.

Major Requirements for Indira Gandhi Internation School


1. There are 310 students at this school and they get lunch from Mid-day meal program, but they need 40 kg rice for their dinner everyday. They don’t have constant sponser for this.

2. Since the total strengh is increased from 200 to 310, they had asked us provide 100 eating ever silver plates and 200 ever silver glasess.

3. There are 5 students studying PUC at different (akshaya school)school, (coz Indira Gandhi school supports until 10th Standard) and they are spending Rs. 100 for bus fares every day. (Rs. 20 per student, For 5 students – Rs.100).This is becoming very expensive, the only solution getting bus pass. The bus pass fare is Rs.900 for 1 year for 1 student. They need Rs. 4500 for 5 students to get bus pass.

4. We had discussion with all teachers – they have 9 teachers now and they planned to have 3 more teacher in this year. Salary is pending for many teachers and Management don’t have fund to provide salary. This is one of the most essential requirement.

After hearing all the require! ments, we had detailed discussions with Mrs.Durga & Mr. Michael, and then, we decided to suppot the following projects, which are considered as essential & having wide impact.

Agreed and executed projects for Indira Gandhi School with financial support from Mr. Michael and Mrs. Durga Owen.

1) Food Items purchased and supplied 10600.00
– Rice 300 Kg
– Thoor Dal 100 Kg
– Cooking Oil 21 litres
Impact : This would solve the food problem for more than 10 days.
2) Paid Bus pass fare for 5 PUC students 4500.00
(Yearly pass costs 900/- per student)
Impact : Total bus expenses is reduced. Money paid to Indira Gandhi School Management, they would get bus pass on Wednesday.

3) Ever Silver Plates and Drinking glasses – 4700.00
We supplied 100 ever silver plates and 200 drinking glasses


4)Funding 4 Teachers for 8 months 96000.00
– Decided to provude salary for 4 teachers for 8 months
– 4 x 3000 x 8 months
– This money would be transferred to India Sudar account and India Sudar would issues the cheque to teachers directly.
– Project report would be created once the money transfer to india sudar is completed.

Total project cost 115800.00

Thanks a lot to Mrs. Durga Owen and Mr. Michael Owen on behalf of India Sudar and Indira Gandhi International School.

Special thanks to Durgaʼs Mother Mrs.Nagula and her friends Mrs. Anushya, Mrs Sashi who initiated this whole process. On their consent, Durga traveled here to execute the project. We are deeply touched by all their dedication.
Without Mr.Sriram & his Father we would not have been able to purchase food items at best rates. They gave their whole hearted effort on this Sunday. Thanks a lot for Sriram and his father.

Sriram arranged a truck to deliver food items and he negotiated for Rs. 250, we we expecting that truck driver would ask more money due to more distance than he expected. The surprise was that truck driver Mr. Moorthy – charged only Rs. 150 and he said that he also wanted to contribute for this noble cause. It was a real surprise !! Thanks to Mr. Murthy, Truck driver.

We sincerely thank all who were responsible for this execution. This gives us more confidence to do take up bigger projects creating greater impact for the needy.
Will upload the photos to blog in a day or two !
India Sudar Team,

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