Cool Brain’s Outreach – Program progress

Hello everyone,

Wish you a very happy new year to all. The purpose of the email is to share the details about ‘Cool Brain’s Outreach’ program which was held on 26.12.2020.

The participating students were Nithish (8th std), Sabari(7th std) ,Gokul(6th std) from Panchayat Union Middle School, Velampalayam, Thiruppur district and Krish(6th std) from Canada.

The session was coordinated by Ms. Geetha,Mr. Dinesh and Mr.Ganesh from our organisation. And Mr.Suresh ,Professor from canada.

Students profoundly shared their ideas, knowledge gained from the school.
Beyond the academics, they also exchanged cultural values, real life scenarios of their respective places with zest.

As this session was felt successful, we are planning to extend the reach of this program to include technological domains like programming, robotics..etc which
will be useful to the students for future.

Please find the attachments in the below link:

Ganesan S


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