Republic Day Celebrations –Indiasudar Library Inauguration – School Visit-Summary-KARUR Dt-TN

Republic Day Celebrations –Indiasudar Library Inauguration – School Visit

Date: 26th JAN, 2009

Indiasudar Members: Udhayakumar, Shiva, Mr.Gunasekaran, Mrs.Shanmukavadivu and myself.

IndiasudarLibrary setup process:

Students from Panchamadevi Village worked along with me to set up the libraries to do the following.

Indexing 2.Library seal -rubber stamp work 3.Books separation -catageorywise. 4. Books separation-schoolwise 5. Packing


1.Ramkumar 2.Sangeetha.T 3.M.S.pavithra devi 4. Gokul 5.Muthukumar 6.Prabhu 7.Santhosh 

2. Only 142 books were distributed. Remaining books will be given within a week.

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8.30 am to 11 am – Government Hr.Sec School,Renganathanpettai,Karur Dt.

Celebrated 60th republic Day.

Inaugurated the first Indiasudar library.

Library rules and regulations were explained.

Prizes were distributed to the girl’s students to encourage their studies.

(To improve the pass percentage- prizes were also distributed to the girls’ students who scored less marks -Sponsored by Mr.P.K.SenthilKumar, Bhaarathchem, Karur)

PTA president explained about our activities one by one. We are able to see his interest on that school.

They are in need of a computer teacher. They will arrange computers.

Click me to See India Sudar Library At Gov School Ranganathanpettai, Karur, TamilNadu

11 am to 1 pm-Government school,Porani,Karur Dt.

Second Indiasudar library was inaugurated.

Had a discussion with HM, Teachers and PTA president.

There are drop-out students from the schools. Very interior area.

We have to arrange a counselling session to increase the school strength in APRIL and May month. We should adopt the school to improve the performance.

Even we shall announce some prizes or cash awards to the teachers if they increase the pass percentage. (Suggestion)

We can initiate a computer centre in that area. (Requirement)

Very interested and dedicated persons are in and around the school. Very good Support and Cooperation.

Click me to see India Sudar Library At Porani Gov High School, Karur, TamilNadu

1 pm to 2.30 Pm: Government Primary school,Mayanur,Karur dt.

Discussed about the present education system along with HM,Teachers and our Indiasudar deployed Teachers.

Visited all the class rooms. Few students showed their performance in cultural activities.

Click me to see Goverment Primary School Mayanoor Karur District TamilNadu


2.30 PM:

Had a good Lunch at Mayanur HM Mr.Gunasekaran’s Farm House.


1. The remaining libraries will be inaugurated within 15 days.

2. Entire expenditure will be informed in February last week.

3. Future library set up requirements along with the suggested schools will be announced By March First week.

4.Approximte cost per library is around 14000 Rs.


With thanks and Regards,


India Sudar ,

India Sudar Library Set up in Karur Dt, Tamil Nadu


As We know already, we are working to setup library in KA, TN & AP. Initially we are planning to set up the libraries in two government Schools ( 6th to 12th std),Karur dt. Later it will be extended to Darmapuri dt. Libraries will be supervised for every 3 months to proceed further.

Libraries for Government schools-Karur Dt

Two schools will be selected based on the following factors:

1. School from a village

2. Having less infrastructure

3. Not supported by NGOs, Clubs etc..

4. Sincere HM or at least one sincere teacher to make use of the library.

Schools will be finalised within 10 days…..            

This project requires the following : 

1. Book Self – made up of plywood having glass doors with lock, no. Of separations-12, 

2. Indiasudar Library Name plate

3. Books (self development, career path, employment, stories, history, biography, science and technology, English books,GK, monthly, weekly magazines and periodicals etc)

4. Library rubber stamp (indiasudar logo)

5. Register Note book.

Catalogue from various publications have been received and INDIASUDAR LIBRARY BOOKS CATALOGUE is being prepared. Book self and rubber stamp are ready.


1. Book self with name plate – around 6000 Rs.

2. Books and magazines – 5000 Rs.

3. One library project requires 11000 Rs.   

Since so many local (karur) people are coming forward to sponsor for our various projects, we can extend this to many schools in future. Exact cost details, books catalogue, rules and regulations to the HM and Students will be released in our group after 10 days along with the photographs.

Team members to execute this project:

1.Rajamadasamy.M, Bangalore,

2.Balamanikandan.K, Bangalore


4.Veerakumar.S, Teacher, Coimbatore, 

5.Gunasekaran.R, Teacher, Mayanoor.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome


with thanks and Regards,


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