Financial Request : smart class room

Dear All,

We have been supporting our school – Govt. Primary School, Mayanur, Karur Dt since 2008.

There are two requests to be fulfilled considering the present scenario.

1. Smart Class room Project:


Under TN govt’s "Namakku Name" (we for ourself) scheme, it is enough to pay Rs. 33,300 as a DD in collector’s name. Govt. will pay the balance amount to the school and the project can be fulfilled.

Hence , to encourage kids studying in 1st to 5th std, to enhance the learning, we request our members to contribute as much as possible.

Required amount: 33,300 Rs.

2. Also to renovate the compound wall and painting work with pictures, Rs.15,000 is required. Rest of the amount is raised by teachers and parents.

Kindly let us now your contribution.

Thank You.


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