IS KA: educational stationaries provided at GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST for 65 students

Dear All,
Ravi, Uday and Shiva are visited GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST on 9th July 2008 and 13th July 2008 and made report with their requirements already(www. gerizimhome. org).
Based on the report, KA TEAM members Raghu, Ravi, Uday and Nagarajan were visited again on 28th July 2008, Sunday with notebooks, pen, pencil, sketch box, eraser, scale, geometry box and other education materials for 60 students.

This project is funded by our partner organization RECT_BATCH_OF_ 98 (Rs.7,000), and Bhagyashree Biranthbail( 477) – Rs.5,000.
India Sudar express our heartful thanks to RECT_BATCH_OF_ 98 (P05) and  Bhagyashree Biranthbail( 477) on behalf of students at GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST.
We had interacted with them to find their interests and extra curricular activities. We found many talents among them like singing, dancing and sports.

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Further requirements

1. Dictionary : English to Kannada, English to Telugu, English to Hindi and English to Tamil
2. Tape recorder or CD player : They want to practise dance
India sudar is planning to conduct cultural programme at GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST soon.
India Sudar


Visit Photos are available in the below link

Dear All,

Ravi, Uday and Shiva are visited GERIZIM REHABILITATION TRUST on 9th July 2008 and today (13th July 2008). GERIZIM is registered under Charitable Trust Act No.321/90-91 dated 23.08.90 and they are running home for orphans and mentally challenged children ( Thanks to Mrs.Vasundra, who brought this home to our notice.

Gerizum and Mr. Yesudian
Mr. Yesudian is the chairman of this trust and there are 7 trustees
We met Mr.Yesudian and his wife, listened their inspiring story.
They had started this trust with 40 children and running at their own home along with their children, they used to manage expenses of 42 children with their salary.
With the help of his Japanese friends, he got great support from Japanese ambassador after seeing their dedicated service.

One of the well wisher and philanthropist Mr.Ramachandra Reddy donated 2 acre land to expand their service to more kids. Now they have home for more than 200 children in 3 different places in Bangalore.
Details of Children

There are more than 200 children from all 3 homes.
In Ejipura home – there are 70 students including special children (challenged)

In Doddakannelli village home,
Girls – 47(NOrmal)+ 16(Metally retarded),
Boys –  42(Normal) +25(Mentally retarded)
These normal children are sent to near by Govt schools and few studious children go to nearby Carmel matriculation school(depending on fund availability). The age group of children are 1.5 yrs to 18 yrs.
Most of the children from Andra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

30 special children are staying in ejipura home, while the children above 18 yrs are in Doddakanneli home.

How do they come here

70% of the children are actually sent by Karnataka Child welfare committee. Most of the children are orphans or have single parent.
They get children through some social workers also

Vocational training centre

At doddakennali there is also vocational training centre for mentally challenged. They do products like chalks, paper covers for medical stores etc ..

 Special children teaching:

At both the homes there are special teachers who educate the smaller kids & the elder ones. The children are divided into 5 groups & given “Special Olympics ”

Blind Students
There are totally 5 blind children and 1 is doing Music Course and she is practicing veena excellently.

Requirements and ways to help them:
 The normal school going children need notebooks. We got the complete student’s list and their notebook requirements from Mr. Yesudian. We can support this at present.
Dividers in Special children training classes. Currently there is no divider. SO the children are getting distracted during the class.
They are managing their food expenses somehow. It was good to know that even small shop at MADIWALA Vegitable market donate small amount of vegetables every week. But they are stuggling to manage their monthly food expenses.
They need around Rs.2 lakhs per month to pay for all 65 staff members, but they are able to manage only Rs.70,000 per month. So they are not able to control the attrition rate. They need more sponsors to pay their staff salary.
They do collect old newspapers for paper bag making – they make money out of it. You can donate your old news papers to them.
We can arrange exhibition at our office premises to sell their products

Gerizim had asked us, if we can support them with notebooks and stationaries for this academic year. It has been delayed and they are not able to get anyone to donate this until now. The requirement details are attached in this mail.
India Sudar is looking forward to help them during this weekend.
Address and contact details:

Girizim children home for special children, Ejipura
24th Cross, Ejipura,Viveknagar P. O,Bangalore 560 047,India – Phone : 25712015

Girizim Boy’s home, Dodakennali, Girizim Girl’s home, Dodakennali
Behind Janatha Colony, Doddakannelli Village,
Carmalaram P.O. Sarjapura Road, Bangalore – 560 035.
Phone : 28441330, 22734186
K.Ravi, India Sudar KA Team.

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