Science Kit – Raman Labs – Field Visit

Namaste All,

India sudar along with Innovation & Science Promotion Foundation(ISPF) and Raman Research Institute Trust conducted mentorship program on the RISE initiative.

Date: 19th – 20th Aug 2022

Place: GPHS, Guturu and Bilasanuru, Harihara Taluk, Davanagere District, Karnataka

Time: 1030am – 430pm
Volunteers Visited: Kiran (IS), Vinod(IS), Deepa(ISPF), Lakshmi(ISPF), Shivani(ISPF)

ISPF has designed a 12-hour programme called Raman Innovation and Scientific Enquiry (RISE) which introduces processes and tools to explore and enquire scientifically. The programme will be implemented through Raman Clubs which will be opened in various schools and communities across India. This document focuses on the plan to start and support Raman Clubs in government schools of Karnataka.

The RISE programme is built around experiential activities. The processes and tools introduced through this programme will be practised by children on various experiential activities. This not only makes the programme engaging and unique but also very approachable for children and teachers. ISPF will train an army of teachers called the Raman Club Mentors on the RISE programme. The 2 mentors will implement the RISE programme with children. The mentors will also follow up with these children to practice the processes introduced in the RISE programme. As children practice these processes, it is expected to lead to innovations which would be submitted to the Raman Awards competition with support from the mentor (if needed).

Day One: Mr. Siddappa, BEO of Harihara Taluk inaugurated the program in GHPS Guturu. 13 selected science teachers across taluk attended this program.

ISPF trainers mentored science teachers who performed 4 experimental learning activities by using science kits provided by ISPF. These experiments were aligned to curriculum of 5th to 10th Standard.

Day Two: GHPS, Bilasanuru hosted second day program, ISPF trainers mentored same group of participants, 4 new experimental learning activity was performed by teachers.
At the end of program, trainers of ISPF and India Sudar volunteers briefed mentors on various steps involved in setting up Raman club in Govt schools.

Next steps: Regular follow up with schools and extract the creativity in students.

For doing the regular follow up we needed the volunteers… who are interested in science and follow up remotely… if any one interested please let me know.

On 20th Aug Vinod and Kiran visited Dhulehole village Government Primary and High schools in Harihara taluk.
Govt Primary School(1st – 7th Standard) is having 180+ students, well maintained class rooms with smartclass, desk bench, separate mid day meal kitchen, water filter for drinking water.
High School – Govt Aided (8th-10th Standard) having close to 160+ students, new class rooms were recently built.

School Head Masters and Staffs of both schools said that their schools children are using toilets which is in dilapidated conditions. The Children specially Primary and High school girls feel unsafe to use unhygienic toilets without doors and also walls of toilets are broken and in very pathetic condition.


“You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.” Swami Vivekananda.


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