KA School Survey report – Gowribidanur taluk of Chikkaballapur district

Gowribidanur taluk, Chikkaballapur district, KA

Dear friends,

Please find below a brief summary of survey conducted by KA-IS team last week:

Date(s): 4-Apr and 5-Apr
Location: Villages under Gowribidanur taluk of Chikkaballapur district

Schools surveyed:  7
– Government Lower Primary School, Huduthi, Nagasandra Post
– Government Lower Primary School, Kadirenahalli, Viduraswatha Post
– Government Higher Primary School, Halaganahalli Post
– Government Higher Primary School, Kudurebalya, Hampasandra Post
– Government Higher Primary School, Ramapura Post
– Government High School, Ramapura Post
– Government Higher Primary School, Chikkakurugodu
The details of the survey are available in the attached spreadsheet (as per the new survey template).

   This area is quite backward with agriculture labour being the primary occupation. The primary needs of the schools are the notebooks/stationeries and it would be nice to conduct awareness programs such as quiz, science, creative classes to improve and enthuse the schools kids and parents alike. IS have worked and achieved remarkable success in Chikkakurugodu over the previous year – apart from donating notebooks/stationeries in two phases, we also conducted a taluk level quiz and teacher training program here.

A followup mail with the exact “prioritized” requirements of the schools above will be sent after due consideration by KA-IS core team and we earnestly request you to continue supporting this cause for promoting and elevating education in rural segments.

KA-IS team 

Mini-Taluk level Quiz program & Teacher Training in Chikkaballapur district, Karnataka

Dear friends,

The Taluk level quiz and training programs we conducted last weekend, generated a lot of excitement and enthusiasm among the participating students, teachers and local community in Gowribidanur taluk. These programs, conducted with the approval of education department (DDPI and BEO), were very successful in generating awareness in a rural setting. The photos are available at http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/IndiaSudarMiniTalukLevelQuizProgram and http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/MiniTalukLevelTeacherTrainingAtGauribidanurTalukChikkaballapurDistrict  

A summary of these programs is presented below:

Date: 12-Jan-2008
Venue: Chikkakurugodu HPS, Gowribidanur taluk, Chikkaballapur district, Karnataka.
Programs: Quiz program and teacher training
Number of schools: 16
Number of teachers: 24


– Preliminary written test conducted to select top 5 teams.
– Five rounds of quiz among the selected teams interspersed with audience questions
– GHPS Alipura, GHPS Melya and GHPS Chikkakurugodu emerged as the first, second and third team respectively
– Trophies for the top 3 teams and individual prizes (dictionaries, wren and martin, note books, pens, etc) to the members of each team were distributed

Teacher Training:

– 24 teacher trained on “Positive classroom teaching” and “Student-teacher relationship” modules
– Smt. Ambika and Lakshmi’s services engaged via a contract (5K as fees) for this purpose
– Positive overall feedback from the teachers, but for the opinion that a local trainer would be more effective.

Work Co-ordinators: Uday, Raghavendra, Deepak, Subramanya, Thejaswini, Santhosh and Prashanth

Quiz content contributors: Prashanth, Raghavendra, Rama Seshan, Thejaswini, Deepak, Subramanya

Special Thanks to: The headmaster, school staff and the villagers of Chikkakurugodu for excellent arrangement at the venue. Sri. C.N. Mohan Rao deserves a special mention for food arrangements to the visiting team of IS/trainers. Another noteworthy contribution is of the villagers who donated for the food and related cost during these programs.

KA-IS team
L.A. Prashanth,

Dear Friends,

Mini-Taluk level Quiz program & Teacher Training – One of our milestone in
Karnataka. Its really EXCELLENT project and we had more
student/teachers/goverment staff interaction through this project. Definatly we
got very good experience while working for this project in last one month.

Our Sincere THANKS to our KA Team members Prashanth, Raghavendra, Rama Seshan,
Thejaswini, Who planned and prepared Question papers in Kannada for last one

Our Sincere THANKS to our IS members Santhosh, Deepak, Subramanya, Mani, Who
worked for this project.

We got very good support from Headmaster, Teachers, Village People, BEO/DDPI for
our program. Teachers, SDMC (School Development and Monitoring Committee) and
villagers of Chikkakurugodu did complete arrangement like sending invitation to
schools, providing lunch to all the students/teachers, decorating school,
providing sound system for Quiz, Stage for Quiz, etc.

Our Sincere THANKS Headmaster Sri.Sheshadri, School teachers, Sri. C.N. Mohan
Rao, BEO, Who are all Co-ordinated the India Sudar project in Chikkakurugodu.

I have attached project report for your reference.

Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

India Sudar Innovative Training to Government School Teachers in Chikkaballapur District, KA.

Bangalore, Ka.


Dear Friends,

We(Prashanth.L.A, Udhaya Kumar.V) had discuss with Ambika Krishnamurthy on 22/Dec/2007 to provide training for Government school teachers in Gauribidanur taluk, Chikkaballapur District, KA.


As you know already, India Sudar decided to conduct mini-taluk level Quiz programs in Gauribidanur taluk, Chikkaballapur district, KA. We will invite 25 schools for Quiz program, same time one teacher will be invited from each school for this training. We are planning to execute Quiz and Teacher training parallel in same day.


Ambika Krishnamurthy(9980806464), Director of SHIKSHA(Training Institute), Head Master will conduct this program for the teachers & She will invite one more assistant for this training from Shiksha.


Initially we are planning to provide two course “Student-Teacher relationship” & “Positive Classroom teaching” in this training.


We are planning to accommodate 20 to 30 teachers in this training, 1 day(Approximately 6 hrs).


India Sudar will bring all the teachers and provide some of the education material, and 2 laptop for PPT presentation. We agree to pay 5,000 Rs for this one day program. This is absolutely our pilot project, Based on the results we will replicate the same program in the different place.


Udhaya Kumar.V
Mobile: +91-98867-33607

More requirements from Govt Primary School at Chikkarogudoo School – Karnataka

Chikkaballapur(district), Karnataka,
Dear friends,

As planned, we visited the school at Chikkakurugodu in Chikkaballapur district on Nov 1st (Kannada Rajyotsava Day). As with phase 1, it was a well-organized function in the school premises, presided over by the local dignitaries. Lunch followed, courtesy Sri. C.N.Mohan Rao.

A few satisying observations from our assessment are as follows:

– A quick inspection of the material we provided in phase 1 clearly suggested that it was put to “best use” by the students through the teachers and headmaster. What was especially heartening to see was the sample cursive handwriting notebooks of a few kids, with those flawless masterful strokes 🙂

– An interesting side-effect of our project execution here is the tremendous increase in the participation and contribution to the school by the localites. Sample these: 10+ chairs donated, School wall painted with a lot of useful information , Newspaper subscription and so on.

– The key contributing factor for these is the headmaster and his troupe of teachers, who have been working incessantly towards improving  the quality of education here.

Being impressed by our efforts, the resource personnel (CRP) arranged for a meeting with the local BEO (Block Education Officer) and a few assisting officers.  We elaborated on the vision/activities of our group and then had a brief discussion on the issues affecting the quality of education in the vicinity (Gauribidanur taluk and surrounding villages). The predominant ones are: drop outs due to lack of awareness (both parents and wards), increased inferiority complex due to competing private schools and lack of dedication on the part of teachers.

We intend to continue our efforts in this district to increase awareness and build confidence to improve enrollment, retention and learning. All helping hands towards this initiative are welcome :-).

The project report is attached herewith and the photos are available at http://picasaweb.google.com/indiasudar/CkgoduPhase2ExecutionOn1112007ByKNISTeam


KA-IS Team

More requirements from Govt Primary School at Chikkarogudoo School – Karnataka

Chikkarogudoo, Karnataka
Hello All,

Hope you all remember our visit to Govt School at Chikkarogudoo in Karnataka on July 17th,2007 to provide stationaries.

Here they have approached us with some more requirements.

Basic things are
1.    Uniforms
a.    I to IV std: M:60, F:49
b.    V to VII std: M:52 F:45
2.    200 page note books – 850
3.    100 page note books – 615
4.    Outline map books – 75
5.    Sketch pens – 170
6.    Drawing books – 200
7.    School bags – 205

Nice to have

8.    Lens (Convex/Concave)
9.    Shoes – 205
10.    Scientists portraits (See attachment for details)
11.    Chemicals for teaching chemistry (See attachment for details)
12.    Portraits of human body/parts (See attachment for details)
13.    Chairs – 20
14.    Desks – 40
15.    Computer + Printer – 1
16.    Tape recorder – 1
17.    Radio – 1
18.    Television – 1
19.    DVD – 1
20.    Mike set
21.    Cupboard  – 2

We received a letter from Headmaster with all the above requirements. However we are not focusing to provide all the items they asked for.

We are focusing more to provide the basic things in the above list from (1) to (7). If any of you willing to sponser/ contribute for this project. Please mail to any of India Sudar KA team members.

Ravi Kumar.K, India Sudar KA Team.

Project at Chikkarogudoo School – KA

Chikkarogudoo School, KA




Last weekend took us to a village called Chikkakurugodu ” in Chikbellapur distict(90 Km from Bangalore ). Our member Prashant had taken requirement from the local school there for stationeries. Prashant, Usha, Vijay Babu & few of our IS members were quick to collect funds for this. Vinod and Prashanth were purchased the notebooks on Friday itself.



IS team attendees:

Prashant, Santosh, Ragavendra,Tejaswini,Vinod, Reena , Ram, Ravi , Udhay, shiva.

Requirements :

Long graph book : 40dsc02757.jpgdsc02757.jpg
– Square line note book (100pg) : 60dsc02757.jpgdsc02757.jpg
– Four line note book (100pg) : 40
– Atlas (sharada) : 30
– Pen (Ball point/Ink pen): 50
– Geometry box : 75
– Maps ( World , India , Karnataka, Continents with political,
agriculture and leaders):

Funded by IS members :

Prashanth, Naveen, Krishna, Madan, Arjun, Vijay Babu, Keshavan, Karthi, Srini, Venkat, Muttuva and Usha K

Details of the school :

School is located at Chikkakurugodu 4 Km from a town called Gowribidhanur, Chikbellapur District, Karnataka.

The school is a govt run school. But govt provides only text books, not the note books.
The school headmaster Mr.Hemachandran contacted Prashant& Family with his
requirements. He felt this could give more motivation for the school children to study. Most of the students are from very modest background. The headmaster is very encouraging and make sure that all kids in that village are going to school.
The school strength is 206, from Std 1 to 7. They have 6 full time teachers. Since there is shortage of 1 teacher, some classes would be combined together.
The school had arranged a very neat ceremony type programme for books distribution. Our IS member Ragavendra gave some good speech to inspire the students.
For classes 8Th and above nearby town Gowribidhanur (3 Kms away) caters.
The programme was attended by local Panchayat members and local well wishers.

Our sincere thanks to Prashant’s family members, especially his uncle and his family.The school headmaster & teacher very enthusiastically coordinated the event. After the event, Prashant’s family greeted us with great lunch!!. Thanks a lot for the feast !

Prashant to be in continuous touch with the school for guidance and any future requirement they might have.


India Sudar Team , Bangalore.


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