KA – School Visit Report

On Saturday (3rd Aug) We had visited couple of schools below are the requirements which I felt were very much needed.

Below are the requirements from the school. Based on the availability of funds and donors we can take up some requirements.

Please let me know if any one can support some of the requirements. Please write to me or call me, we can discuss the plan of action.

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JGoNpKvkiEygKyVD9


From Bangalore around 75 KM towards HYD.

Very much needy school. Building is old. Due to the road widening, 4 classrooms are gone and some of the land also. With the local MLA funds, 2 rooms are being constructed. Apart from this no help. There are 2 classrooms, 1 Office room & one small store room for food stock.

There are 117 school students from 1st to 7th standard.


1. 2 classroom, 1 Office room are very old and requires some repair with painting.

2. Water filter

3. Flag hoisting stage to be shifted.

4. Gate to be built

5. Toilet renovation

6. 20 Chairs and 3 Table (Neel Kamal would do)

7. Library rack and Library books

8. Nalli Kalli (1st to 3rd standard teaching aid)

9. Sports material (Carrom, Lido, Volleyball, Throwball, Skipping ropes etc)

10. Wall picture painting (national leaders, maps, and others)

2. S.V.R High School. Polenahally

From Bangalore around 75 KM towards Madhugiri (Towrds Gowribidbur, Doddabalapura)

Govt. aided school with no support from Govt except 3 teachers salaries. There are 110 students in 8th, 9th and 10th. Teachers pool in money every month and get the school running. School gets here and there support from the locals but limited. Retd. Teachers come and teach to fill the teachers gap.

School is spread in 6.5 acre of land and one side full ground and other side full of plantation.

Teachers are very dedicated and during the initial days, all the teachers for almost 5 years were with no salary and they didn’t loose hope of getting the aid from the govt.


1.. Computers for kids (4 – 5)

2. Library rack and books

3. Wall picture painting (national leaders, maps, and others)

4. Boys toilet (2 – 3)

5. Classroom painting (inside)

6. Educational material/toolkits for 10th


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