[India Sudar] IS KA: Visit report – Hosahalli, Koppal

Hosahalli, Koppal, Karnataka.

Hi Friends,

KA team members – Raghavendra, Ram and Sachin visited IndiaSudar tuition center at Hosahalli, Koppal on 9th August.

IndiaSudar Tuition Center: We started this tuition center last year December, by deploying a teacher Ms Fatima and taking care of the salary.  For the current academic year, we are continuing with the same teacher and she started taking tuition from Jul 2008.
(Visit here for previous report – https://indiasudar.wordpress.com/category/ka-hosahalli-village-koppal-dist/)

Currently, there are 31 students from (Std I to Std VII) in the Tuition center.  We distributed few education stationery items (Notebooks, Pencils, Eraser, Sharpner and Pens) to the students in Tuition center. 

Government Primary School, Hosahalli: We also visited the Govt. School in Hosahalli and requested the Head master to send more interested students to the tuition center.  Headmaster also asked us to provide the list of students coming to tuition center, so that they can monitor their progress in school and give us the feedback.  Ms Fatima will be sending the student list by end of this week.
Mr Patil, a teacher in this school was mentioning about couple of students who have scored distinction (above 85% in Std X) and were struggling to study further due to poor background.  He requested us to help the deserving students.  We asked him to provide us with details.  On saturday, the school children had won “Kho-Kho” competition in cluster level and were celebrating.  So he promised us to give the details by next week.

Yasmeen, Poor Student: We met Yasmeen’s mother during this visit.  Yasmeen had a cultural programme in her college and we could not meet her.  There was a requirement for Textbooks and Uniform for Yasmeen.  We got this requirement couple of days before we started this visit.  So we donated Rs. 800 from IndiaSudar for Textbooks and Uniform.

We will send reports for these projects executed above separately.  Thanks to all the donors supporting for these projects and we request for your continued support.

Photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/IndiaSudarTuitionCenterHosahalliKoppal

India Sudar KA Team.

Visited to Hosahalli Village, Koppal(Dist), KA to setup India Sudar tuition center.

[India Sudar] Tuition center: Hospet

From: Ramaseshan S <rama_236@yahoo.com>
To: indiasudar@yahoogroups.com

Dear All,

We have set up a new Tuition center at Lingapura in Hospet. Ms. Fathima BB, tuition teacher, would be teaching all students of primary/middle/high schools in the village. This Tuition is for under privileged students of Govt. school who cannot afford regular Tuitions. This project also targets to provide individual attention to children who find it difficult to cope with the Classroom teaching/sessions.

Attached is the project report for your reference.

Follow this link for more information.


Koppal Dist, Karnataka.

Dear Friends,

We(Raghavendra Prasad A R, Ramaseshan.S, Udhaya Kumar.V) have visited to Hosahalli Village, Koppal(Dist) – 583234, Karnataka (Near Hospet, 20 Km from Humpi, 350Km from Bangalore, North Karnataka) on 29-Dec-2007 to setup India Sudar tuition center.

We have visited to this village through Bhuvaneswari, She was taking tuition for this village poor students in past. Currently she is not able to continue this.

We have visited to Hosahalli Government School and had discussion with Head Master and some of the teachers, students. 396 students studying in this school and they are from 1st standard to 8th standard(10 teachers working). Some of the private school also available at nearby this village. Most of these students’ parents are illiterate, so they are not giving much important for the education.


We have explained our India Sudar activity to Head master & teachers. They are very impressed and ready to allocate separate class room to run our tuition center within school itself.

Currently we are starting our center in Fathima.BB(India Sudar center Teacher) house itself. Down the line we will move this center to Gov School. Bhuvaneswari taking ownership to invite only poor students and first generation kids for our center. India Sudar will start this center from Jan’08 to Apri’08. Yes of course this will be continued for next academic year also.

Our center will run for 7 days per week. Sunday will be used only 9th and 10th students.


We have to appreciate Bhuvaneswari, Who is really showing the interest to provide education for these village students. We have visited to Bhuvana house & she staying in very small house. Even she had several economical issues, still having the mentality to help village students. She is proving money is not a matter to provide service to poor students.


Udhaya Kumar.V
IS KA Team
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

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