2) KA NBD 2021-22

Namaste Friends,

Trust all are doing good.

Happy to share the completion of the Notebook Drive 2021-22. This Notebook Drive was sponsored by Synopsys India Pvt Ltd. A heartfelt thanks to Synopsys India Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks to all the Headmasters, Teachers, Volunteers, Luggage Auto Staffs, Support staffs and Students for their support during the survey & co-ordination.

Thanks to Sri Nanjundrao Sir, Assistant Headmaster of Alkapura High School, for coordinating with the Head Masters of schools in Gouribidnur taluk, help us plan the distribution at Gouribidnur

Thanks to Sri Narasimhamurthy Sir, for co-ordinating with the Headmasters of schools in Madhugiri taluk.

This year’s Notebook Drive brought smiles on faces of 4,355 students across 31 schools with the distribution of Pens (13,512), Pencils (13,512), Erasers (3,378), Geometry Box (2,059) & Notebooks (22,268).

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/y39WZkTere2z9dD76

Below are the volunteers’ teams who helped in executing the drive.

Route1 , Schools Covered: GHS Alakapura, GHS Allipura, GHS Gedre, GHS Kadalaveni, GHS Ramapura
Volunteers: Yashraj, Vinod and Peddagangappa Sir (School Teacher)

Route 2, Schools Covered: GHS Kalinayakanahalli, GHS Halehalli, GHS Manchenahalli, GHS Minkanaguruki
Volunteers: Sridhar Joshi, Naveen and E Sreenivasappa Sir (School Teacher)

Route 3, Schools Covered: GHS Nagaragere, GHS Hudugur, GHS Nakalahalli, GHS Vatadahosahalli
Volunteers: Vivek MV, Vivek CV, Naveen and Intiyaz P Sir (School Teacher)

Route 1, Schools Covered: GHS Singanahally, GHS Polenhally, GHS Suddekunte, GHS Kadagathuru, GHS Yakarlahally, GHS Annenahally, GHS Gundagal
Volunteers: Bharath BS, Pavan K & Narasimhamurthy Sir (School Teacher)

Bangalore Rural
Schools Covered: GHS Beguru Village, Hosakote, Bangalore Rural, GHS B Narayanapura, Bangalore urban, GHS Doddahulluru, Hosakote, Bangalore Rural, GHS Jodi Huskooru, Bangalore Urban
Volunteers: Arun Raj Sir, Ms. Umadevi Madam (Admin, APSA), Ravikumar K

Schools Covered: RHS Sri Malleshwara, GHS Kapara Halli, Maruthi High School
Volunteers: Veerbadrappa Sir (HM), Santosh, Rajanikant, Vinod.

Schools Covered: GHS Umarani, GHPS Itanal
Volunteers: Laksman Pujari, Vinod.

Schools Covered: GHS Muddenahalli
Volunteers: Vinod, Reena

Once again we (from India Sudar) thank the team of Synopsys India Pvt Ltd, Volunteers, Head Masters, Teachers and Support staffs for making Notebook Drive 2021-22 happen.

“You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself.” Swami Vivekananda.


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